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Incest at 15

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He kissed his way down to my juicy tits sucking them each and softly biting on my hard nipples while i jerked his cock.

This all started when i was 15
I used to live with my aunt and uncle, my parents weren’t in the picture.

When i was 15 i was exploring my body and what felt good to me. I had 36C size breasts and a nice round ass to go with my slim body.

One night my aunt was in the kitchen cooking and my uncle was on the couch watching Tv. I was right next to him but laying down because i got bored and was slowly drifting of to nap. But just before i could completely fall asleep, i felt my uncle rubbing my legs slowly up and down. Then he started caressing my thighs and inner thighs. I layed there in shock but also wishing his hand would go a bit higher. Then i felt my panties move to one side and his fingers start playing with my pussy, rubbing my clit, and finger fucking me. I enjoyed every minute of it as he probably figured because i was super wet. My aunt called him to the kitchen so i got up and went to my room to finish off what he started.

The next time he made a move was when one night we decided to go shopping, while my aunt got down to the store, my uncle decided to stay in the car and wait, i pretended to feel sick so i could wait in the car as well.
As soon as my aunt walked into the store my uncle unbuckled his seatbelt and came to the back of the minivan with me. He started kissing me slowly while his hand reached up my skirt into my freshly shaved pussy. We started passionately kissing as he fingered me i reached down for his rock hard cock and started stroking it. He then pulled my shirt up exposing my breasts and began sucking them. His tongue soaked my nipples as i moaned “oh yess uncle suck these tits.” His nibbles on my nipples made me even more horny and wet. After he stopped sucking my nipples, he pulled both of my legs into the air and spread me wide enough for him to begin eating my tight wet pussy. His tongue going up and down my slit, i felt tingly all over my body and soon after i had my very first orgasm. He put my legs down but still spread then reached for his cock, slid it up and down my wet cunt slowly he pushed the tip of his cock into my tight hole and i let out a moan. I had never felt something this good and i wanted more. He slid the rest of his cock in and i lost it. My arms wrapped around his neck, moaning soo loud “aw yes, yes, yes fuck me just like that uncle” “fuck me harder” “this is your pussy”. Just as he was about to cum i saw my aunt coming out of the store toward the car and we jumped back to our spots like nothing happened.

The next day we had to go to my uncles job to help clean up some things in this big factory. My aunt was cleaning up some offices and my uncle was cleaning the bathrooms. I was wondering around when i saw my uncle and he motioned to me to follow him into the bathroom. Of course i met him in the bathroom expecting another session so when i walked in, i locked the door and we immediately started kissing so rough. His hands roamed all over my body and quickly found his way to my tits. He began sucking and biting them while i undid his pants and pulled them down. I started stroking his hard prick while he kissed my body all over. He then picked me up onto the sink and spread me open for him to eat me out once again, my juices squirted all over him. I pushed his head in deeper into my pussy moaning soo loud at the pleasure this man was giving me. I dropped down to my knees and took him into my mouth. Stroking his big dick and playing with his balls. He was about to cum when he stood me up, turned me around and bent me over the sink and began fucking me from behind. My juices were all over his legs, i felt his balls slapping against my soaked pussy and then he turned me around and i took his load all over my tits.

A few days later, it was time to go to sleep. My aunt was first and i just went to my room. My uncle stayed up watching porn in the living room. Not long after i heard my door open and when i looked up, it was my uncle sneaking in. I quickly jumped out of bed and into his arms kissing him passionately pulling him towards my bed. I fell first and he laid on top of me making out for what seemed like forever. I felt his hard dick poking my pussy from inside his boxers and i slowly started to slide his pants and boxers down. He kissed his way down to my juicy tits sucking them each and softly biting on my hard nipples while i jerked his cock. Soon after he rammed his cock into my cunt and began fucking me soo hard i was moaning super loud “aw yes uncle yes!” “This is your pussy fuck me harder” “mmm yes uncle it feels soo good” “just like that yes.” He fucked me long and hard and finally came inside my tight little pussy and i loved every single minute of it. My aunt never heard any of our moans.

Years later he still finds a way to pull me into a closet or something and we kiss passionately or he sucks my tits. Sometimes we do quickies in the closets as well.
Hope you guys enjoy my fuck story and let me know what you guys think.

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