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Mrs. Reid

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She was the music teacher, and very feminine, but I guess the only way you could tell was she had a kinda reedy voice?

It buzzed in the back of her throat, and sometimes when she raised her voice, it even cracked like a boy just starting puberty. That’s not what her name was about, she also taught woodwinds like the Clarinet, Oboe, and Saxophone. I know, the Saxophone is made of brass, but it still has a reed in the mouthpiece, and that’s made of wood. So that’s why it’s technically a woodwind.

Finally, I couldn’t take it any more, so I went by the band room after school. “Um, Mrs. Reid? We haven’t met, but a friend of mine said I could talk to you about this problem I’m having, you know a girl named Shawna?” I picked the trombone, so I had Mr. Autrey. He’s black, and he teaches jazz. He’s really good on the trumpet, but I didn’t come in here to talk about music. You see, Shawna used to be named Sean.

She sighed, and pulled her chair out from behind her desk, crossed her legs, and took another deep breath. “Um,” he voice cracked, and she cleared her throat, but she had a scarf tied around her neck, to hide her Adam’s apple.

“I guess I should just come right out, and say it, we’re boyfriend, and girlfriend, but nobody else knows that.”

“I’m not. Allowed to discuss sex with the students. Honestly, even if I were the health teacher;”

“I know, Abstinence only, but what I really need help with is more about Gender.” I nodded, “I want to be a boy when I grow up, and sHe lets me be myself. I’m the boyfriend, and sHe’s the girlfriend.” Since she helped with the whole transition, she know’s Shawna’s preferred pronouns too, of course.

(woMan. Well, sHe’s going to be a woMan when sHe grows up, but the capitol letters are kinda silent? It sounds the same as she, but she can’t take the boy out of her body. At least not yet, sHe’s pre-op, so it’s a subtle way of saying she’s still got some parts left over. Namely a penis, and testicles, but the hormones keep her from getting unwanted erections.)

“Well, I’m not a doctor, and I’m not a licensed therapist, either.”

“No, but you’ve been through this before, and you helped my girlfriend so much. I just want to thank you, but my parents won’t believe me. So, maybe it would help if they talked to an adult, who’s better at explaining this stuff to cispeople, please?”

“I can tell you’re really upset.”

“Well, I started my period. Agh!” I pointed down my throat, “And I even convinced mom to get me on the special pill so they don’t happen as often, and they’re pretty spotty, but now I’m afraid of the. Ugh!” I crossed my arms, even though that ment touching my chest, which is still pretty flat, but. “My nipples are turning weird, and they feel like they’re in the wrong place, and you remember when you used to get boners?”

“Huh!” She nodded, and even rolled her eyes. “Well, hm!” Her throat rattled, and the knot in her scarf even twitched a little when she swallowed, rubbing her throat. “That’s, not as much of a problem for me any more.”

“I know, because the hormones make you impotent but that’s not such a bad thing when you never wanted them in the first place.”

“No, it’s not a problem any more, because I got over it. I’m married now, and my wife, actually. Well, we accepted it, and we actually grew to like. Well.” She smiled, and looked away. If she wasn’t wearing so much makeup, and the scarf, I might even get to see her blushing for real. “We’re pregnant, and we’re going to have a baby. I’m going to be a mother with her, and we can finally start a family.”

“So, what you’re saying, are you on Viagra?”

“No, I just finished the courses of HRT, and after I stopped, my libido just returned naturally.”

“Ooh, that’s great, so when Shawna finishes her treatment, she’ll be able to have boners, and sex too?”

“I don’t know, I can’t make any promises, she’s a different person, and while it’s a possibility, I don’t want to give you false hope.”

“Well, I still hope, we can have. Um, is the heat on in here? I’m.” I shook my head, and uncrossed my arms, but it wasn’t just in my pitties. “Huh, I’m a little uncomfortable.” I squirmed in my seat, and managed to fight the urge to cross my legs, so I could rub them together like a girl. So, I put my foot up on my knee, and bounced it nervously.

She opened up a window, so the cold air could blow in with traffic noises down on the street, but when she turned around, I couldn’t help noticing a bulge in the front of her skirt.

“Um,” I looked away, and tried not to laugh, but I snorted. “I thought girls like you tucked, I mean Shawna tucks it away, so it doesn’t. Ihnm huh!” I tried to chuckle, instead of giggle, but it’s hard. Dangit, that’s not what it ment, but now I’ve got the giggles, and it won’t stop.

“Huh!” She rolled her seat back behind the desk, so she could sit down, and I could get myself back under control without it right there where I could see it like an elephant in the room.

She cleared her throat, “Well, that’s not normally a problem, and I was hoping that the fresh air would help me too, but.” She pulled the scarf to turn her head, and I even saw how hot she was under the collar. She licked her lips, then dabbed her lipstick with a tissue. Looked at it, avoiding my eyes, and the awkward silence just went on, and on…

“So, you can’t get me steroids.”

“No, but I could get you in contact with doctors, and therapists.” She busied herself going through her purse.

“Sex therapists? Me, and Shawna could really use some help in that department, too.”

“I told you, I can’t help with the impotence.”

“Oh, it’s not that. She’s really anal, and there’s only so much I can do with my fingers, so we’ve been improvising. Finding things that I can peg her with, but neither of us is 18, so we can’t buy a strapon, so I can really nail her the way I want to.”

She finally looked up, and let her lip pop out, licking it, and letting her face show the dirty grin she’s trying to hold back, but now I knew she was turned on by me, and all that sex talk was making it even worse. I don’t know if she can even get blue balls, but I’m certainly trying to.

We’re the opposite sex, too. And while I have a girlfriend, who’s still got the parts that I really want, they don’t work, and here I am with a full grown woman, a lesbian, who can get it up, and even knock up her lesbian wife.

I know, it must sound really weird to you, but that made her just about the hottest person to me, except for maybe Bailey Jay Granger, and she’s a porn star.

“Huh!” She just closed her eyes, and put her head back, panting, and trying to take a deep breath, but it fluttered deep in her throat, and she shuddered. “HhuhHhuh!”

As soon as she closed her eyes, I stood up, careful not to bump the chair with my legs, and peeked over the desk. Sure enough, the bulge was going down, and a wet spot soaked through the front of her skirt, right where the end of her cock was.

Her white knuckles relaxed, their grip on the arms of her chair, and she took another ragged breath. Blinking, and looking up at me, with that dirty smile replacing the look of orgasmic satisfaction on her face.

“Huh, um.” He wiped a little drool off the corner of her mouth, and smeared her lipstick even more. She even wiped off the beauty mark, I thought was just a spot of makeup, but it turns out she used a black dot, that came in a package. “Ahem.” She gave me a dirty look, so I sat back down. “Okay, I suppose I could do that for you, but I’m going to have to ask you for something in return.”

“Whatever it is, I’m down.” I just made her blow a load in her. Panties? I’m not even sure what kind of underwear she wears, but if it was one of those body shapers, I’d think that would be too tight for her boner to stick out like that when she stood up. By the window, where anybody driving by could see her with a hardon, and know her dirty little secret.

Honestly, other than Shawna and I. Maybe the principal, and her wife. Nobody knew that she was anything other than a normal lesbian. She didn’t talk about her partner in school, she wasn’t allowed to, but she was one of the lucky ones. Like Shawna, they managed to convince their families what was wrong with them, early enough to stop puberty before it went too far, and get the right hormones to grow into a woman, and a young lady respectively.

So, she looks as feminine as any woman. She’s actually rather pretty, if you like that sort of thing. I do, I just can’t stand to see her looking back at me in the mirror. I’m a boy, and I want to be a man. A big strong, rough, hairy man, when I grow up.

Until then, Mrs. Reid took me shopping, and I had to wait in the car until she could find a harness small enough to fit me. She got me a strapon, and in return for that, I totally agreed not to talk about what happened back there in her office.

Well, I told Shawna when I got the chance, but I know that I can trust her to keep the secret. After all, she molested her first. So then I bent her over, and fucked her like she’d never been fucked before, and we talked about, maybe the possibility of doing a threesome with Mrs. Reid? (Claire Annette Reid, by the way. Yes, that’s totally an intended pun, since she got to chose her name herself.)

I bet we won’t even have to blackmail her into doing it. She’s down, she’s just afraid of what would happen to her if she ever got caught. Especially now that she’s got a wife now, and a baby on the way to lose. It’s not just her career, her identity, and the possibility of being outed as a sex offender we have to threaten her with, but I bet she’d be down.

I can’t wait to see her dick naked, and her ass spread wide open so I can fuck her with my brand new dick, but I’m not in any hurry. I can wait, and take my time, to make sure I do her right…


Author’s Note

Transwomen aren’t child molestors, any more than gay men, or lesbians are. It doesn’t go without saying, because there’s a lot of myths, and outright allegations which just aren’t true.

Which isn’t to say that it’s impossible, either. There’s no correlation either way, because TBPH there’s never been any official research, but as a resident specialist on Gender Dysphoric Disorders, I just have to point out that we’re all unique.

So, some may be gay, straight, bi, incestuous, child molestors, rapists, kidnappers, sadists, murderers, and/or necrophiliacs. Just like anyone else. If anything, GDD most likely leads to impotence, frigidity, and celibacy, because of all the ways it interferes with normal relationships, and sexual development, especially puberty.

However, a transgender sexual abuser is not impossible. Any more than it is for cistraight men, women, school teachers, comedians, athletes, R&B singers, real estate magnates, presidents, senators, supreme court justices, priests, lesbians, or mothers. There’s no correlation, nor causality whatsoever.

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  • Reply Kiara ID:vzge8vqm

    So my dad says you can never be the opposite sex of who you are but I don’t believe him. He also said that you won’t know your sexuality until you are 25, but people when they are older and younger find out before they are.

  • Reply Megasus ID:41ex8xu18

    Dude you have some serious knowledge I respect it👍

    • Psiberzerker ID:21c69jbt0a