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Revenge on my cousins rapist

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I caught the boy that raped my cousin and I cock tortured him for hours, he won’t be fucking anyone for a while.

Finally I got him alone, a flirty flick of the eyebrows and showing a bit of cleavage is all it took.
“Who are you?” he asked.

I had already removed most of my clothes and I was just undoing the last button on my shirt and taking it off, “Oh, that’s right. You haven’t met me before have you.” I replied, handing my shirt up in the locker with the rest of my clothes.

I walked over in my knickers and bra and I squatted down beside him, “I’m Lila, I believe you know my cousin.” I replied, checking that the ropes were tight enough.

“Who the hell is your cousin?” he asked.

“Stephanie Michaels.” I replied, he then knew who I was talking about, probably realised why he was in this position, stripped naked and tied to the changing bench in the locker room, “Remember her.” I said.

He flexed his muscles and try to break free but he couldn’t, “You fucking bitch. Someone will find us you know, someone will come in any minute and you’ll be in so much trouble.” He said.

Unfortunately for him it was after school and everyone had already gone home, even the school janitor had already been in and cleaned the locker room, “We’re all alone, baby. It’s just you – and me.” I said.

“So what is this all about, what the fuck are you doing?” he asked.

“You know what you did…” I said, then I straddled over his chest, “…you take Stephanie on a date, then you make advances. Advances that she didn’t want. When she rejected you, you didn’t like that, did you?” I asked.

The look in his eyes told me everything I needed to know, “So you forced yourself on her.” I said, I grabbed his cheeks hard with one hand and put my head real close to his, “You raped her.” I growled, “You fuck!” I said, then I slapped him hard on the face, then I picked up a craft knife off the floor and hovered it in front of his eyes.

He laughed in my face, “What are you going to do with that. Cut off my balls?” He asked.

“No – I’m not that brutal. This isn’t for you, but it could be.” I said, I got off of him and went back to the locker, I picked up a 9” vibrating dildo, “This – this is for you.” I said, smiling menacingly, he watched me walk to the bottom of the bench, and he screamed when I pushed the dildo up his fucking ass hole, “How does that feel?” I asked.

“You fuck – you fucking bitch!” he replied.

“Doesn’t feel nice having something inserted in to your body without permission does it!” I yelled, I went back to the locker and put on some latex gloves then I sat on his legs, grabbed his now erect cock, stimulated by the vibrator on his prostate, and I jerked him off, when he came all over my hands I forced my hands in to his mouth and made him eat his own semen, “How’s that taste, fucker.” I said.

“I’m going to kill you, you fucking bitch!” he yelled, spitting out his own semen from his mouth.
“Now, now. Be nice.” I said.

I took off the gloves and put a condom on his cock, then I straddled him, this time I slid his cock inside my pussy, he was still hard, helped by the Viagra pill I force fed him earlier, and I fucked him until he came once again, “You like that?” I asked.

“Yeah, baby. Keep going.” He replied.

I got off of him, removed the condom and poured the come out of the condom in to his mouth and forced him to eat it again, “You’re getting a taste for it now.” I joked, “Plenty more where that came from, no pun intended.” I said.

I slipped another condom over his cock, which was still hard, it wasn’t going soft any time soon, I made sure of that, I fucked him again until he came, I left the condom on, this time I added a cock ring to double make sure his cock stayed up and I jerked him off, I repeated the process a number of times over 45 minutes his balls ran completely dry, and I force fed him his semen again.

Over enduring two hours of non-stop cock torture, he began to crack, so I continued, I got a silicone cock jerker from the locker and jerked him off, several more times, his balls were drained and he just kept dry coming.

“Please – stop.” He begged, and he started to cry, his cock was getting really saw by now, and hurting like hell I bet.

“Sure…” I replied, “…When I’m done.” I added.

I saw that the dildo was slipping out of his ass so I pushed it back in, “Can’t let that get away can we.” I said, I also noticed his cock had turned purple and his balls had swollen, “Oh – is it meant to be that colour?” I asked.

“Fuck – just stop. Please.” He begged.

“I’m sure it’s fine.” I said, and I jerked him again, I was having so much fun, “Bet you wish you’d waited for Stephanie to be ready now huh.” I said.

I tortured the fucker for another hour and a half, “I’m going to stop now, my arms getting tired.” I said, I removed the jerker, the cock ring and pulled the dildo out of his ass hole, then I straddled him again over his chest, he looked very pale and tired, with his eyes all puffed up from crying, “So, did we learn anything tonight?” I asked.

He nodded and sniffed up snot from his runny nose.

“And what did we learn?” I asked, being nice and wiping his eyes and nose with a tissue.

“To respect girls.” He replied.

“That’s right.” I said, smiling, he now understood, “Taking advantage of girls and forcing yourself on them is bad. You’re a bad-bad boy. You also learned not to fuck with my family.” I said, I grabbed his cheeks again, “Now you’re not going to tell anyone about this, are you?” I asked.

“No.” he replied, I knew he wouldn’t, he be too embarrassed anyway having to tell all his friends that a girl made him cry like a baby.

“Good..” I replied, I picked up the craft knife again and cut the ropes off of him, “..I’m leaving now. And I’m never going to see you or hear your name ever gain, am I?” I asked.

He nodded his head in compliance.

“Good. Because if I hear you’ve hurt any other girls, I will use this knife and I will cut your fucking balls off next time.” I replied, then I punched him really hard and it knocked him out.

I left him there and never heard another word about it, plus I’d pretty much wrecked his cock so he wouldn’t be using it for anything for a long while.

Lesson, don’t rape girls, it’s not nice and they may have a cousin like me who will come after you.
Be fucking nice to girls!.

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    • Psiberzerker

      That’s a pretty basic threat, but “How?” How would he find her? For that matter, how did she find him, subdue him, and get him in the boy’s locker room, undetected? (Generally, the coach, or the janitors lock up the locker rooms when they clean them.)

      I mean, thanks for adding the line from an action movie script, but it doesn’t really add anything to this story.