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Raped my step sister and she loved it

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Me and my step sister share a room it was 3:30 and she was sleep I was up watching porn I was so horny I closed my laptop and walked over to her to see the only thing she had on was a bra I went over to her and touched her ass and licked it she turned over and woke up she asked me what I was doing and I told her that she was a slut before she could say anything I covered her mouth picked her up and forcefully put her on my cock she moaned a little then I start roughly thrusting in her I took my hand of her mouth and start pounding her fat shaved pussy she moaned and moaned me:you like that don’t you slut you like getting raped her:please stop,I didn’t care if she was crying it felt so good she kept moaning and moaning till she screamed my name I smacked her and told her to call me master she moaned “master fuck me fuck your little slut rape me” I loved hearing her she moaned and screamed then she came she was shaking and moaning she had her tung hanging out her mouth with her eyes in the back of her head I pull my cock out and shoved it in her mouth her eyes where in the back of her head while she was sucking my cock I grabbed her head and started face fucking her slutty mouth “you like that don’t you you whore you belong to me I get to fuck you whenever *smack* i please I will rape you over and over I don’t care if you cry i *smack* don’t *smack* care *smack* if you like it or not” I hit her one more time then came in her mouth she swallowed my cum and smiled I told her that she’s my slut and that I own her “open your mouth slut” I spit in her mouth then smacked her and choked her she swallowed my spit and said “thank you master I love you” “I love you to my little slut” we both fell asleep in my bed

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  • Reply SubVirgin

    Got me so wet, I wanna be used by a younger boy

  • Reply Just wow

    Are you the fucking english teacher of the site or something?

    • Ryan

      He acts like a fucking dick to everyone for no reason. This is what zero pussy does to a motherfucker lmfao

  • Reply Just this once

    While a decent story, you need to proof read and separate your sentences especially when you are switching points of view or between persons. If you are saying something put in quotes and the same with responses.

    • Just this once

      And use punctuation, this paragraph reads as one very, very long sentence

    • Just this once

      Forget what I said, I forgot that not everybody has the same privilage as me and knows english.