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Amy Tale/s – Three Weeks Before

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I invite Harold in, and I am worried about him staring at Courtney’s hot young perfectly shaped body…It might give him a heart attack.

This Friday was another away football game, but Britney was going to see her parents because her dad was having some kind of outpatient surgery. I told her to come by Sunday, and she said, Chris would be home. I said, bring him, tell him I have been thinking about your threesome idea, and I offered a foursome instead. Britney said, I don’t know if he will like that. I said, ask and see? I knew he would do it; they just needed a push.

Courtney wanted to hook up, and when I got the apartment, I grabbed a few things and told Courtney to come with me, and we went to Jim’s. Jim was gone assisting the football team, so it was just me and Courtney. I undressed and made Courtney get naked, and we walked on the back porch utility room to inspect the jacuzzi installation. The all-glass shower looked done, and either Harold or Dave had installed the douche/enema kit. The sides of the jacuzzi were still open and Dave said it would be enclosed. It looked like a brand new jacuzzi, and he told me he bought it from someone trying to get rid of it. I am going to tell you how the spa and shower turned out a week before I actually saw it in its completed form, and three weeks before the floor renovation which was an addition.

Dave wakes me up Saturday morning, and him and one white guy (Owen) finished everything sometime Sunday. I was talking to Dave before it was completed, and I noticed in the shower that there was a nice wood shelf and hooks along the back over the open top and I said, won’t the wood rot? Dave said it was teak wood, and that the spa (I was calling a jacuzzi), would be encased in the same wood. When it was completed it was nice, and the ends of the teak encasement were doors to not only access certain parts, but it made good storage for chemicals and testing equipment. They had removed and set the pumps back under the main house, and Dave said the spa should be quiet.

It was a brand-new spa. The guy that sold it to Dave bought 4 of them at a bargain and stored one, but he wanted to get rid of it now for the space in his warehouse. Four people could sit in it with ease, 6 okay, and 7 if needed. It had cushion headrests in the four seat corners, and had adjustable jets for neck, shoulder, back, lower back, thighs, calves, and feet. It had a stereo system built in, automatic water cycling, and a heater to maintain adjustable heat. They installed me a retractable hose and nozzle inside the cabinet for cleaning, and they installed deck mounted faucets that were over the one spot you could not sit, at the filter. It had a roll-top enclosure like a garage door hidden under the teak wood encasing, which was a door they had left over from a project.

Owen installed two variable speed fans with shutter doors in the ends of the utility room, to evacuate moisture if needed; so the windows would not fog from the shower or spa, and a teak cabinet/locker for towels. The knob for the fans was mounted on the end of the encasement between the spa and shower. You could turn it on without getting out of the water or going into the shower. Owen did this as a bonus using fans they had left over from a job, and I will tell you why in a moment. It was awesome when it was done. I gave Harold a key, and I said Janet’s pool and spa guy was coming by Monday with the chemicals and testing equipment, and he would show you how to care for it. Harold relished the opportunity. Now I used the spa alone next weekend, but then the weekend after that, Owen, and a couple of guys replaced the utility room floor, because the old wood floor made my spa and teak wood encasement and shower look like diamonds sitting in a junk yard.

This is how Dave sold me on the floor (and got about another 12K of Ken’s money). Owen had put a river stone floor in the bottom of the glass shower. When I saw the finished spa and shower next Saturday, I said to Dave, I wish this old floor looked better. Dave laughed and told me he still had plenty of the river stone flooring leftover. Long story short, Owen and a couple of guys put me a new river stone tile floor with sub-floor heating in the utility room. New teak steps into the main house, teak under the windows for the finish, and this room was worth more than the house. Harold acted as my project manager and key holder.

This all has not occurred yet, but 3 weeks from now it will be completed. I wanted to go ahead and explain it before I get into all the sex stuff. When this room was finished, I cried, it was just so amazing. The stone floor was always warm in cold weather, and I took my flip flops off to walk onto the back porch utility room (now spa room) and put them on to walk in the house. It was opposite world. Dave and Owen went overboard with their work. It was a show piece effort, probably from me showing and giving them a piece.

It was still daylight on Friday, and Harold saw me and Courtney naked in the utility room looking at the unfinished spa renovation. I invite Harold in, and I am worried about him staring at Courtney’s hot young perfectly shaped body, with her beautiful full hairy pussy and awesome 36DD breasts. It might give him a heart attack. Courtney has no inhibitions, and I could fuck my pussy with her toes, and she would moan and squirm her sexy thighs, ass, hips, and pussy like I was bringing her to orgasm instead of me. We talk for about 10 minutes and Irene starts looking out the window. Harold says he better go before momma gets mad enough to come get him.

Me and Courtney get in the bed and I ravish her hot body, and if you want to know how over the edge wild Courtney drives me, just read, Amy Tale/s – Boyfriend’s Girlfriend’s Girlfriend?, Amy Tale/s – Mistress, and, Amy Tale/s – Miss Amy. Jim comes in, showers, and cums in Courtney, and we shower and go to bed with me in the middle. Dave and Owen wake me (and I wake Courtney), and as is my custom here, they get to see my naked body and bed hair. The addition of Courtney’s unbelievably hot body distracts them even more, and Dave explains and sells me what I wrote above. Molly is watching from their yard, and when she sees me and Courtney naked talking to her husband (Dave), she probably walked fast enough to burn 10lbs off her 200lb fat ass.

Molly comes in, and I get the swing out, and I hooked it up and talked at the same time. I lead Courtney into the swing, and I sit on the stool, and I start to kiss Courtney’s thighs and eat her hairy pussy. Dave shuts up about the room, and Molly switches from prevention to acquisition mode, and they both drool over Courtney. Even the hard-working Owen has stopped to watch. I ask Molly, do you want to taste this pie? Molly is nervous with Owen there, and she is looking at Dave, but her hunger gets the better of her and she takes the stool. I step behind Courtney and rub her breasts, as Molly eats Courtney’s pussy in the swing. I reach down and finger Courtney, and between my fingering and Molly’s pussy eating, we make Courtney sing and swing in pleasure. I say, how about Dave, there is no finer pussy than Courtney, want to swing her into your dick?

Dave drops his drawers and grabs Courtney’s hips and fucks her. I walk over to Owen, and I start to undo his belt and unbutton his pants. Owen is a slim guy in his mid to upper 30’s and about 6’ tall, and he has bushy black hair and a beard that is 2 or 3 inches long. Owen wears a ball cap and has a pencil stuck in the band. When I unbutton and barely unzip his pants, they fall to the floor with a clunk. He has a tape measure, knife, some kind of multi tool, a phone holster, and maybe a bat grappling hook for all I know on his belt. I stroke his 7” uncircumcised white pecker, and turn around and say, want to fuck me? I have seen Owen work, and he is fast. He is equally fast inside my deer tail, and cums in less than five minutes, and because he started after Dave, he was at least the last one to finish.

I say, there you go Dave, that is your bonus, and I asked, can we try the shower? Dave is still a bit stunned, but he says, yes. This shower is amazing. The head shoots straight down on you, and with me and Courtney, the cone is hitting us both. There is also enough space on either side to step out from under it. I get the douche wand, and Owen had attached it with an additional fitting so I that when I turn it on, the shower does not stop. I douche myself and Courtney, and Owen had turned the fans on, and the glass shower allows them to watch us. Molly goes and gets us some towels. There were no soaps or supplies in the shower, so we said, we will let you get back to work, and we went and washed in the other shower again. My bonus fans and cabinet/locker were Owen’s way of thanking me for letting him fuck my sweet milf pussy.

Jim had watched most of this go down from the hallway of the house. We go back in and about an hour later Beatrice shows up. I rolled the combined hot bodies of Beatrice and Courtney up and fucked them, and after Jim expends himself in Courtney, he is left waiting in the wings. Harold had watched the spa room fucking from his window, but missed the shower scene, probably because Irene made him quit watching. I saw Harold when I stepped out the front door to leave. I told Harold that when the spa was finished, he should bring Irene over, she would like it. He said she would not get naked in front of those windows. I told him to do it during the week, when no one was around.

A month from now, Molly told me she saw Harold and Irene one weekday in the spa, and since then they use it a few times a week. The spa turns out awesome, and I know Irene has to appreciate it. I know I bragged mostly about my new spa, so much so that Ken checked it out and him and Greg joined me and Clair for a dip one weekend, and many times since. Ken shucked out close to 35k total for this for me. As a joke, he had a plaque made that Harold attached to the front of the teak encasement around the spa that said, Queen’s Spa. Just like he did for the dressing room at work.

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