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I sexually abused my sister

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I’m 12 and I sexually abused my 19 year old sister.

I did something shameful, I started sexually abusing my 19 year old sister.

My sister’s name is Jade, she’s 19 years old, but she was disabled, she had a severe intellectual disorder which basically means her brain didn’t develop normally and she was stuck with the mind of a child.

We all take really good care of Jade, our parents would dress her, feed her, wash and change her, and mom always did her hair and clothes each day making sure she looked her best, she was very pretty all the time and her hair was long and dark, always straight and mom made it look neat and professionally done, mom even put makeup on her, she was a stunning girl, if you never met her and just saw her from a distance you’d assume she was a normal 19 year old girl, it’s only when up close that you’d realise somethings not quite right with her, Jade never learnt how to walk either and she was either in a wheelchair or would crawl her way around the house.

She couldn’t talk and just uttered muddled words and sounds from her mouth, she’d always cry and throw tantrums, trying to feed her was a military operation some days, she was basically a baby in an adult’s body.

I was helping mom dress her, I’d done it thousands of times before but this day was different, I was going through puberty and I started having new feelings, thoughts and desires, as Jade lay on the bed wearing only her underwear I saw her in a completely different way, I was paying close attention to her body, something I’d never done before, it never entered my mind until now, seeing her round size C breasts and the gentle outline of her pussy through her knickers made my heart race and my penis throb, I helped mom dress her and then I quickly left the room because what was happening to me.

A few days later I was helping mom dress her again, mom had just finished taking her pajama’s off when she got a phone call from work, she worked as a carer in an old people’s home and they had some sort of emergency and she had to leave, I’d been left alone with Jade before so it was nothing new, mom quickly got ready and left the house, leaving me to finish dressing Jade.

I stood in her room watching her laying on the bed, my heart was racing again, she was playing with her teddy bears and smiling at me with her adorable eyes, It took a while but I managed to dress her in a top and skirt, but she was moving around a lot and my hands touched her bare skin while I was trying to put her clothes on her, I had a big hard-on, I was sitting on the edge of the bed beside her and I couldn’t stop looking at her chest, I reached over and rubbed her chest, I did it in a playful way so she wouldn’t know what I was doing, not that she’d have a clue anyway.

I was rubbing my crotch because my cock was just getting harder and harder, it was being restricted by my pants and hurting so I pulled the head of it out of my waist band to relieve the pressure, Jade saw it and she quickly touched it, just investigating this new thing she’d never seen before, then just as quickly she went back to playing with her teddy, her touch made my cock throb more and it grow a little bigger, it was aching bad so I pulled my pants half way down my knees to set it free.

Jade started investigating again and touching my cock and balls, she was a bit rough with her hands but it felt nice, I stood up and moved away because I knew this wasn’t right, she started moaning and whining that I’d moved, like I’d taken a new toy away from her, I tried to calm her down but she started to cry, so against my better judgement I moved back towards her and let her touch it again, it calmed her down and she was smiling while examining me, she was hitting and squeezing my cock which actually felt good.

She suddenly gripped my cock and pulled on it towards her while at the same time moving her head closer to the edge of the bed, she put the tip of my cock in her mouth and was sucking on it like a dummy, my entire body quivered with a rush of pleasure with her tongue rubbing against my cock, after only a few seconds I felt my cock convulse and I came in her mouth.

Jade moved her head away and for a moment looked like she’d tasted something horrible, clapping her lips together so swallowed and then looked up at me with a smile, she sucked my cock again for about a minute afterwards and then just stopped like she’d gotten bored of it, probably because it was all soft now.

I went downstairs to get her some breakfast, I stop and sat down at the kitchen table for a minute trying to process what had just happened, I was new to this and didn’t know that someone sucking my cock would make me feel this good, the feeling was intense, after composing myself I made some cereal and got a juice box out of the fridge and took it upstairs to feed Jade.

A couple of hours later I was sitting on the bed watching TV while Jade played with her teddies quite happily, I went in to a daydream thinking about her sucking my cock and then I got another hard-on, I got off the bed and tried to get her to suck it again, she played with it briefly but wouldn’t suck it, she didn’t want to play with it anymore, I knew it was wrong but it felt so good when she did it early and who would know, she seemed to like it and it’s not like she’d tell anyone.

With Jade no longer interested in sucking my cock I started to think about her body again and I really wanted to see it, I wanted to see what breasts and a pussy really looked like because I’ve only ever seen them with underwear covering them, I got back on to the bed and started to tickle her, she wiggled and giggled at me, moving my hands up her top I tickled my way up to her breasts and felt them, I told her I needed to change her again and I removed her top, but I couldn’t figure out how to get her bra off, there was this plastic clasp thing at the back but I couldn’t undo it, so I just pushed her bra up and let her boobs pop out.

They were perfectly round with tiny nipples on them which were sticking out a bit, when I put my hands on them they felt soft and squishy, I pushed one up and squeezed it a little, then I leaned down and licked the nipple with the tip of my tongue, she giggled because it was tickling her, I licked both her nipples playfully, making a game out of it, when we were done with the nipple tickling it was time to see the rest.

I sat at the bottom of her legs and slowly pulled off her skirt then her knickers, I got her knickers down a few inches and stopped when I saw her pussy, it looked wet and had a little bit of hair on it, I continued to pull her knickers off and then I sat between her legs, she had her knees in the air, I tentatively reached out and rubbed her pussy, it felt a bit like her boobs, soft and squishy, I looked up and she was looking back down at what I was doing, she smiled and then turned her attention back to her teddy, I rubbed her pussy for a little while and could feel my cock hardening, I leaned down and it had a strange smell and I could feel the heat coming off it on my face, I licked it in the gap, it tasted a little sweet, it wasn’t horrible so I just kept licking it.

With Jade completely unfazed by me licking her pussy I decided to take it further, I knew what my cock wanted, why it was throbbing the way it was, I pulled my pants all the way down and lowered my hips towards her pussy, I rubbed my cock along her rim and then pushed it between her flaps, I was gently prodding her pussy with my cock and it started to slide inside little by little, Jade looked at me with a look of bewilderment on her face, but she didn’t seem to mind that my cock was inside her, I fucked her pussy really slowly, it felt like her mouth felt when she sucked my cock but this felt so much better, it was tighter and the inside of her pussy was squeezing my cock, it was magical.

Something was urging me to move faster but I was in an awkward position and couldn’t get the movement right, so I laid myself down on top of Jade, she smiled when she saw my face coming towards hers, I rubbed our noses together playfully, and I asked her for a huggy-hug, she loved giving me hugs, I asked her and she swung her arms and legs around me, now I was in the perfect position, as soon as she hugged me I sped up and pumped my cock in to her pussy faster.

I was fucking her quickly now and it felt amazing, Jade started making whining noises and often looked like she was about to cry, it was like she’d almost made it to the point where she was going to cry, but she never cried, I kept kissing her moist lips, pecking at them playfully, she thought it was a game and she was happy and smiling, I actually believe that the 19 year old Jade was stuck in her mind somewhere and she was feeling and enjoying it.

I kept reassuring Jade, calling her a good girl, just in case she got scared, but she didn’t, she genuinely looked like she was enjoying it, I fucked her for a couple of minutes more until my cock convulsed again and I emptied my come in to her, one thing I’ll always remember is Jade made the cutest sound when she felt me come inside her, she obviously didn’t have the slightest clue what was happening or why it was happening but she definitely liked it.

I pulled out of her and hugged her tightly, a made sure she knew what a good girl she was and then I got myself dressed and I redressed Jade, we spent the rest of the afternoon playing with her teddies and watching cartoons on the TV.

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    Hold up, I ain’t gonna jerk off to this shit ifit’s real. Is it?.

  • Reply Johnny

    I have a similar story, I have a serverly disabled daughter.

  • Reply KC panties

    Part 2

  • Reply no

    theres a lot of fucked up stuff on this site but this is just…jesus dude


    Write another story and next time fuck her up the ass

  • Reply Psiberzerker

    Wow. That’s sick, but delightfully different! I like both.

    Don’t sexually abuse the handicapped, kids. I’m not encouraging, nor condoning such behavior, but still. It’s not your average smut story.