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me an my cousin

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i was rubbing my clit and then a shocking turn…

(true story)

Im maya im 5’2 DD tits and bubble butt im 15. So when I was little I had this thing where I would put my hands in my pants and rub my clit. At the time i didnt know I was maturbating it felt so good so i didnt stop. I would moan and grind my hips. I did it everywhere in the park at school in the car in the store. So one day my older cousin he is male 6’0 black. He saw me do this and when everybody else went outside he told me to stay inside with him. So I did and he started rubbing my thigh then he took his dick out and told me to suck it. I rubbed it and licked it. He kept saying suck it so i did then he rubbed my chest at the time my tits were flat.

I kept sucking and rubbing his dick then my younger cousin male 4’2 black. walked in and he yelled for my parents and he told them what he saw. My cousin got in trouble. Later that night I felt a warm hard thing rub my butt i acted like I was asleep. That’s when I felt my older cousin pull down my blue underwear and he was humping my butt it lasted 10 mins then he came on ass cheeks

insta~ 2fine.riyah

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