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Becoming Stepbrother’s Slave 1

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My name is Missy i am a 20 year old girl living with my Father(Mike 40) his wife (Emily 36) and Emily’s son ( Alex 14).I personally don’t like my stepfamily but have to live with them because of my father.One day i saw my stepmom and stepbrother talking that she is with my father only for money and she does not want to be with him but because he is paying Alex’s school fees and stuff like that.

Thats the reason i hate them so much as it wasn’t enough one day while Alex and me coming from somewhere i saw my stepmother with someone else dropping her off at our house. I rushed at my room very angry to tell my dad about it but suddenly Emily and Alex came into my room and snatch the phone from me.Alex must have told her.Emily told me not to do so but i did not listen to her and said you can’t stop me i will tell my dad that you cheat on her when he will come home at night.

She warns me it will not end will but i did not listen to her.Then she said you leave me no option and then grad me from my hair and pull me onto the bed and said to Alex to teach this bitch some lesson and then she hold my hands while Alex pull down my skirt and he rip my t-shirt now i was only in my bra and panty then he jumped on me and pill down his pant ,take out his 8 inch dick and placed on my mouth and said it to suck it. I tried to resist but he was way stronger than me.Emily pinched my nose so i have to open my mouth and then Alex put his dick on my mouth then Alex grabbed me from my hair and made me suck it

It was to humiliating from me and after 5 min he came inside my mouth and force me to gulp it it was so bad then he pull down my panty and remove my bra, grab my one boob with his one hand and with other to set his dick in front of my pussy. i was crying and begging to stop and saying i will not tell him and Emily said its too late the she picked a camera and started recording.

Then Alex put a dick in my pussy and then starts stroking.i was in pain like hell but he was in no mood to stop and after 10 min he was going to cum. i begged Emily to stop his son to cum in me. She told Alex not to cum in me and then before Alex was going to cum he pulled out his dick and cum on my face and hair it was so filthy i can’t even tell. Then Emily told me to get up as Father will gonna come anytime soon and told me that you have learned your lesson and if you open your mouth we have your recoding and she left.Alex gave me a smile and left.

I was broken at that point my stepbrother had raped me a boy who is 6 year younger than me i can’t imagine it.I always had the attitude that most girls have to be pretty and stuff like that but at that moment its all gone.My Father is being cheated and i can’t to anything about it

Kindly leave a reply on my story. According to the response i will decide weather to publish next part or not.

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  • Reply Horneolman

    That was rape for sure. Tell your Dad everything and then go to the police and have them charged.

  • Reply Anony

    They literally have a video of rape, there is no way to twist that. Turn them in to the cops, and tell your dad.

  • Reply Jimmy

    Great Story. Waiting for Next Part