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I was raped by my dog, he took my virginity!

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I’m 14 year old girl with brown hair, blue eyes, and a slim build. One day, my parents had just left for the weekend on vacation. I had just taken a shower and I forgot to bring my clothes with me to the bathroom, but I didn’t really care because I was alone in the house anyways… besides my dog named Zayn, who’s a german shepherd. I went to my bedroom, flicked the light switch on, and swung the door shut, but it happened to not completely close. I had just remembered that my hair dryer was under my bed, so I decided to get it before I got my clothes. I bent down and wriggled my head under the bed, with my ass up in the air outside of it. I was looking for the hair dryer but it was pretty hard to find because I could hardly see anything, as I was looking though I heard the door creak further open. I didn’t think much of it as stuff like that happened often. That was until I felt my virgin asshole and pussy being licked! My eyes widened and I let out a few quiet moans as I wriggled my head out from under the bed. Once I got out and turned around, I saw my dog Zayn, I could see his large cock hanging below him fully erect! I was shocked and pushed him away, but he just growled and persisted and continued licking my pussy. I let out a few more soft moans and whimpers, even I had hadn’t touched my pussy (as in masturbating) before but here my dog was, licking it! I said, ‘No Zayn’, then proceeded to push him away again and get up to leave the room. I had only taken a few steps before Zayn jumped on me, making me fall and land on all fours. ‘Ah! What are you doing!? Bad dog!’ I said, just as I was about to get up again, Zayn mounted me and pushed me down by putting his paws on my shoulders. My head was now lowered to the floor. I tried to push him off but he was just so strong and heavy that I could hardly move him. I felt his erect cock rubbing my asshole as I continued to struggle. He then pushed his cock into my tight ass, I gasped as he entered me. ‘Z-Zayn, no!’ I protested, but my dog only wanted to fuck me and have his desires met. He proceeded to roughly thrust his cock in me relentlessly. I made whimpering sounds as I could hardly take his extreme roughness. Instead of slowing down, he continued to speed up until finally he came to a stop and I was left breathing heavily after what just happened. I was glad that it was over since I couldn’t fight back no matter how much I tried. I now tried to push my dog off again since he was done, but he just growled again and stayed on top of me. I was confused since he had already pulled out and he was done with me. Well, that’s what I thought… He suddenly began to rub his cock against my pussy now, I was shocked that he still wanted to use me more. I shouted and kept telling my dog to stop profusely and hoped he would understand since I was shouting but he only seemed to care about continuing to use me for his own needs. Suddenly, he forced his cock into me once again, but this time in my pussy. Once again I gasped, and I barely had time to process it before he started furiously thrusting his cock inside of me. It hurt because I had never had anything inside my pussy before and I began to cry and beg my own dog to stop. I never thought I would be begging a dog to do anything but I knew I was completely vulnerable to Zayn as he was so strong. On the inside I knew a dog wouldn’t listen, but I was desperate. Despite the pain, I let out shaky moans as Zayn’s balls slapped against me as he continued to thrust. This went on for what felt like forever until Zayn finally stopped. He didn’t pull out and I felt his knot growing inside me, my eyes widened as I felt him ejaculate inside of me. I was so embarrassed and surprised, a dog had just came inside of me! I wriggled my ass around but Zayn’s knot stayed inside of me for a very long time until he finally pulled out and hopped off of me. I collapsed on the floor and rolled over onto my back as I was breathing heavily from the rough fucking I got, with tearstained cheeks and cum dripping from inside me. Zayn started licking my asshole and pussy but I was too tired to do anything and I just let him as I moaned. He continued to lick me all over, including my breasts and mouth, he even put his tongue inside my mouth! After Zayn left I got up and put my clothes on, still shocked by what had just happened. My dog had just raped me senseless, he even cummed in me!

(my snap is lov3.y

this story is based off of a big fantasy of mine.. i wish i could be raped by a strong doggy! or maybe even a strong dog and his strong owner lolz!)

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  • Reply pat ID:8pt4ks6xv3

    lovely storie wish i was with you

  • Reply Skye ID:2rvannpqm

    if i was ur dog i would do that to you or even if i had a dog i would get him to do that i would join him

    • Cam ID:7zv2zow20c

      Lol why are you a 14yo on this site
      and wtf to all you weirdos who would rape a 14Yo GIRL

    • Cam ID:7zv2zow20c

      Wtf man she’s 14

  • Reply Aaron ID:42p6pzb0c

    I remember coming home and catching my lil sister knotted by our German Shepard. She was only 14 it was hot and yet so embarrassing I had to literally try and pull it out of her bum. It’s been years now and we don’t even speak or look into each other eyes anymore.

  • Reply formerly sluttyd0ll, now lov3.y ID:5u0x3cf38k

    hey sexies, i got logged out of my snap, my new one is lov3.y

  • Reply Bitch on heat ID:1ardd6sp43

    Pretty much the way my first dog experience happened. Husband was abroad for few weeks and the urge struck. Was busy with DIY. Reached for clit simulator and batteries in bedside drawer. Batteries fell and rolled under bed.
    My boerboel slept in my room when husbands away. He obviously picked up my horny scent. And when i assumed the bitch position while reaching for batteries he mounted. When i tried to wiggle out from under he put his mouth around my neck and pushed my head down and growled. Hes over 70kg of pure muscle so i wasnt going to “wag my tail ” with him.
    He was soon in me knot and all.

    • g ID:vzgczw4z

      I want to use and taste your holes

    • Handsome ID:7ylrenp8rk

      Let’s have some spontaneous sex I’m much better than a dog thumb in butt hand riund your neck

  • Reply Bearclaw ID:7zv3a3mk0c

    Sluttydoll Wickr me

    • Handsome ID:7ylrenp8rk

      I’m from NY very kinky

  • Reply Bearclaw ID:7zv3a3mk0c

    Do u have Wickr me

  • Reply Jerimoah ID:5v81dmqr9