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Showering with my stepbrother

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Mom told me and my stepbrother to shower together and I sucked his willy for the first time.

My stepbrother Ollie and I had spent the day doing loads of arty stuff and in the afternoon we were painting and mom let us do some hand painting, we made a lot of mess and got paint all over ourselves messing about, it was all over our hands, faces, hair and clothes.

At about 6 o’clock my mom washed her hands and started to put on her coat to go out.

“Right, you two. I want both of you to get a shower and cleaned up before I get back.” She told us, zipping up her coat and searching for her car keys, “You’ll have to shower together because there’s not a lot of hot water left.” She added.

“Together?” questioned Ollie.

“Yes, Ollie, together. I’m going to pick up your dad from work. I’ll be back soon.” Replied mom, picking up her bag and opening the front door, she paused looking at us just standing there looking puzzled, “Shower. Now!.” She ordered, walking out and closing the door behind her.

Mom was very strict and we both knew if we didn’t do as we were told we’d get in big trouble, so we went upstairs and in to the bathroom, Ollie closed the door and then opened the shower door and started the water running, “We better be quick.” He said, hurrying to remove all his clothes, he took all his off before me and I couldn’t help but grin and giggle when I saw his willy, then he got in to the shower and I followed.

Ollie was a bit taller than me because he was older, I stood right underneath the shower head started to wash my hair, I could sense Ollie was a little uncomfortable see me naked for the first time, the feeling was mutual, he was just standing to with his back against the wall on my right hand side, splashing himself with the water and just watching me shower, I started to giggle again when I saw his erection out the corner of my eye.

“What?” he asked.

“Look at your willy.” I replied, blushing.

He didn’t realise he had an erection until he looked down and saw it, “Oh.” He said, he started to rub it like he was washing it and it got a bit bigger, I caught me looking at it every so often, “Do you want to touch it?” he asked.

“Can I?” I asked back, my friend at school had told me a while ago about willy’s and wanking and stuff and I was curious, so I was kind of happy he was willing to let me touch it.

He moved around so we were facing each other, “Yeah, go for it.” He said, pushing out his hips.
I reached out and grabbed it like a snooker queue, I let go briefly before grabbing it again, “It’s hard.” I said, gently rubbing it up and down, his foreskin was moving up and down and the head of his willy kept popping out, “Does it hurt?” I asked.

“No. It feels nice.” he replied, “Do you want to suck it?” he asked.

“What? – put it in my mouth?” I asked back, thinking that’s a bit gross.

“Yeah.” He replied, then he splashed water over it, “It’s clean.” He added.

I was a bit reluctant but decided to give it a try, at least I’d be able to tell my friend about it, she’s never sucked a willy, “Okay.” I said, I blushed and chuckled with nervousness as I dropped to my knees, every time I went to put it in my mouth I’d stop and laugh, “Go on, Mel. Just do it, I won’t watch.” He said, turning his head away and staring at the ceiling.

I eventually managed to stop laughing and slipped his willy in to my mouth, I thought it would taste gross but it just tasted like warm water, I continued to suck on it, it was hard but the skin was soft and I could feel the curves, ridges and veins as it rolled along my tongue, it was a strange texture, but it wasn’t too bad.

I stopped sucking for a moment, “Keep going.” He said, he was breathing a bit heavier than normal and he looked happy, so I continued to suck on it, my arms and neck were aching so I grabbed hold of his butt to relax myself a bit and he was gently thrusting his hips helping to slide his willy in and out of my mouth.

Then he suddenly took hold of my head, grabbing bunches of my hair in his hands and holding my head in place, he pushed his willy really deep in to my mouth and I felt something warm running down my throat, I was squirming a bit trying to talk and tell him to let me go, he did eventually and I pulled his willy out of my mouth and caught my breath, “What just happened?” I asked, coughing bubbles in my throat.

“Nothing.” He said, he was giggling, “How was it?” he asked.

I was sure he was keeping something from me, he ejaculated down my throat but I didn’t know that at the time, “It was okay.” I replied, wiping my mouth.

I stood back up and started to shower again but the water just turned freezing cold so we ran out of the shower and got dried off, his willy wasn’t big anymore, we were drying ourselves off and just sniggering at each other over what just happened, that was the first time my stepbrother and I did something sexual together.

It was fun.

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