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On the Prowl(cont)

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Success for Mark and Maureen with Elsies daughter

Elsie turned up with little John and while we were setting up, talked about his famiy apparently Elsies daughtr is a single Mom has a regular ob whilst the children are at schol but takes on extra work and Elsie baby sits She showed us a photo and she was a very attractive girl and we discussed maybe enticing her into the group. Maureen had in idea all Elsie had to do was to be invited for Lunch Dinner.

We arranged a time and in the meanwhile Maureen went shopping. After lunch we showed her around the house (leaving out the dungeon) but with an enphasis on the studio. When we paused to sit down Maureen picked up a couple of “top of the shelf” magazines. This is the kind of stuff we do, pays very well.
She showed her some nudes and lingerie poses leaving out the soft porn ones
June asked did it pay well?
“Well say 150 pounds for a lingerie session, 350 pounds for a nude session” wihen Elsie said you could do that dear it’s harmless anf just once would pay better then your evening job She hesitated then Maureen said come into the bedroom and I’ll look you over see if your suitable. We all encouraged her “that will do no harm!”
Wen she reamergerd from the bedroom Maureen shook her head she’s a pretty girl but I think far to shy to pose and as you can see all the models are smooth and Rose here hs quite sustantial hair
She blushed I “was shy but i’m sure I could do it and I can do something about the hair.
Maureen sighed OK we will give it a try say next week but lets not waste our time.

She arrived the next week and we gave her a G&T to steady her nerves Maureen took her in the bedroom to find her some lingerie and she came out with a cut away white bra white thong and white hold up stockings the first thing I noticed ws how slim she was. I put her thro some standard poses and her confidence was growing. Maureen came out with another set and apart from turning her back she ignored me. Same again but a little cheekier.
“Well that was 150 pounds easily earned want to go on?”
She agreed and took off the lingerie
I posed her in all the usual nude poses showing of her breasts and bottom finishing with on her back on the coffer table with her legs close together in the air. In between I had made sure that she was closed legs and not touching herself
She flopped down on the settee by Maureen as i said and thats 500 pounds altogether as Maureen poured her another drink

“So shall we call it a day ? GIRLS! I’m here!!” they were leafing through one of the soft porn mags giggling like schoolgirls
Maureen said How much did we say porn was Mark?
“On this session it would take it up to a thousand”
Maureen tapped her glass and mouthed she’s ready
“So June is it all systems go?”
She rocked back and forth her legs up in the air “Bring it on!!!!”
I crossed my fingers
“OK then lets have a look at that bald cunt of yours”
She lifted her legs up and wide got her fingers in and pulled it open
“Now that pink rosebud”
She turned aound cocked her ass to expose it
“Oh you are doing wonderfully give Maureen a hug have a little suck of her tits”
They got into it her sucking then Maureen sucking both of them small but hers firm and round
“Now cunt finger girls” they were both giggling as they groped each other I took some close ups of their cunts dripping
“Sucking time!!!!”
Maureen led the way as the took a 69 position
“Well done you two lets have a rest”

While she was bringing the kids in June was searching for my cock asking did i do OK?
Oh yes my dear lots to do yet
The children came in naked didn’t seem to surprised to see mommy
“Ok June on the settee John and Susy either side sucking mommy’s tits”
“Wonderful now mummy kneel down an suck johns little cock!!”
She was getting into it getting in front of my suggestions sucking John taking his cock and balls with seperate sucks
Pulling susys legs lickig her cunt and asshole
Maureen took Susy and showed her how to use a vibe handing June a vibe for Johns asshole I was managing to get all this in a frame all the child abuse by the mother of her children
I gave her another drink it was only the first one that was spiked

She was getting tired now her words were slurring a little Maureen was kissing and carressing her.She said she would take her up
“Make sure it’s her undies and her blouse on before you put her into bed”
“and get the kids ready for bed ”
I sat in the studio editing the picture then turned into bed dreaming of the reaction we would get in the morning

One by one we emerged in the morning I made sure I was first up preparing breakfast Maureen broght the children down and last bleary eyed came June. Wow what a night I didn’t think I would do that laughig nervously. Maureen said have some toast a couple of cups of coffee a good shower and you will feel better.

She was about an hour before she came down looking quite bright Maureen had th children ready and she said would you like to see your photos? we transfer them onto a large TV screen so we can pick out which to submit. We only get paid for ones that are accepted.
“Well I suppose I can although I’m sure you know what your doing
We settled downwhile i showed the first of the lingerie as I went through she waa saying hey I wasn’t to bad!
When we got to the nudes she giggled looking through her fingers at first
“No I am not too bad!!!!”
The first of the porn with the children came up
“NO! NO! thats not right !!!! no thats not right ”
Susy said it is mommy look!!!
I clicked on further
with John and Maureen and Susy
Fucking Sucking one and another
“Well I admit you waere a little drunk but on shoots like this we have to cover ourselves”
And I played her the recordings of hr acepting the porn session and that there was a thousand pounds i her handbag
She slumped back in her chair so you’ve got me
“Oh don’t be silly you will enjoy our little games now off you do Elsie will always let you know
When they had gone Maureen had that gleam in her eye
“That got me ready for you know what”
“It’s been a long time darling”
” I know but a little pain wont hurt look I’m damn well dripping that was a hell of a session”
In the dungeon I settled in the examination chair her legs strapped in the stirrups her arms onto the arms fingering her soaking wet cunt inserting the speculumand begining to widen it until she begins the squeek
“That should be enough”
I remove it leaving your cunt gaping for while
“Are you ready for fun?”
“yes, yes!”
I take an apple off the table and using her spunks lubricant roll it in
Then the second one
“Your belly is bulging”
Pusshing in the third I can see it at the opening of the vulva
‘Plop them for me ” ‘ ‘
She strains and one by one they plop out leaving one
Now the fun part I push the two up her ass while searching
your cervix, with my hand ” is it painful darling?”
“Oh yes I can feel yiu”
“I’ve got it now I’m pulling it out strain your ass for me
One by one they plop out
“Bigger push for me”
There its coming that beautful prolapse let me kissi it it’s round and bright red keep it out I dont’t want it to go let me take a photo this is one of your biggest

We showered and hung around planning. hoping.Maureen craving for a really old lady. God know isn’t she old enough herself? me once again the younger the better
Well we’ll just have to see

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