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Amy Tale/s – Sophia Blacked

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Sophia is biting and clutching at Ethan and getting verbal like; shit, shit, it hurts so good, damn he has a big cock.

Sophia called me on a Thursday night and wanted to know if she could come over Saturday morning. I wasn’t doing anything, so I told her okay. Sophia was using the times Tony was out doing sports stuff to have sex with me. I had basically stopped going to Sophia’s because I was not interested in threesomes with Tony. Janet was doing something Saturday with Max, so I called Emma, and I invited her and Ethan to come. This will be Ethan and Emma’s first time coming to Ken’s apartment. I called Clair and told her to come around lunch time, which is usually the time Sophia leaves and Ken and Greg come back.

Ethan and Emma arrived at 9am and they were both in jeans and shirts after they removed their jackets, but they brought a suitcase at my request in case they stayed overnight. At about 9:30am Sophia arrived. I am lounging in knit shorts and a t-shirt and no bra, and we are in the living room when I answered the door. Sophia is wearing a nice sweater and tight jeans with calf high soft leather black boots after removing her coat. Sophia sees Ethan and Emma and says, oh, I am sorry Amy, I did not know you had guests, is this a bad time? I said, no, come on in, and I introduced everybody. Sophia sits in a chair, and the rest of us are on the couch, but I am not sitting against Ethan and Emma. I only tell Sophia that Ethan and Emma are dating each other and we are close friends.

I hooked up with Sophia two Saturdays like this alone in Ken’s apartment, and I knew she was on a schedule of sorts. Sophia broke that schedule the previous Saturday when Ken and Greg returned, and Sophia stayed longer anyway knowing if the boys were done, Tony was done too. So, I knew she might be out of excuses for coming home after Tony on a Saturday. I had it in my mind to permanently break Sophia’s scheduled sex time with me behind Tony’s back. I had already abandoned the Saturday night or Sunday threesomes with her and Tony for the last two weeks. I draw out conversations of small talk with Ethan and Emma, until I almost waste an hour of Sophia’s time. It is possible in Sophia’s mind that am doing this because Ethan and Emma are really just guests visiting, and I am waiting for them to leave.

I walk over to Sophia and I straddle her and sit in her lap, and I start kissing her. Sophia is being coy and confused, and she stops me and wonders about doing this in front of my guests. I ask Sophia, do you want to try some brown sugar, Emma has a sweet pussy? Sophia says, I am not ready for something like this, this is too much Amy. I kiss Sophia some more and run my hands up into her sweater, and I move her bra and rub her breasts. Sophia tries to stop me, but at the same time, she is wanting me to do it. Sophia lets me rub her tits and puts her mouth to my ear and says, I just don’t know about a threesome with a black girl? I whisper in Sophia’s ear, come on, I promise you that you will like Emma? I continue until Sophia says, yes, if I will help her overcome her fear.

I start to undress Sophia in the living room, but she stops me and says, not in front of Ethan. Okay, I take Sophia to the bedroom and me and Emma undress ourselves (Sophia looks at Emma apprehensively) and then we undress Sophia (I touched Sophia romantically, but for the most part, Emma just removed Sophia’s clothes). I get Sophia on the bed, and I am laying against one side of her and rubbing my trim hairy pussy on her thigh. I kiss Sophia and rub her C cups and nipples. Emma comes up on the other side of Sophia to help, but Sophia flinches. To me, Emma is an ebony babe. Sophia is a beautiful athletic blonde who is popular in the sewing circle, her and her husband’s organizations, and a model white housewife devoted to her husband. They together are the standard among everyone that knows them. I am thinking Sophia might be prejudice and/or that having sex with a black girl is turning her off.

I get on top of Sophia and continue to kiss her, and I motion for Emma to turn on her side so that Emma’s silky shaved pussy is at our heads (if I have not mentioned this, I did find out Emma uses hair remover for her silky-smooth pussy feel). I lean over and start to kiss on Emma’s thighs and pussy, and Sophia is watching me and rubbing my breasts. I move down to Sophia’s pussy and kiss and roll Sophia up on her side facing Emma’s pussy, and I kiss over her hip to her ass and push her top leg up. I move down the back of Sophia’s ass, and I start eating her trim hairy pussy from behind. Emma joins in from the font, and Sophia flinches again and tightens up. After a bit though, it gets to feeling good and Sophia loosens up. When this happened, I moved to Emma’s ass, and I started kissing and eating her pussy and trying to get Sophia to help.

It took me a few minutes because Sophia did not want to, and she may have been trying to use Emma’s eating of her pussy to disappear in pleasure. Sophia started rubbing Emma’s pussy and I knew Emma’s soft skin would feel good to Sophia. I got Sophia to kiss on Emma’s pussy until eventually Sophia began licking and eating Emma’s pussy. Sophia conquered her fear and/or prejudice and relaxed, and Sophia and Emma were locked up on their sides eating each other’s pussy. I get another set of ben wa balls a little bigger than the last set I used on Sophia, and this cord only has two balls on it. I lay them and the lube on the bed, and I see that Sophia and Emma are into eating each other’s pussy, and I go get Ethan.

I undress Ethan and we move kneeling on the bed where Sophia can see Ethan’s thick 12” big black cock, and his smooth body. I start stroking that big cock, and I lean down and suck it and lick Ethan’s balls and shaft. Sophia is looking with her eyes wide open like she has never seen a cock like that. Sophia stops eating Emma’s pussy and gets excited from Emma’s pussy eating skills on her (probably aided by my blowjob of Ethan) and Sophia gets off. I lay Ethan down, and then spend several minutes trying to get Sophia to do something to Ethan. I convince her to sit on Ethan’s cock and cup it with her pussy. Sophia is being difficult, and eventually she starts rubbing her wet pussy on that big black cock as it lays flat along Ethan’s stomach.

Me and Emma rub on Sophia who is sitting upright on Ethan’s, and we kiss on her breasts and finger her pussy. After much effort we persuade Sophia to try and put Ethan’s big cock in her pussy. Ethan’s cock was nothing like Tony’s less than 7” pecker, and just getting the head in Sophia’s pussy caused her to start saying, stop, it’s too big. We keep Sophia going, and she gets about 4 inches in, and she is going up and down and squealing, and saying, shit, shit, its big, shit. Sitting straight up on one foot and a knee gets to Sophia, and she lays on Ethan’s chest and continues to work his big pole with her pussy. She is up to about 8 inches, and her new angle is allowing her to enjoy it more, but she is grunting and moaning like a stuck pig. Me and Emma are rubbing Sophia’s back and ass, and we are reaching under and rubbing her clit. I get the ben wa balls and lube the first ball, and I push it into Sophia’s asshole, and she kind of screams with pleasure, and she pushes down on Ethan’s cock leaving only about 2 inches of it exposed and bites on Ethan’s shoulder.

The first ball is in Sophia’s ass, and after she lays there for a moment taking all the pressure in her ass and pussy, she starts fucking that big cock again. Sophia gets a good rhythm going, and I pour a little lube and push the second ben wa ball into her ass. Sophia grunts hard and slams down on Ethan’s big cock and gets most of it in her pussy. Sophia is biting and clutching at Ethan and getting verbal like; shit, shit, it hurts so good, damn he has a big cock. Sophia gathers herself again with two balls in her ass and starts fucking and moaning. Sophia has lathered Ethan’s cock with her pussy juice, and after another five minutes of steadily fucking about 10 inches of Ethan’s cock, Sophia is getting Ethan excited and he cums in Sophia’s pussy. We push Sophia down on his throbbing cock, and she allows all but 2 inches in her pussy. Emma rubs Sophia’s clit faster, and I pull the balls out of her ass slowly, and Sophia has an orgasm from us shaking her and rubbing her clit, and the removal of the balls stimulating the rim of her asshole.

Sophia is screaming and going, oh fuck, oh shit, stop, stop, I got off. Sophia lays there with about 10 inches of Ethan’s cock in her pussy until she calms down, and she dismounts and falls on her back. I get on top of Sophia and kiss her, and she pulls her arm over her eyes and is about to cry. Sophia says, Tony cannot find out about this, what have I done, and she goes on a 10-minute guilt trip. I console her, and tell her it’s okay, and Sophia wants to clean up and leave. She looks at my clock and it is almost noon and she freaks. Me and Emma put our hair up and we give Sophia a shower, and I douche Sophia (Sophia’s hair was already in a ponytail). I am purposefully trying to stall Sophia. We get out and Sophia dresses, and me and Emma just put nighties on. Sophia heads toward the living room, and Ethan is in there in shorts and a shirt and Clair has arrived. We were able to stall Sophia with more conversation, and Ken and Greg come in.

Sophia is in full panic now because she knows if Ken and Greg are here the bowling match is over, and Tony is home. I tell Ken and Greg to order a lot of food and Clair helps them. I am trying to convince Sophia to stay and eat, and then everyone else joins in trying to convince her to stay. Sophia is being as polite as she can, but she wants to leave. I am holding her arm and compelling her to stay. I am hoping Sophia’s phone will ring, and it will be Tony looking for her. Sophia settles down, and I think she begins to see this setting as just a bunch of people waiting on food and socializing. Greg and Ken went to the shower after ordering food, and it has been about 15 minutes. The doorbell rings, and I think it’s the food, and I tell Clair to get the door. I want to say this about Clair, Clair is like my best friend. Clair is a year younger than me, and since I seduced her, she has become my bosom buddy and we do a lot together, especially with Ken and Greg. [see Amy Tale/s – BFF, BBC, and Me Pt. 2 (Orgy) for how I met Clair].

Clair answers the door, and it is Tony, and Clair lets him in. I am curled up against Emma on the couch, and we are in nighties with no panties, and my knee is up showing my trim hairy pussy. Ethan is sitting in a chair in a t-shirt and loose shorts, and Sophia had her ass on the edge of the couch with her hands in her lap, like she is wanting to get up and leave. Then, Ken and Greg come up the hall in t-shirts and lounge shorts from their shower. Tony is probably thinking what the fuck is going on here? I say, hey Tony, you hungry, we got some food on the way? Sophia jumps up and rushes to Tony and puts her arm around him and says, hey honey, I just stopped by to see what Amy was doing and to invite her over, but she is busy with friends today.

Tony says, oh, okay, and Tony looks at me and my exposed trim hairy pussy, and sexy legs, feet, and red toenails, and I have my arm around Emma. Tony says, thanks, but me and Sophia might just go out to eat. I am thinking, Tony hasn’t had a threesome with me there in about three weeks, and he was wishing Sophia was here. Maybe he was hoping Ken was here, and he could get a shot at fucking me in a swap. Or, Tony was pissed that Sophia might be here with me and Ken, and he came to get Sophia. Tony must be hot, and he removes his coat, and I gather that he is not in a hurry to leave, perhaps trying to figure out what kind of sex games we are playing. I was hoping for a phone call from Tony to Sophia, but this was much better.

I go and sit on Ethan’s lap, and I spread my legs again for Tony to see my pussy. I put my arm around Ethan and rub his cock through his shorts with the other hand. I say, stick around, eat with us, and hangout and see what happens? I would have pulled Ethan’s cock out, but I did not want to scare Tony. Tony says, no, we need to leave, and he puts his coat on and says come on Sophia, and Sophia says, bye, and they hurry out the door passing the food delivery guy. Since Tony and Sophia left, we ate, fucked, and everyone spends the night.

It has been almost three weeks since this happened, and I have not heard from Sophia. The boys say Tony has been acting allusive toward them on their sports outings, and I am sure Tony and Sophia has had a fight over me. I just don’t know the extent of what Tony knows. I wait, and you wait to find out…

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