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California The Way I Want It – Part 3

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Part 3 of my trip to California with one of my best friends. Retold as a sexual fantasy. Please read Part 1 and 2 as well. Feed back is appreciated.

With another quick peck on her lips before I held her hip and walked out of our room and out of the front door. We followed the foot path just outside the mansion down to the Restaurant. The lighting was dim, and the furniture was old timey and fit the style of the mansion. We were seated and the host came up and explained everything we’d be receiving as part of our press stay. The dishes were delicious, and paired with the perfect glass of wine, getting the both of us pretty buzzed.

We sat and enjoyed the meal, neither of us dared try anything. Especially because we were surrounded by other patrons. We spoke more about random whatever, our thoughts on the dishes. I watched with a smile as Rachel took carefully curated photos of each dish before we enjoyed them.
After dinner we went back to our room and pulled on our jackets before grabbing our cameras and wandering back onto the grounds of the mansion. We took a few pictures of what we could in the darkness. She wanted to get some photos of the estate, I wanted to hone more of my photography skills. My gaze wandered upwards to the skies and I was mesmerized by all the stars. Rachel noticed and looked upwards.

I looked toward her and said “Hey lets find somewhere darker, I want to try to get a picture of all the stars.”

Rachel agreed and we wandered down to the garden. It wasn’t lit all that much and there were plenty of different flowers and trees to use as back drops. We found a small gazebo to set up our cameras and we went about trying to figure out how to take pictures of stars. It took us a little while to get the settings right but we did it. After taking a few pictures I decided to try and take a time lapse of the skies. I set up my camera and took a seat on the bench in the Gazebo. Rachel came and sat next to me, I draped my arm around her and held her as we kept each other warm as we looked out into the garden. Our eyes adjusted to the dark as we sat and looked at all the flowers and then the night sky once more.

“So what happens after we leave California?” I asked Rachel quietly, wondering about what would come next. Our friendship got very complicated in the last 24 hours, I live clear on the other side of the country now, Rachel was unsure about what she’s going to do about her boyfriend situation, not to mention I blew two loads inside her without hesitation or remorse, and I still definitely didn’t want to lose her as one of my best friends.

“I don’t know yet…Why? …Do you want to be…like together?” Rachel asked.

“Uh no, not that…not because there’s anything wrong with you or anything “, I stumbled over my words. “If we dated and things didn’t work out, I wouldn’t want to lose you. I know it’s easy to say it would be fine if things didn’t but we don’t know what would happen. Emotions and all that…it could make things a lot more different than they already are..” I started rambling before Rachel held my hand and gave it a good squeeze.

“Hey hush.. I just was wondering… I didn’t want to break your heart and say I didn’t want to be together…I’m relieved you feel that way I feel the same way” Rachel said softly and looked up at me.

“And uh are you on birth control or something? Cause uh…you know I didn’t…”

“No I’m not…but don’t worry, I’ll bang Ryan when I get home and tell him its his” She looked up at me with a straight face. I almost immediately looked down at her bewildered by what I just heard. As my eyes met hers she burst out laughing a little. “I’m joking…if I do get pregnant, I’ll get it taken care of don’t worry. I don’t want to be a mom yet, and I’m sure you don’t want to be a dad yet, especially with me, your parents would have a fit” Rachel said, fully understanding my parents’ traditional values.

I laughed and nodded “Ok good…I mean good that we’re on the same page” I held her hand and smiled before pecking her lips.

“Just don’t worry about it until after the trip. As I said, if it happens it happens, and lets enjoy it ok? If there’s one thing I know about you is that I can trust you more than any guy. We’ve been in plenty of instances where we could have crossed the line over the entire time we knew each other, and you were the one that kept away from the line no matter what” She explained perspective. She was right, as far as guy friends go, I was always anal about not crossing that line with my girl friends, except for the rare handful of times there was a mutual attraction. “When we leave California, I know you’ll be able to control yourself, I’d like to think I would be able to as well. And the next time we’re together, if I’m single, I wouldn’t be against fooling around. Although now we know if we’re going to take trips together, we’d have invite someone else or sleep separately.” We laughed together.

“Especially if you’re not single” I laugh as she hits my chest.

“Stop bringing that up would you?” she shook her head and nuzzled into my shoulder.

“Sorry, its just…I never thought I’d be the guy to be a home wrecker” I relaxed back against the banister of the Gazebo.

“As I said…Ryan might not even be the one…and if he is then I’ll figure it out when he puts a ring on it.”

“Fair enough.” I kissed the top of her head before pulling her onto my lap and kissing her. She smiled and kissed me back as she wrapped her arms around my neck. We made out as I rubbed her hips before sliding my hands down to her ass. I lifted her dress up and squeezed her ass firmly, I was right again, no panties. She gasped softly as I squeezed. I got up and set her down on the edge of the bench as I kissed her neck. “How about that orgasm I owe you?” I whispered into her ear before pushing her back so she would be leaning back against the banister of the Gazebo. I dropped to my knees and pushed open her legs before moving my face between her thighs and under the dress.

Rachel was already wet with excitement as I kissed her inner thighs softly and slowly worked my way up. I could hear her breath hitch and gasp on each kiss. I finally got to her wet slit and took a long slow lick. She tasted sweet as her juices wet my tongue. I started taking more long slow licks as I got hungrier for her. She grabbed my head and pressed my face harder against her pussy as I licked faster. I moaned softly against her as I slid my tongue into her pussy and explored it. Rachel moaned out louder and louder as I continued licking greedily. She started grinding against my tongue. She was getting closer. I found her clit with my tongue and swirled my tongue around her clit rapidly. Almost immediately she closed her thighs around my head as I continued playing with her clit. In almost no time at all she was near screaming as she convulsed in orgasm on my face, a flood of her juices soaking my face.

After a little while she came down from her orgasm and opened her legs again, freeing my head. I stood up and wiped my face with my hand before smirking and kissing her.

“We should go before someone comes to find out what all that screaming was” I smiled against her lips.

Rachel nodded and got up shakily as we gathered our gear and headed back inside to our room.
We set our gear down and I started undoing my shirt.

“Fuck that was good…I hadn’t gotten eaten out that good in a while” Rachel said as she slide out of her dress behind me.

“Glad you enjoyed it” I said with a smile as I pulled my shirt off and tossed it aside. I started undoing my belt when Rachel came up behind me and spun me around. I had only a moment to smile and enjoy the sight of her body before she sunk to her knees and undid my pants for me. I smiled and watched as I knew she had intended to return the favor I had done. She pulled my pants and boxers down and started stroking my hard cock as she looked up at me. She winked at me as she put the head of my cock into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it as she stroked my shaft.

I held her head and moaned out as I watched her suck my cock with what seemed like a sense of hunger. After a few moments she let my cock go and took the entire length of my cock into her mouth, deepthroating it. I moaned out louder as I pulled her hair slightly and start bucking my hips. I fucked her mouth, and she took it without any complaints. I fucked her mouth for what felt like forever in the moment before pulling my cock out of her mouth and pulling her to her feet. I kissed her and pulled her toward the bed. At the foot of the bed I held her infront of me and bent her over.
She looked back at me as I held her hips and slid my cock into her pussy. She gasped and moaned as I started thrusting into her hard and fast as I looked into her eyes. She gripped the bed tightly as I spanked her and continued pounding into her.

“You like being my little slut hm?” I spanked her again. She nodded as she moaned in submission. She turned her head into the bed to quiet her moans. I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back. Her moans flooded the room as I continued pounding into her as hard as I could. I pounded her into the bed for a long while before she finally moaned out “I’m going to cum!”. I held my cum as I continued pounding into her, waiting for her to cum first. A moment later she was moaned even louder as I felt her pussy flood with warm juices and tighten around me. I pushed my cock deep inside her and for the third time that day, I flooded her womb with my hot cum.

I held myself inside her as we both breathed heavily. I pulled out and flopped down next to her on the bed, smiling a little. Rachel mustered some strength and lifted her head before kissing me. We laid together quietly for a few moments before I got up and laid properly on the bed before dragging Rachel up with me. I pulled the covers over us and kissed her forehead before closing my eyes.

“goodnight” I whispered.

“Goodnight” Rachel replied as she settled her head on my chest before we fell asleep naked together.

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