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Little Jennifer

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Slut mother in the Kokomo Delco Crowd shows young daughter the path to sex.

You see it in the papers, the internet or on the news. An older guy gets busted for underage sex. What you don’t know about are the times it happens and the younger girl doesn’t tell. I was one of those girls. The whole thing was my idea. I did all the work to fuck my older guy.

My name is Jennifer Lynn. I grew up in Kokomo, Indiana in the 1970’s. Meaning I was born in 1962 at Howard County General Hospital. I was the eldest with two little brothers. Dad worked at the transmission plant when he and Mom got married. When I was ten Mom went to work at Delco.

Delco was known for women wanting fucked. If you were a guy working there and not getting married pussy something was wrong with you. One or two men wouldn’t be enough. Married or single for the women it was all about getting out of the house, making good money and settling in under lots of strange cock. Mom got her share, bringing co-workers home during the day when us kids were in school and dad was at Chrysler. Back then we had extension phones you could pick up and listen. I would listen to guys tell Mom about how they were going to fuck her when they got her alone. From I could tell a quick fuck in the car during lunch wasn’t that all unusual.

Dad was the one unknowingly getting me fucked. Times were really good. Mom and Dad both with union factory jobs pulled in the money and benefits. Couples were making more than some company presidents. No wonder things soon went to shit and went overseas.

So, summer of 1973. I was eleven still nearly flat chested and no more hair on my little twat than came on it when I was born. I don’t think Dad cheated on Mom, but a few of the neighbors and some of Dad’s friends would stop by the house. Me and my brothers would be at friends houses to play and thought nothing of it. Someone other than Dad must have fucked Mom almost every day. Picture Mom in a 70’s house dress with the skirt over her back and some guy fucking her when no one else was at home.

And, back to the summer of 1973. Money was no problem, but there was a room over the garage. Dad had a single friend named Kenny that he thought would be perfect guy to rent the room and bring in even more money. At the time Dad was 32, Mom was 29, and Kenny was 25. The way Mom had been hiking up her skirt for so many others fucking Kenny was a forgone conclusion.

We were a casual family. Meaning it wasn’t unusual for Dad to sit around in his underwear and Mom in panties and a t-shirt. Sometimes she be naked from the waist around the house with her tits hanging bare. Never mind the young sons. There weren’t going to be left wondering what tits looked like when the time came. The only thing good about being eleven and having bee-sting boobs was knowing I should have a set like Mom’s soon.

Mom’s tits were great. A really nice set of D-Cup knockers. I know. I checked the tags on the bra. Hanging free they drooped a couple of inches and then hung straight out with the nipples pointing right at a person with not a lot of side hang. They were pretty well hung together in a pair. The nipples were dime-sized and stuck out about a half inch.

It didn’t seem to bother Dad that sometimes Kenny would walk in on Mom when she was bare chested. He probably knew Kenny was fucking her. Maybe that’s why Dad moved Kenny in. One man wasn’t going to keep up with Mom and Dad could have been thinking he could keep it in the house. Mom would go up to Kenny’s room and come back real happy. Sometimes Kenny would come down with Mom and him and Dad would sit at the kitchen and drink beer. Even then Mom would be in and out of the kitchen wearing only panties.

I had to believe Dad would fuck her when he got her to bed. Sometimes I’d find Dad drinking alone. Mom and Kenny would be in his room above the garage. They’d come back down with Mom just in panties and Dad and Kenny would go back to drinking. If Dad thought that kept her from fucking neighbors and guy’s from work he wasn’t hearing the conversations I was eavesdropping on when Mom would be on the phone.

The big tits definitely gave her the advantage over other women at work for cock selection. After being around my little brothers and friends with older brothers I thought it was a lie when I’d hear Mom talking to one of her regulars about how his ten inch cock felt in her. One man promised her a foot of black cock if she would meet him in the parking lot at work. Conversations after that proved that she did it. I’d look at my little bald cunt and wonder how Mom could get a foot of anything up inside her.

Later I overheard Mom talking to a girlfriend from work that maybe Mom didn’t prefer black cock, but she liked it.

“I don’t know why word is around work that I prefer black cock.” Mom giggled. “You fuck fifteen or twenty black guys and people think that is all you want fucking you.”

“Wait until you get like me and you’re talking a hundred.”

“Well, the only thing stopping me is the time. I’ve seen a hundred I’d fuck if I got the chance.”

“You should try five or six at once in a little gangbang. I’ve done that a few times.”

Then they talked about being on the pill and letting blacks and whites alike cumming in them. Like I said earlier, Delco wives back in the seventies!

So, back to me now that you know how I grew up. I saw that Mom was getting fucked by Kenny and untold others, including lots of black guys. I had to think there was something about sex that was really good. My friend Becky was a year older than me. Not that her being twelve made that much difference. She had a little bit of boob and some sparse hair on her pussy. Becky was ready to try out what I had been thinking. She had a boy she liked that was fourteen that she thought he was hot shit.

Becky’s Mom had gotten my Mom her Delco job. She had started at Delco when Becky was in first grade in school. Becky’s Mom must have scored a mile of cock before Mom started working there.

It was my job to keep Becky’s other guy busy while she fucked the fourteen year old she had the crush on. So, Becky lost her cherry to this kid. The buddy was so nervous he didn’t try anything with me. For Becky there was a little bit of blood and a trickle of semen in her. The kid had a four inch dick and Becky didn’t get anything like she expected.

The next day she wanted to try it again and let both boys fuck her. They met a couple of more times when Becky talked me into trying it. She said it felt good to have a boy between your legs. Well, I did it. It hurt. Maybe eleven years old for me was pushing the limits a little. Except for fucking Becky what did two fourteen year olds know about sex?

Maybe my answer was Kenny. He was close. You know in the house and fucking Mom close. Everybody knew it. Even my little brothers figured out Mom was fucking Kenny. I teased Kenny by showing up in his room or letting him catching me in the kitchen in just panties. I knew I couldn’t beat Mom’s tits, but I did have my little something in my panties that put a bulge in Kenny’s jeans.

Even though without boobs my nipples got hard around Kenny when I’d show off topless. Kenny noticed. I’d bend over or move my legs in such a way that Kenny could see my bald pussy inside my underwear. Kenny was going to be the guy. Four inch teenage cock wasn’t going to me any more good than it would Mom.

Kenny was losing control. A twenty-five year old man shouldn’t be alone with a mostly naked eleven year old girl. I caught him looking at my chest. Instead of backing away I sat in his lap on his bed. Mom and Dad didn’t know I’d go to Kenny’s room. It was just me and him. His cock was hard through the cloth and poking my ass. I squirmed a little and had his bent over shaft nestled in my slit.

Poor Kenny was scared, but he wasn’t stupid. Any girl squirming on your cock meant just one thing. My nipples weren’t far from his face.

“Do you think I’ll get boobs like Mom some day?”

“I’m sure you will and they will be something to see.”

“I’ve got nothing but some swelling under my nipples now.”

Kenny could see my nipples were hard. I took my fingers and brushed them into even more hardness. There wasn’t a lot there, but Kenny was a goner. My pussy was soaking for such a young girl. Should I even be getting wet?

“Want to touch them? Maybe you can get them to stick out more.”

Wow! I had a real man touch me. I knew I didn’t dare tell my friend or anybody else for that matter. There must have been a connection. I could feel a tingle from my nipples all the way through my tummy to my little cunt. That went on for maybe ten minutes. I stood up and faced him, sitting down on his lap again, my legs on the outside of his thighs. That lump in his pants pressed into my crotch.

“Maybe you’d like to kiss and lick them.” I teased.

There wasn’t any way back now for Kenny. He smothered my boobs with kisses and licked my nipples between his lips. That lump in his pants now pressed against my clit. I didn’t know what a clit was, but it had a fire to it.

Mom worked afternoons. I’d have Kenny until 11:30 when Mom got home. Dad would be asleep and Mom would fuck Kenny before getting in bed with Dad. All I had to do was listen for Dad’s footsteps on the stair landing so we wouldn’t get caught.

I kissed Kenny. A couple of times like Dad kissing me goodnight. Then I pushed my tongue in Kenny’s mouth. Kenny was quick to respond in kind. My first romance kiss and I was getting turned on.

Then Kenny stopped. Probably realized the fear of jail time. Eleven was most certainly jail bait.

“Why are you stopping, Kenny?”

“This is too much. I never should have touched you.”

“Is it because my titties are so small. Not at all like Mom’s?”

“No, it’s not that. We never should have done that.”

“How about my pussy, Kenny?”

“What? No!”

“Come on, Kenny. My pussy is way smaller than Mom’s, Kenny. You’d like that wouldn’t you, Kenny?”

“No … don’t say that. We have to stop … ”

“But you can’t say when to stop any more, Kenny. You went too far. Now only I can say stop.”

“Okay, we will stop.”

“I didn’t say stop, now did I?”

The look on Kenny’s face was priceless. I’d never seen a man so scared. He’d fucked my Mom, no doubt with Dad’s approval. Kenny knew Dad wouldn’t feel the same about Kenny fucking, let alone touching, his daughter.

“What about my little pussy? Would you like to see my childlike eleven year old pussy? It’s smooth and hairless. What man wouldn’t want to see that? Touch that. Maybe even fuck it. Could you image how big your cock would look sticking out of my little pre-teen cunt?”

Kenny was trapped. He’d gone too far. I took off my panties and let him look at my puffy little twat.

“Touch it!”

“I shouldn’t.”

“We both know you shouldn’t, but don’t forget who was bad and who is in charge. Touch it!”

I had Mom’s lover and boyfriend wrapped around my finger. His cock was huge in his pants. His hand reached out and brushed my crotch with the backs of two fingers.

“I said touch it. Feel me.”

This was the power Mom felt. Probably what all the Delco women felt. It wasn’t just getting fucked it was the power of having a cunt. His middle finger traced along my slit.

“Put a finger in me, Kenny?”

This time no response. I shifted my thighs apart to give him room. A finger pressed inside me. I rocked down on it until our rhythm matched. His finger was in me to the second joint. I was getting finger fucked by a full grown man. He made me cum. I was going to need more of that.

“I want to see your cock.”

He tried to unfasten his pants and keep the finger moving inside me.

“Get your cock out, Kenny. You can put you finger back in me again.”

With his finger out of me I felt a little weak in the knees, wanting the finger back fucking inside me.

His cock was out. I could see Mom’s constant interest. It was huge with a big head and really long.

“Shit, Kenny. How big is that thing?”

“Nine inches. You’ll never be able to take it.” He almost laughed.

“I’m eleven years old, Kenny. I didn’t say I was a virgin.”

Kenny gave me a puzzled look.

“A couple of boys fucked me. Not really worth the bother. Not any more anyway.”

I touched the head of his cock. Ran my hand down the shaft. Wondered how Mom took the big head and how much of the shaft. Then I remembered the eavesdropping. Mom had taken lots more than this she had told her friend.

“Let’s see if we can get some of this in me.”

Kenny stared back at me. At the time Kenny had no option to set limits. He’d try to fuck me. An eleven year old girl on a 25 year old man with an oversized cock.

“Bend over the table.”

I wasn’t giving some guy any control.

“No way! If it goes in I want to see it go in me.”

I was looking down at three times more cock than I had pussy to handle it. My slit was a little damp. The slippery good stuff. Kenny ran the head along my slit. He was leaking some precum to lube me up. I was holding on to the table trying not to slide across it as his cock pushed against me. He was pushing against my little cunny hole.

There was a little more dipping into me. He wasn’t getting any smaller. The fourteen year olds hadn’t done anything to me, barely opened me up. I was watching the tip was working inside my outer lips. The inner lips were having no part of it. Then I could feel them open a little as well. I was stretching in an attempt to take large cock.

The obscenity of it all made Kenny shoot his load. With the head making tight contact with my tight pussy his load spurted inside me. Wow! A man’s load was a lot different. It made me cum!

That seemed to make the difference with me cumming and his seed making me slick I watched more of the impossible head move into me. Kenny watched, too. There was a good chance I was going to take it. He was in except for the last part of he rim showing outside my outer lips. The inner lips were going to be the problem although I could feel some progress there as well.

My legs were spread out in almost a straight line as I struggled to get at least that part of him inside me. I was rolling my hips and Kenny pressed, trying to go deeper. I could feel myself stretch. It was beginning to hurt. Not that I wouldn’t tolerate a little pain to get him inside me.

Wait … what just happened? The head was in. Kenny had a big grin on his face. We just held it there for a while. All I could see was the shaft of his cock. Granted, there was still seven or eight inches outside of me, but I had the head inside of me. It should go in now. I was the one that started fucking. I was very gentle with myself. I felt some cock slide past my cunt opening.

What was that now? Two or three inches past the head? Oh, my God. It didn’t hurt. It wasn’t even uncomfortable. Then things got pretty tight. Kenny started fucking into me as he began to meet my movements. He had pretty good control. The fourteen year olds had lasted only seconds. This was like maybe fifteen minutes when the next load of sperm squirted inside me. Kenny had made me cum twice while fucking and this blast of seed made me cum harder than the earlier ones combined.

I left Kenny inside me until he softened. Even though not hard he made a plopping noise leaving me. His seed ran from my well fucked little cunt.

“Want to try it again before your Mom gets home?”

“You’ll get another chance, but not tonight. Your cock is so huge and I am just a little girl. You just fucked an eleven year old, Kenny. I’m still a preteen and you’ve just wrecked my little pussy with your big cock.”

I kissed Kenny and went to my room. He’d probably fucked Mom when she got home and pretended she was me taking it all. I heard Mom and Dad’s door close almost forty five minutes after Mom got home. I could hear Mom get loud while Dad fucked her. Another night of Mom fucking two cocks and she probably fucked a least one guy at work. I knew I was going to be my mother’s daughter.

The next morning Kenny and Dad had gone to work as usual. Mom made us breakfast. I watched her moving around the kitchen. I wondered if she was leaking cum like I was. At school I was in the restroom between every class dabbing Kenny’s cum out of me. Me thinking about Kenny fucking me kept me pretty wet on my own. By mid-afternoon I decided to see how the mixture would taste. Ummm, something else I liked. I didn’t need to dab with toilet paper. Whatever would come out me I would lick from my fingers.

That night it was more of a dribble. I would wait for a drop to form in my slit, take a finger and transfer it to my tongue.

It was Dad’s job to make our supper. Usually it was something pretty good. I tried to make it to Kenny’s room. With little brothers and Dad popping up every here and there I wasn’t having a luck. Finally after supper I got a chance to say something.

“I’m still leaking cum out of me. How much did you put in there?” I whispered.

“Would like some more, little girl?”

“Don’t press you luck, big boy. You’ll get your chance.”

Dad and Kenny drank a few beers while watching sports on TV. I did take a chance after my shower when I went through the room in front of Dad and Kenny to put my dirty clothes in the laundry wearing only my panties. Dad didn’t say anything. He had no idea the affect I was having on Kenny. All we got was a quick kiss and feel in the hall before I went to bed.

The week went by with no opportunity to try more of Kenny’s cock. He was fucking the hell out of Mom every night after she got home from work. I didn’t feel any desperation for Kenny’s cock, but I was wanting some more of it. Maybe get a couple of more inches the next time.

Getting to the weekend didn’t help. Mom would step away to fuck Kenny several times. Dad wouldn’t say anything. I wish I could just go off and fuck him like Mom seemed to be doing with Dad’s approval. I wondered about Mom and all the fucking she got from Dad and Kenny. Then there was the pussy she gave away at work. She must have been fucking a half dozen different guys a week. Probably more. Then there was the five days a week when Mom was home alone with us kids in school and Dad and Kenny at work.

Finally, we got our break. Dad was taking my brothers to the mall for new shoes. I opted to stay home knowing what would be in store for me with Kenny. Mom was at work when Dad headed to the mall with the boys. Kenny and I had a free shot. Kenny wanted me in his bed. I wanted him in mine. Let him enjoy the whole little girl theme complete with all the pink.

The only pink of interest to Kenny was my pink nipples and the pink inside my cunt. He made over my boobs like I really had tits. My nipples connected to my pussy. I was getting wet. It wasn’t that I was just eleven. I wasn’t going to be twelve for ten more months. We were both naked on my bed. I had Kenny’s huge cock in my hand while the licked at my hard points where I’d have boobs some day.

Kenny went between my legs. I spread eagle waiting to see how his cock went in me this time. Instead he went down on me. I’d heard guys on the phone telling Mom they couldn’t wait to eat her cunt. I couldn’t imagine what they meant until that moment. His tongue in my slit felt amazing. Then he went at my clit. Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!. Five times, just like that. He made me cum five times in like two minutes. I just stared down at his face.

“I knew you’d like that. It drives your Mom crazy.”

Maybe not a romantic thing you’d say to a girl about her mother. Hell, I was in. One more thing for Mom and I to have in common. Who needed cock? I could settle for that.

Not that I was going to have to settle for that. Kenny had his cock working at my entrance. It was still a struggle to get him inside me, but easier than before. My bald little pussy looked impossibly stuffed with Kenny’s nine inches wanting access to deep inside me. It was only a couple of minutes until he was as deep in me as he had been our first time.

We ended up with a couple of inches that wasn’t going anywhere. I was cumming like crazy. Kenny put a load deep inside me. He kept it hard enough to feel good until he was hard again. We must have fucked for an hour. At first I was concerned about the couple of inches that wouldn’t fit. Soon that wasn’t important as we fucked with as much of his fat nine inch dick her could get buried inside me.

I fussed about making sure my room showed no signs of Kenny fucking Dad’s little girl. I walked a little funny. A skinny kid that had just taken that much cock was going to be a little hollow inside and tend to be wobbly.

Saturday I fucked Kenny while Dad mowed the yard. That got to be our day. We both hoped it never snowed again. Mom would have my brothers grocery shopping with her. Once a week with Kenny was enough for a kid getting fucked. Every now and then we’d get in an extra. We were careful not to show any indication of what was going on. Maybe except for Kenny. Kenny was fucking Mom a lot.

Dad sent me and Kenny on a beer run once. I sucked his cock in a dark corner away from the store. Had there been room and time I would have let him fuck me. I wondered how mom had room to fuck guys at work. I guess those custom vans were handy and Mom’s car was pretty big. You could smell sex in it sometimes.

Fucking Kenny was great. We kept it reasonable. I had been feeling his balls slapping my butt more. Then the month before my twelfth birthday there was that Saturday that we realized that I had the whole nine inches in me. It made Kenny blow his nuts as soon as he realized it. I hurried to catch up, hitting a giant orgasm realizing that the adult that had been fucking my bare little pussy for months was, as I had heard Mom say over the phone, “Balls Deep”.

For several days after we’d fuck I’d have this little baby bump on my tummy like I was swelling with child. I guess from accommodating all that cock inside me and Kenny’s cum. It would still leak from me through the next day. Continuing well past my twelfth birthday the tummy bump stayed. My little body was now built to take Kenny’s nine inch cock.

Kenny had been fucking me for over a year. We were finding careful ways to fuck and not get caught. Some weeks Kenny would nail me three times. Once even four times on a Sunday at a cabin Dad rented. Mom had fucked Kenny a couple of times on Saturday and I was thinking I wouldn’t get a chance. Then everyone went out on a boat. Kenny said he would rather fish from the dock. I wanted to fish with Kenny.

Sure now. Fish with Kenny. I was full of cock by the time the boat was out of sight. After all, how much trouble could a twelve year old get in while fishing? I teased Kenny by skinny dipping in the lake. He fucked me in the water. He fucked me twice on the deck where we all sat to eat and once in the bedroom. It was better than being married. How many married women get fucked like that? Well, not counting Mom and the Delco girls.

Kenny wasn’t going anywhere. He didn’t pay much rent and Dad wanted the money. Mom sure wouldn’t let him leave. Kenny wouldn’t go and give up fucking his little “teenie bopper”, as he called me. I was thirteen now. My tits were starting to be buds now. Mom and Dad still hadn’t said anything about me being around the house with my tits showing and Kenny around. Mom wasn’t wearing a top much any more and was even naked with Dad and Kenny some of the time. Kenny would fuck her and Dad would watch when they thought us kids weren’t around.

Mom wanted me to get a bra. I offered to wear thicker tops. That seemed to put that off for a while. I didn’t want a bra and the heavy cloth keeps my nipples aroused. Hair started to grow sparsely on my cunt. I kept it shaved so I could be Kenny’s little girl. I kept it so smooth that he had no idea … even when he was eating my pussy.

I was almost fourteen when my period started. Lucky for us Kenny hadn’t knocked me up. After that I counted my days and if me and Kenny were fucking when I was fertile he would pull out instead of cumming in me. I wouldn’t have cared. I would have married him at fourteen. The problem was that he was now twenty nine.

So, this is what I meant by not all the sad stories about an older man fucking some young girl aren’t the full story. There are probably lots of us out there that did like I did. Kenny’s ass was mine for as long as I wanted his cock in me.

When I turned eighteen I finished high school. Kenny was thirty two. Now I have the big tits. I quit shaving my cunt. I’ve got quite a growth down there. Kenny still buries his face down there a lot. Fucking every night is our expected norm. Weekends are unlimited pussy.

I’m nineteen now and on the pill. No kids any time soon for us. Kenny thought I should get a job so we could buy a house. Mom got me one at Delco. You know how that is going. I didn’t get in a full week until I got fucked after work. Kenny actually thinks I go out to get a bite to eat with the girls. I’ve got one guy with an apartment on the way home. He’s a nice black man that told me I would enjoy his foot long black cock. I’ve been going home with him every night after work. Even sneaked off to fuck him twice on weekends. I’ve been thinking about spending the night.

What would you expect from a girl that was getting nine inches when she was just turned eleven years of age? I am my mother’s daughter and Kenny’s wife … a Delco girl.

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    I wanted to see what she looked like with her clothes off and I sensed she wanted the same. She is the type of woman who captivates you with her eyes and they tell you everything you need to know.We made our way to my bed, I was nervous and just pull her down next to me but I didn’t need to because she pushed me down and straddled me, kissing my lips and resting her hands behind my head. Our kiss was so passionate, it gave me butterflies and she has since told me that it felt the same for her.
    She started to grind on me, my boner was apparent and she was using it to rub against her clit. It became hot and passionate very quickly and that’s when I decided to flip her onto her back, one because I wanted to go down on her and two because I would have come if I stayed in that position any longer.
    I lifted up her skirt and began pulling down her panties, I pulled her panties over her ankles and looked up at her, her head resting on the pillow, her legs open and inviting her noticed she had one of the most beautiful pussies I had ever seen.
    I made my way back I made my way back up and marveled at how perfect it was, so smooth and glistening from all the excitement.

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    She called the police. They took me to hospital and ran some test. I was pregnant since we were having sex for a few months.

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