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Amy Tale/s – Meet Natalie

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When it starts coming out, Natalie grabs me and pulls my pussy into her mouth and licks, and I just force my pee on out.

It was late summer heading into fall, and we were spinning into September. School had already started back, and because I live in the north, the evenings were getting cooler. Janet said pool parties would stop. Their pool is heated, but it was getting cooler after dark. Janet said she has other types of parties, but that is not what this tale is about. I was at work on a Friday, and I was a little depressed. I had not heard from Janet since like Tuesday of the previous week, and I was heading into another weekend and facing a disheartening time without my sunshine. Seasons were changing in my heart as well.

I missed her so much I could cry. Janet was doing this to me on purpose, she knows I love her, and I miss our games because they excite me more now than anything else. A heart can only take so much (or divide so many times amongst its lovers). I was so lonely some nights I invited Clair to spend the night, just to have someone to touch other than Ken. Fantasizing that it was Janet with me. Clair was a poor replacement, not because we did not enjoy each other, but because no one can replace Janet – it’s 4pm Friday.

I am walking the department store, not really caring what time it is, but I am aware. My heart skips a beat as I see her, my Duchess, looking as hot as ever, but she is different. Janet is not acting allusive as she does when she plays with me in this setting. Janet is looking directly at me and smiling, watching the enthusiasm on my face as I smile back at her. I want to run, so I walk faster on my toes as if weights have fallen off my body. She has come, she is here, yea! I am within 10 paces and nothing else exists. Miss…oh miss…do you have this in a size 6? I stumble, and I turn, and I look at a lady holding a dress. I look back at my Duchess, and she is still watching, but different, indirect, watching events instead of me.

I turn back to the woman and I say, let me check the rack with you again. If it is not here, I will have an associate check. I pay the lady little attention as I habitually attend to a customer’s needs. I approach the rack and get closer to the woman, and she says, hey Amy. I look, and I remember her from one of Janet’s parties, she is the pretty brunette housewife that made me eat cum out of her pussy. I don’t know her name, and I say, hey; and I look back at Janet, and she is giggling. I know Janet has done this. Janet threw me another curve ball, and I swung and missed, and Janet was having her fun.

The lady says, Natalie…my name is Natalie. I say, hi Natalie, did Janet put you up to this? Natalie says, kind of, but I really wanted to see you. I tell Natalie that I am flattered, but this is a difficult place for me to reminisce in about my sex life. Natalie says, I am sorry, I would not do something like this to cause you trouble. This part is Janet’s idea, I just wanted to see you. Janet joins the discussion and when Janet is beside me, I want so much to hold her. Fuck Natalie, and her crush on me. Janet instinctively reads me, and she puts her arm around my waist, and she pulls me close and I am high again…I could faint in her arms.

Janet says, Natalie has been emailing me wanting to get together with you so badly, that I wanted to arrange it, just to watch. Watch what (I am thinking), sure Natalie is cute, but I would much rather be with Janet alone. I missed Janet, she used time to increase my fondness for her by her absence. Janet brought me heartache, only to heal it with her presence; and then offer me as a party doll service. I am so conflicted I could cry. Janet says, Natalie’s husband was a little upset after Natalie’s experience, and he has not wanted to do those things anymore. Natalie wanted to get together with you baby, you see, she has thought about you so much. What is this, is Janet sympathetic to me, or Natalie? What about how much I missed her (Janet)? I could give two shits about Natalie.

Janet clearly sees my sadness through the haze; I don’t think Natalie is aware because I am trying to grin and bear it. Janet continues, I am sorry baby, I don’t want you to be upset. I am just having my fun with you; I did not realize you missed me as much as I missed you. I was just trying to keep it spontaneous, that’s all. I snap out of it, draw back my sadness, and we talk with Natalie. I find out that Janet went by my apartment and packed me a bag and reserved a suite at the Resort. Janet tells me that Natalie can’t spend the night because of her husband, and Janet whispers in my ear, Natalie is just an appetizer in a fun night for us that continues after Natalie leaves. It is 4:45pm.

I agree to Janet’s plans, and I tell Natalie and Janet I need to finish up work and will meet them at my car. I walk out, and I leave with Janet as Natalie drives separate. I get in, and I fall on Janet across the space between the seats and kiss her, and I bury my face in her shoulder and cry, and say, I hate you, why do I love you so much? Janet pulls me up, and she wipes the tears from my eyes. She says, I love you too baby, I know you missed me, and she kisses me. I sniffle, and I get composed, and I feel vulnerable. I ask Janet, do you love me? Janet reaches over and rubs the side of my cheek below the eye, to feel a tear drop, and she says, I love you so much baby, it hurts to see you like this. Janet continues, I only do it to keep our relationship vibrant and new.

I see Janet’s point, Janet is a free spirit, and she has readily tossed others aside, even her husband to a degree. I need to accept Janet as Max has, to play with her as she sees fit. I need to learn to appreciate the lesser affections of the others, who we use to fill our passions in between our true heart’s desire. We arrive at the Resort, and the suite has plenty of snacks and food on the bar and I eat, and we drink, and after I shower and put on some lounge shorts and a shirt. Natalie is like a bitch on a leash, and she releases and attacks me with force. This hot little mild-mannered brunette with the big sexy tits and fine landing strip hairy pussy, cute butterfly tattoo, beautiful body creases between her nice thighs and hips, sexy legs, feet, and toes; has a darker bedroom side as she pounces upon me.

Natalie basically rips my clothes off and throws me on the bed like she is raping me. She grabs my pussy and fingers me, and she licks her fingers, and then continues fingering me as she hungrily kisses up my body and on my breasts. Meanwhile, Janet is naked in a chair with one leg up, slowly fingering her pussy and watching the entertainment. Natalie reaches my lips and kisses me deep and vigorously, pulling at me with her hands and arms around me, as if to force me into her body, and I kiss back passionately and hold her. I feel Natalie rubbing her wet pussy on my thigh, and then she scissors me for a bit, and then continues rubbing her wet pussy on the other thigh, and down my legs and running my toes up in her wet pussy.

Natalie works her way back up my legs with her pussy juice painting my body. She continues rubbing it all over my stomach and breasts and my mouth and face. She turns on top of me, and she sticks her pussy in my face, and she begins to eat my pussy and I eat hers. Natalie is lost in lust, and she is exploring my pussy with her mouth, and then she focuses on me and I bring Natalie to orgasm. Natalie rocks and shakes forcing her pussy down upon my face, and I continue licking and rub with my tongue and lips on her clit. She shakes, and she erupts into orgasms one after another. After a few minutes, she resumes full attention on my pussy, and I continue to kiss and lick her pussy real softly. It does not take Natalie long and I explode, and I hold her head tight into my pussy. I shake and I rub Natalie’s head, and I too experience a small chain of eruptions.

Natalie rolls off and wants me to rub my wet pussy all over her as she did to me. When I get to her face, Natalie grabs my hips and sinks her mouth in me deep and washes her face in my pussy wetness. I look over at Janet, and she has closed her thighs on her finger, and she is shuttering her body in delight. Natalie and I begin again with pussy licking, and we bring each other to ecstasy once more. We catch our breath, and when Natalie has calmed down, she grabs me by the hand and leads me into the bathroom. Natalie grabs some towels and lays them in the bottom of the big bathtub, and for the life of me I cannot figure her out.

Natalie gets in the tub and sits on the spread towels and leans against the back. Natalie looks at me, and says, pee on my face. I have never done anything like this, what the fuck is this chick’s kink? I hesitate, and ponder, and she keeps begging me, and before I can decide, Janet steps in the tub and pisses all over Natalie’s face and tits. Natalie rubs it around, and looks at me, and she compels me to do the same thing to her. I climb in, and I position myself, and I force myself to start peeing. When it starts coming out, Natalie grabs me and pulls my pussy into her mouth and licks, and I just force my pee on out. I finish the stream and Natalie keeps going on my pussy, and I fall forward and prop myself with my hands.

Natalie licks and licks, and before I know it, I am getting hot from this nasty bitch, and she face fucks my pussy into an orgasm. Natalie pulls my naked body down across hers, and she kisses me, and I taste her piss covered face. It was salty and smelled of food (and piss), but it was not as bad as I had imagined. Natalie calms down, and she rubs her hands all over her face and body, and I get up and get in the shower. Janet joins me, and soon Natalie too, and Janet washes me all over and my hair.

We get out (I brush my damn teeth and use mouthwash), and Natalie dries her hair and I lie down naked on the bed with Janet, and Janet caress and kisses on me. Natalie finishes her hair, and she joins us naked on the bed. She kisses me and tells me, thank you Amy, I had so much fun, and she kisses me again. I tell Natalie it was different but exciting, and Natalie dresses and says she needs to get home, and she kisses me goodbye. It is 8:30pm.

Janet jumps up, and she reaches in my bag and pulls out my bathing suit, and she throws it at me and says, come on. Janet puts one on too, and we grab some robes and go down to the indoor pool and over to the jacuzzi. Janet makes a phone call, and we set our robes and stuff on a table and we get into the jacuzzi. There are two guys in the pool, and two attractive 30-40 something females in this big jacuzzi. I figure they are the wives of the guys swimming. Janet gets handsy, and she moves to my front and starts kissing and rubbing on me in front of these women. They eye us intently, looking a little jealous of our affection, and after about 15 minutes of this. Janet spots two guys going into a room.

Janet takes my hand, and we grab our stuff, and we wash in the shower room after passing through a room with massage tables and those two guys. Janet does not bother with covering with a towel, and she just walks naked back into the massage area (and I follow), and we lay down on two of the tables where they had placed towels. These two guys massage and rub us with oils, and even turned us over. They did everything but finger and eat me (they rubbed my ass, tits, and side of my pussy lips). This must be the ultimate job for a guy, and these two are probably gay, and it is wasted on them; unless of course, they massage cock. We spend about an hour in there, and get up, shower, and put the robes on, and we return for some fun in the room. It was a passionate night with Janet, and she comes back to the apartment and spends the rest of the weekend with me, and we go out and shop and eat. She leaves late Sunday evening, and I await Janet’s next adventure.

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