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Pizza dare gets hot

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From when we got married at 18 yo my wife loved exposing herself whenever possible. And especially exposing herself to strangers.

When we were dating my wife always dressed very conservative, but after taking some nude pictures of her one night and she got to see how hot she really was she started to get excited at the thought of others seeing her sexy body. At first, it was me showing nude pictures of her to a couple of close friends which led to some threesomes and we even started swapping partners with other couples we met through swinger magazines.

Since we lived in a small conservative town we tried to have most of our fun out of town and would take trips to bigger cities 40-50 miles away. Lynn loved going in stores where she’d let her dress fall open with only a garter & stockings underneath. Or wearing a tube top and letting her tits pop out at the register. There were many other things she’d do like that but what turned her on the most was for someone to be able to see every inch of her hot 5-8, 110lb, 34D-24-35 body and not just get a quick glimpse but to be able to take their time checking her out.

So we started doing things like stay in hotels with room service or where we could order out for pizza, Chinese food, etc. Where the person bringing our order could see her up close and personal. She’d usually wear a garter belt & stockings, high heels, and a totally see-through housecoat opened in front. NO bra or panties. She’d always open the door standing behind it and invite them in so they wouldn’t see her until she closed the door. With them watching she’d take her time getting their money, and always had her purse on the floor under a chair or something so she could bend over with her big tits hanging down and sexy ass sticking up in the air.

Once she had the money she’d walk toward them with her housecoat wide open with her big tits with their huge areolas and her bushy red pussy in full view. I’d always hide in the bathroom or on the balcony where I could watch but where they couldn’t see me. On a few occasions, some of the older guys would compliment her and fondle her tits. But it usually didn’t go further. The younger guys seemed shy and less aggressive. And if it was a girl making the delivery they usually acted like they weren’t paying attention or would compliment the outfit. But there were a couple of experiences that stand out from the rest.

One night when we were in our late 20’s we’d ordered Chinese and a young Asian girl who looked to be 16-17 yo delivered our food. This particular night Lynn was wearing a sexy nightie that rather than covering her tits lifted them up and pressed them together making them look huge. And the panties were crotchless and assless and she had on a pair of spiked heels. And as she’d usually do she had painted her nails bright red and had on matching lipstick & dark eyeliner. Her shiny red hair hanging down to her waist but pulled back so as not to cover her tits.

She let the young girl in and was surprised how bubbly and outspoken this hot little Asian girl was. The girl followed Lynn’s every move and kept commenting on her sexy body and saying how much she loved her outfit. Even going as far as saying how much she liked the way it showed off her fantastic tits. Then saying how turned on she got by girls with red hair. She looked Lynn in the eye and said she hoped she wasn’t disappointed one of the guys hadn’t made the delivery. But sensing something Lynn got a little bolder and said she couldn’t have been more pleased and told the girl she always got turned on by Asian girls, and especially ones as sexy as her.

You could tell they wanted to go at it right there but were both nervous. But when the girl commented on how smooth the material Lynn’s nightie was made of Lynn took this as an opportunity she couldn’t resist. She took the girl’s hand and rubbed it on the material just beside her tits and she could tell by the look on the young girl’s eyes her suspicions were right and moved the girls hand over and placed it on one of her tits. The girl didn’t hesitate and began fondling my wife’s tits. Lynn pulled her head forward and she began sucking on Lynn’s tits.

Lynn pulled the girls top up and in no time had her bra off revealing a very pretty set of tits. They kissed and sucked each others tits. Then as Lynn was undoing the girl’s pants her pager went off. It was her boss, so she called and he was wondering what was taking so long and saying they had more orders. She looked quite disappointed when she said she had to go. They kissed and she straightened her clothes back up. Damn, I’d have loved to have seen things keep going. We rarely had girls make deliveries but that one made up for it.

Another stand out experiences had happened a few years earlier when Lynn was only 19 yo. We’d ordered a pizza and Lynn had laid out a garter, stockings, and housecoat to put on. She was finishing putting her make-up when there was a knock on the door. They’d gotten there in no time. Lynn got ready to put on the housecoat then smiled and said fuck it. She slipped her spiked heels on and answered the door totally nude. As always the guy didn’t see her until he was in the room and she’d closed the door. You could tell he was surprised, but definitely liked what he saw. He wasn’t like the usual delivery guys we’d run into. He looked to be in his mid 40’s and showed no sign of being nervous like the younger guys.

Lynn took her time getting the money giving him a great show and he was really taking it in. And by the way, he was rubbing his cock he was enjoying the show. Lynn was seeing this too and could tell he’d be up for more. We’d ordered extra pepperoni and when Lynn went to give him the money she asked if he brought her extra pepperoni. And before he could answer she said she liked big spicy things like that and could just take them in her mouth and suck out every last drop. By now she was nose to nose with him and put her hand on his belt buckle and said so did you bring something for me to suck on?

She was undoing his belt and he reached over and started groping her firm young tits. In no time she was on her knees sucking his big dick. He finished undressing and got her on the bed and went between her legs eating her pussy, then moved up to suck her tits as he eased his cock inside her. He was fucking her deep & hard and I was so turned on out on the balcony watching I’d pulled my cock out and was stroking it for all I was worth. Soon he’d emptied a hot load of cum in her pussy. And after sucking her tits some more he got dressed and left. And as if putting a cherry on top when Lynn let him out she was standing in the doorway enjoying the cool breeze as they said their good bye’s and 2 young guys came around the corner seeing Lynn naked. And she made no effort to cover-up or go inside. But just let them get a nice long look.

We’ve had lots of experiences of Lynn exposing herself to and seducing people making deliveries, repairmen, salesmen etc. But these are two of my favorites.

Anyone else here like watching their wife expose herself or seduce others while you watch or join in? [email protected]

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  • Reply Fred

    Does Lynn like you to take photos of her sucking and fucking. It’s a real turn-on for my wife and the nastier the photo the better she likes it. 3 guys fill all of her holes especially turns her on just as 5 or so guys surrounding her on her knees with a cock in her mouth, one in each hand and the others with hard-ons. Guys shooting off on her big 40DD tits is another turn-on. She enjoys getting her tits fucked and licks the cum up afterwards. Taking her out and letting guys play with her cunt at the table will bring her off that quick. Then she has to take them to the car for her to suck them off and fuck them if they have a big cock. She likes 8-1/2″ but 9″ is too much. Doing blacks really turns her on and they seem be here more all the time. Not unusual for 5-6 at a time to show up for hours of doing her. They shoot big loads which makes for great photos.

  • Reply Doug

    Sounds like our wives enjoy the same thing – lot of cock. Linda cums a lot – does Lynn do the same? Linda is really a cock sucker and cums off when the guy sticks his cock in her mouth and then again when he unloads in her mouth. If another guy starts fucking her dog fashion while she is sucking cock, she will also cum then. Not unusual for her to cum off 25 or more times in a night when we have a good little suck/fuck party with 5-6 guys – which is often. Came home late last night from business dinner and when I got there 3 guys where doing her and had been for a couple of hours. Making her cunt just the way I like it, Dirty and full of cum. When they got finished and left, I got some of that fablous cunt. She said she had cum off 15 times with the 3 of them. After the great fuck and she told me what they had done to her, I got hard again and she sucked me off and swallowed as usual. She is addicted to cum – according to her it started with her first blowjob in high school. Not knowing what to do when Ed came in her mouth, she swallowed and has been hooked every since. I was about #10 in guys she had sucked off but she has a faint memory of a cock in her mouth young.

  • Reply psiberzerker

    Yeah, that is hot!

    • like2watch1576

      Glad you enjoyed hearing about it.