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Amy Tale/s – Janet’s Game/s

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Sophia is panting and trembling as she jacks on Greg’s big 9” cock, and watching Ken and Greg suck each other’s dick in a 69.

The boys’ sports league basketball season ended after a couple of months, and there was break before more sports against other teams began, like bowling, handball; shit, stuff you play inside because it was winter, I did not really care anyway. We did go snow skiing as a group, and of course, Sophia and Carol are good at that too. Janet had spent one Friday night with me, and we were laying in the bed naked Saturday morning, and the boys were gone playing one of their games, maybe bowling, I think.

Sophia called and wanted to come over, and I told her to come on. I answered the door naked and she followed me back to the bedroom. She saw Janet naked leaning up on her stomach messing with her phone. This was the first time all three of us were together since Janet caught me at Sophia’s house. For the last month I had been going to Sophia’s for one-on-one sex and a couple threesomes with her and her husband Tony. Of course, this was affecting their marriage, and Tony was wanting sex from me, and Sophia was getting tired of it (maybe a bit jealous). She had more to fear than just me now that Tony was adulterous. Tony was also suspicious of Sophia because he had seen me do more with others when he first came to my home; and he was worried his wife might be having sex with others besides me when she would come here too.

Sophia was also concerned about Carol being so suspicious of her spending time with me. Since it was Sophia and Carol that first saw me and Clair getting frisky in the shower on the camping trip. Anyway, Sophia would almost always discuss her problems, and Janet was there for the first time, and this was like blah, blah, blah to Janet. Janet says to Sophia, Amy is not your and Tony’s play toy. Sophia was still dressed sitting on the corner of the bed, and I was laying naked on my back behind Janet on her stomach looking at her phone. Sophia says, I know, I am sorry, I guess I am venting to Amy and she has always listened. Janet says, well, it’s boring the hell out of me.

Janet continued, either your husband and friends accept what you want to do and interact as they can, or they don’t. If you want to keep it a secret, then they need to accept that you keep secrets. If not, you need a divorce and new friends. Blunt Janet, she continued, do you want to eat some pussy or keep belly aching? Sophia made defenses after her scolding from Janet, and then she got undressed. Janet threw Sophia’s ass on the bed on her back, and Janet straddled Sophia’s face looking at her, and Janet fucked her mouth with her pussy, and with some primal passion like she was trying to shut the bitch up by shoving her pussy in Sophia’s mouth. I was still on my back chilling, and Janet looked at me and said, eat this whiny bitch’s pussy.

Janet face fucked Sophia hard until Janet got off, and I ate Sophia’s pussy. Janet then made me straddle Sophia’s face with my pussy. I was facing Janet as Janet scissor fucked Sophia’s pussy with hers. Janet was going mad on my tits and kissing me and humping pussies with Sophia rough. I was also doing the same kissing Janet’s breasts and lips. Janet reached down and fingered my pussy, and told Sophia to, lick that pussy hard bitch, make Amy cream all over your face, and I got off. Janet went in the closet and got my “G” spot vibrator, and she went to work on Sophia’s pussy. Sophia was fucking screaming, and I know she had got off already, but Janet was holding her down and making me hold her down until Sophia pissed all over the place from the vibrator.

Janet turned the vibrator off, tossed it beside Sophia, and said, did you like that bitch? Sophia grabbed me and pulled me down and she was panting and trying to catch her breath and trembling. Sophia kissed me and said, that was fucking amazing. Hell, I thought she was mad and scared and was going to cry when she pulled me down. Sophia totally loved what Janet did, she liked being abused like that. Janet grabbed Sophia’s hand, and we all three went and showered because we were also sweaty and not just piss covered. They helped change the linens and protective cover on the bed, and Janet laid back down naked on her stomach and started messing with her phone again, like nothing unusual just happened. Sophia curled up next to me and I rubbed her head, and she rubbed my breasts, soft pussy hair, and body. Janet said, this girl needs some new cock. We were all naked, and just relaxed for about 45 minutes.

Ken walked into the bedroom and Sophia jumped and covered up with a blanket, and Ken retreated. Sophia’s extramarital encounters had only involved me, and now twice with Janet, and Sophia the homemaker was in panic mode now that Ken saw her naked. Janet said, come on in Ken, and me and Janet laid there naked. Janet said, what do you need? Ken said, I was going to shower. Janet said, is Greg here? Ken said, yes. Janet asked, does he need to shower too (now there are two more full baths and a half bath in this apartment, but the largest shower is in the master bedroom). Ken says, yes. Janet shouts, COME IN HERE GREG, and both the boys are in the bedroom with Sophia cowering under a blanket. Janet says, you two boys go wash each other in the shower and come back to the bed naked. They shower together, which is sort of customary for them, probably washing each other’s cock with their mouth.

They come back in naked and Janet tells Greg to lay down and then tells Ken to, get Greg’s cock fully hard for us. Greg has a 9” cock, and that is a big cock (2” plus bigger than Tony), and it is a good-looking cock too, very, very suckable. I have sucked it several times, and I am not all that excited by giving blowjobs. Sophia whispers to me as she watches Ken suck Greg’s cock, are they gay? I say, bisexual. Janet tells Ken to turn so Greg can suck his cock (Ken’s 8.5” cock is as bigger than Tony too). Sophia whispers, this is really turning me on, I think I like watching guys suck each other. I could tell Sophia was rubbing her pussy under the blanket. I can get off watching Ken and Greg suck each other’s dick, but I don’t get like mouth breathing hot over it, but Sophia was. Janet just kept messing with her phone. Sophia leans down again and says, Greg has a big dick. I sit up, and Janet stops looking at her phone, and Janet looks at me because she knows Sophia has been whispering to me, and Janet can tell by the look in my eyes that the game is on.

I pull Sophia’s blanket off and she is naked again, and she was rubbing her pussy. I lead her over next to Ken and Greg and take her hand and put it on Greg’s cock, and she strokes it while Ken sucks. I take over fingering Sophia’s pussy from behind her, and Janet has moved to the other side, and she is rubbing and kissing on Sophia’s breasts. Sophia is dripping, and I stop and grab a towel and put it under her, then I go back to fingering her soaking wet pussy. Sophia is panting and trembling as she jacks on Greg’s big 9” cock, and watching Ken and Greg suck each other’s dick in a 69. Sophia orgasmed in less than five minutes. Janet pushes Ken away and pushes Sophia’s head down onto Greg’s dick, and Sophia sucks Greg’s hard cock, and she is loving it. I bet Tony has not had a blowjob this good in years, if ever, since they first had sex together as newlywed husband and wife.

Janet takes Sophia’s hand and moves her into a cowgirl position over Greg, and Janet inserts Greg’s cock into Sophia’s trim hairy pussy, and she lets out a very satisfying sigh as she lowers her pussy down onto Greg’s 9” dick. Sophia begins to move up and down and Greg is enhancing the efforts with his own movement. Sophia is sitting up and rubbing one of her breasts with her hand, and the other hand on Greg’s chest. Janet pushes Sophia flat down onto Greg’s chest, and she turns her head sideways and presses back on that cock with her pussy and grinds. Janet leads Ken to Sophia’s ass, and Janet grabs lube, and Sophia sits up and asks, what is happening? It is pretty obvious what was next, but Sophia complains that she has never done anal, and Janet quickly assures her to go back to fucking and she would stop.

We rub and caress Sophia, and she lays back on Greg’s chest, and she resumes moaning and gets going again. Janet goes to the closet and comes back with my small ben wa ball chain. I get behind Sophia, and I start licking her asshole and Sophia looks, but then decides it feels good and lays back down. Janet lubes the bottom ball and I move to kissing Sophia’s ass cheek, and Janet pushes it in, and Sophia goes, ahh, and continues her other moans and pleasure noises. I begin to finger Sophia’s clit. Sophia begins to hump with purpose, and Greg is pushing his cock deep, and Janet pops Sophia’s asshole with the second ball. The pace is reaching a climax, and the third ball breaches, and Sophia is moaning steadily and Greg cums. Greg pulls Sophia’s ass and pussy into the ejaculation and spasms, and his cock throbs, and I finger Sophia’s clit faster, and Janet pulls the chain real slow…pop…pop…pop, and Sophia orgasms and shakes.

Everyone steps back as Greg caress Sophia who is laying on his chest, and she eventually sits up and dismounts. Sophia rolls to her back, and me and Janet work up her body and take turns kissing her until she finally comes to peace. Sophia says, that felt so good, what am I going to do, I can’t tell Tony? Janet says, don’t tell him, if he asks, tell him you had a good time and smile like you are on cloud 9. Sophia says, I am on cloud 9 right now. Greg starts to suck Ken’s dick, and Sophia leans up to watch, and Greg gets Ken to cum and he swallows. Sophia was squeezing me watching them and was getting excited again. Sophia turned to me and said, do you think Tony would do that, I would love to see it? I look at Janet and back at Sophia, and I say, probably not, Tony is too much of a man’s man. Sophia says, I am going to tease him with it in the bedroom and see.

The boys don’t say anything and dress and go play video games, and me and Janet rub Sophia’s naked body with ours, and our hands. Janet asks Sophia, what did you think of Greg’s cock? Sophia says, he is bigger than Tony for sure, and it felt good, and the only other guy I ever slept with besides Tony was in high school, and I am sure he was not even as big as Tony. Janet says, would you like to fuck it again? Sophia is feeling guilty now, and she answers, I don’t know, I did not actually want to cheat on my husband with another man to begin with. Janet asks, would you like a bigger cock than Greg’s? Sophia says, bigger, that was the biggest for me, and it felt really good, you mean you know other guys bigger than Greg? Janet says, oh yea, up to 12” cocks if you want it? Sophia says, I don’t know, and she looks at me and says, you have fucked bigger cocks than Greg’s Amy?

I tell Sophia, yes, I have fucked thicker cocks than Greg and 12” long before. Sophia asks, does it feel good? I say, oh yes, like being totally stretched and filled, and the pressure and the depth has made me orgasm at times. Sophia says, is it someone in the sports league? I say, no, its black men (there are black guys in the league, but I am sure Sophia meant white guys). Sophia sits up and says, you have fucked black guys? I say, yes, and Janet too. Sophia goes, damn, you were right, your world is much different than mine.

Sophia leaves eventually after some more talk, and Janet spends the night again. Sophia starts to become more inquisitive of the things I have done in the coming days, as we text or talk on the phone. I think I will surprise her in the future, but you will have to wait for that in another tale.

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