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Amy Fantasy/s – My Husband’s Brother “Caught”

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This fantasy story is based off Amy Tale/s – My Husband’s Brother, please read that one first.

This is the second posting for my fictional fantasy series. I received comments to talk about certain sex acts, and although I do not have any more real tales – I can, “tell you a dirty story.” The following is a fictional fantasy story based on aspects from my real-world experiences. This fantasy story is based off Amy Tale/s – My Husband’s Brother, please read that one first. Most of this fantasy is true, up to the point of “I did not hear the noises of my husband as he turns the light on and catches me fucking his brother on the couch.” That part is where the fantasy begins. If you like this “fantasy” series and have a scenario you would like me to create, please comment.

My Husband’s Brother “Caught”

I first met my future husband when I was 14 and he was 21. I thought he was cute, and I was a coming-of-age teen, but I would not say it was entirely love at first site; but I did bat my eyes at him. My parents met my husband at this time too because it was at our church, and he was a new member. It was a strict church, and I was basically raised in it. There were less than 50 members, and only one other girl my age. All the boys were either two young, or too old; and the church frowned on marriage, so dating was impossible. The church also promoted homeschooling, and at one time, they had a school for us to attend.

When I turned 16 my parents let me attend the local high school, and besides preschool and the first few elementary years, this was my first time back in a public school. I had my driver’s license and a parttime job. I would lie to my parents about my work schedule. I started dating a boy from the school and would rendezvous with him, and we would have sex. My parents were so strict (and I was young a stupid), that I ran away from home and spent a weekend with my boyfriend at his friend’s house. His friend was there too because his parents were out of town.

I ended up fucking both of them, and I discovered that my boyfriend was bisexual, when I watched them suck each other’s dick (I told you that true tale in Amy Tale/s – High School Threesome). My parents called the police, the school, friends, neighbors, they were desperate to find me. One of my schoolgirl friends let me know my parents were looking for me. I went home Sunday night, and they basically barred the windows and shut me in for the next year. They began homeschooling me again, but I kept my job; but my parents monitored me through the store manager and owners, and they checked the milage on my car all the time.

The other girl my age at the church became pregnant, and the father was a member from the biggest family, and he was 6 or 7 years older than her. It was so scandalous because she was the preacher’s daughter. They tried to cover it up with a marriage ceremony, and the “divine will,” that they were “supposed” to get married, but no one bought it. Especially when her pregnancy started showing a few months later. There were a lot of singles in the church, and because the leadership said this union was directed by divine inspiration, the other singles began asking if there was someone special for them too, in the divine plan.

The crooked leadership dabbled in match making to conceal what happens naturally when a man and the preacher’s daughter has sex. I was matched with my future husband, and my parents trusted him, and they let us date. It was a bad idea for my parents, and they were acting on the advice of the church who guided their affairs down to how to wipe your ass righteously. When you place a girl and a boy alone the inevitable happens, and we started fucking. I was 17 now.

The church’s match making efforts went sideways in a direction they could no longer control. They tried to reign it in by telling members that certain other members were sinners, and they were to no longer let their daughters date them. In my house my mother was the agitator, and she provoked my dad into running my fiancé off, who they approved and arranged for me to date, but he was no longer “sanctified.” This all happened behind my fiancé’s back, and it came down to a confrontation between him and my dad, and my fiancé scared the shit out of my dad, about to beat his fucking head in, and my fiancé gave me the choice of running away with him or staying with my parents. I feared I may never escape if I stayed.

We rented an apartment in my fiancé’s grand aunt’s basement and he continued to live at his place until I turned 18. We married and rented a house in the country, and my husband’s brother started living with us. We lived there for a year, and I have already told you the true tale of how I began fucking my husband’s brother (see, Amy Tale/s – My Husband’s Brother). We eventually bought a house in the city, and one night my husband had to bail his brother out of jail for drunk driving, and he spent the night with us. It had been two years since I fucked my husband’s brother, but the thought crossed my mind again when he showed up.

We were remolding the living room and the downstairs bathroom. The toilet was functional, but the shower was not. Instead of the living room we had a couch and chair in the downstairs bedroom where we watched TV (it was our temporary living room). I was wearing a t-shirt with no bra and knit shorts. My sexy legs, feet, and toes, and my bouncy breasts and poking hard nipples were drawing the gaze of my husband’s brother; and I noticed. My husband’s brother said he needed to take a shower. I jumped up and said, I will make sure the bath upstairs is in order, and he followed me up and my husband kept watching TV.

The upstairs bath was literally a tub and had a showerhead on a hose, but you had to sit. We entered the bathroom and we kissed. At one time we spent a year fucking each other, so we were already familiar. I said, I will go get you a shirt and some shorts to wear. My husband’s brother was bathing when I returned, and I stroked his 9” uncircumcised cock, and I leaned into the tub and sucked it. I could not stay, or my husband would get suspicious, so I went back downstairs and sat on the couch. My husband was sitting in the chair. His brother retuned and sat on the other end of the couch, and he would stare at my legs and feet, and I had turned them toward him onto the couch.

My husband was in a chair behind me as I leaned against the arm of the couch. I went to the kitchen and removed my shorts and panties, and my long shirt concealed this fact. When I returned, I was flashing my trim hairy pussy at my husband’s brother. After a bit, my husband stands and looks at me and says, I am tired, and I still have to work tomorrow, so I am going to bed. My husband lingers and stares at me, and I have folded my knees over, and I am watching the TV. He is waiting for me to say, I will go with you, but I don’t answer him a word. I watch TV like they are reporting war just broke out. My husband says, are you coming to bed? I say, I want to watch this next movie. My husband stalls, and even sits again on the edge of his chair like he needs to go, but I do not budge.

I say, go to bed, I will be up in a bit. My husband is tired, and it is late. They had talked a lot about what happened with the drunk driving, and my husband is usually in bed hours ago. My husband goes to bed upstairs. Our house creaks upstairs when you walk, so I can tell when he is in the bedroom and not moving. I spread my legs and my husband’s brother starts eating my trim hairy pussy, and my pussy is draining excitement, and I start hearing things. There is an upstairs air return vent in the downstairs hall. This is right outside the open door to the bedroom we are using for our temporary living room. You can see into the bedroom from upstairs though the vent if you kneel down. The vent makes a distinctive squeak when you step near it, and I heard it. I jerk my legs shut and go look up at the vent and I hear walking back to the bedroom. Did my husband see us? I forgot about the vent and the door being open, but he could have seen us. I shut the bedroom door and sit on the couch and wait a few minutes listening for creaking.

I hear creaking, and the vent that you can’t avoid stepping near when entering the stairwell, and my husband comes downstairs. My husband opens the door back up and wants to know why it is shut. I say, I did not want the noise of the TV to disturb you through the vent. My husband is not buying it, and he looks at what we are watching on the TV, and he is not buying that I want to watch that either. My husband fusses until I go to bed with him. He falls asleep and I sneak back downstairs, and I start sucking my husband’s brother’s cock, and we begin to fuck on the couch.

I am lost in lust and we are totally naked with no lights or TV on, and I did not hear the noises of my husband coming, as my husband turns the light on and catches me fucking his brother on the couch. I jump to the end of the couch and grab the blanket and cover, and my husband’s brother scrambles for his shirt to cover his crotch. My husband says, I knew it, you are fucking my brother, I could tell you two were staring at each other funny. An argument ensues, and they almost get into a fight. My husband jerks the blanket off me, and I am curled up naked hiding my nudity. My husband says, go ahead, fuck him some more, I want to watch. He continues to incite us to fuck until I am feed up, and I push my husband’s brother down on the couch and take his shorts back off.

My husband’s brother is sitting, and I kneel on the couch and suck my husband’s brother’s cock, and I stare at my husband. My eyes are saying, I don’t even suck your dick this good, as I suck his brother’s 9” cock and rub his balls. I turn facing my husband’s brother and straddle his lap and guide his hard cock into my wet pussy and fuck him. I turn my head and moan and grunt, as I look back at my husband. My sounds and my glares say, your brother has a bigger cock, and I would rather fuck him than your little dick.

My husband leaves the room and comes back and undresses. He grabs the back of my hair and pushes me into his brother’s chest and squirts baby oil on my asshole. My husband drives his dick into my tight asshole, and I scream. I have never done anal and it hurts. My husband pushes and I resist, but he drives his cock to the hilt in my ass as I scream. My husband begins to thrust, and it hurts, the pressure, and there is a burning like I am cut. My husband holds me tight by my hair and uses the other hand to squeeze the soft part of my waist, and he moves me up and down on his brother’s cock, and this hurt too. I am shrieking from pain, from the pulling of my hair, fucking of my ass, and the pinching of my waist as he grips it. I was begging him to stop.

My husband’s brother was already about to cum, and my husband’s motions on my hip, and with his dick in my ass, this causes his brother to cum in my pussy. My husband can tell his brother got off, and my husband punishes my ass even harder pulling my hair and I am screaming steadily and loudly and begging him to stop. His brother’s dick goes limp and slips out of my pussy, and I drip cum on his balls, as I am pinned in his lap and chest. My husband cums in my destroyed asshole, and he pushes it deep and I let out a loud yell in pain. My husband grabs my t-shirt and wipes my shit off his dick.

My husband throws the shirt at me and I am crying. He says wipe your ass and get in the bed. The doorbell rings. My husband puts his shorts on, and it is the neighbor thinking we are fighting. My husband tells him we are not fighting and there will be no more noise. The neighbor wants to see if I am alright. I put my husband’s t-shirt on and go to the door and say, I am fine, we just got a little carried away with our love making.

He leaves, we go upstairs, and I use the bathroom while my husband watches me. I look and there is cum and blood in the bowl from my pussy and ass, and my ass hurts like hell. I rinse in the tub, and my ass burns when I try to rinse it. We go to bed. My husband says, I guess I won’t have to worry about you sneaking downstairs anymore tonight, will I? My husband gets up early and takes his brother home before going to work. I can hardly walk from the soreness, and I start rubbing my asshole with Vaseline.

My husband did not let his brother come over anymore after that until after his brother got married. My husband discovered my secret, that I had begun fucking his brother when we lived together in the first house we rented in the country. My husband and I fought about it, and we finally settled down. I assured my husband that his brother was the only other person I had ever slept with. My husband is trusting by nature, and I convinced him of my honesty. My husband should have wondered why that was the only neighbor that was concerned…

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