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Michele’s mistake continues, pt 2

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After the mistake on Jan 20th, the fifteen and seventeen year old cocks are back for more of my wife’s pussy.

Back in January I told you about Michele’s mistake, (20 Jan 20) where she fucked three black youths, not knowing until after that the twins are only fifteen, and the older brother seventeen. I said not to worry as they will likely never feature again.


On Monday Michele got a text from Seb, (17) saying they should meet on Wednesday. Covid not withstanding, Seb insisted. The pictures taken last time were an insurance.

Michele had me drop her off in town and waited for a car to arrive and collect her. It took her to an old lodge in the country. As the car drove away a door opened and she was called inside.

Seb met her in the hallway and said he and his brothers had gotten bored with the lock down and wanted some fun. Simon remembered Michele and the idea was formed. Seb took her coat and led her to a lounge.

The twins, Simon and Soloman (15), greeted Michele with a large drink, a hug and a grope. Music was playing. Rubbish was talked as more drink flowed, mostly into my wife, the lads sipping lager.

Eventually of course, Michele was being undressed and then fingered, Seb taking the lead. Soon Michele had a mouth on each breast and her pussy, and found herself led to a couch where Seb lifted her legs so her knees were on her breasts, and slid his naked black cock into her now very wet slit. His balls banged on her arse with the first thrust.

Of course the twins had turns fucking Michele, but she had not noticed five more young blacks arriving and stripping, until she was on her back looking up at a totally new face. She exclaimed “WTF”.

Soloman told her they had friends that were bored too, and she was just the sort of slut they were looking for, easy, hot and free. Even as she was taking cock from eight youth full blacks, she had to wonder at the ages of the five new ones. Were they as young as the twins, or heaven help her, younger. She decided she was probably better not knowing.

For hours my wife was used by eight cocks in all her holes. She struggled to swallow big loads of cum, and heard disgusting noises from her quim, and her breasts, shoulders and neck were covered in love bites.

This morning Michele was made to answer the door of the lodge in nothing but her boots, to receive a parcel from a happily surprised driver. He sounded European when Michele asked him if he would like a blow job. This she had to give at the door and a couple of car drivers likely got an eyeful. The driver grasped her head and skull fucked her toward the end, shooting into her throat without asking. He quickly zipped up and left.

Another fuck each and the three boys piled Michele into a car and sent her home. Of course the total slut enjoyed every inch of cock, and has swallowed for me twice today already.
What a slut.

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  • Reply Doug ID:1hr6f15am9d

    Anonymous – You make think what you want but appears to me you are jealous that I fuck anything I want and have my wife do what yours will not. To bad you can’t get her to or we could do the Spit Roast on her and once she gets the double fuck done to her, she would be fucking anyone and everyone. So go stroke off as you think about it and leave the pleasing of the cunts to those of us that know how. Believe me, and I love the gals, but they are all sluts some just don’t know it yet. Start by talking it up with your wife as you use a big dildo in her cunt and see how she reacts – it will surprise you. Next have her ride it while she sucks you off and you talk to her about doing the Spit Roast – it will surprise you how she reacts. In a month she will be ready to do the trick and from there you can get her doing it all and you can do more than read about it.

  • Reply Fan ID:7h6fvqrb

    Lovely slut, good she knows her place.

  • Reply WARREN KEGLER ID:vzgbdem1

    why did your wife wanted little boys when she could have a real man who would have give it to her extremely rough and have plenty of oragsm in every room? text me at (347)949-2811 if the wife want to find out more!

    • Mr Michele ID:2cqb5bdqrd

      We are in the U.K. You seem to be in the U.S. As for little boys, young yes, little, not so much.

  • Reply Anonymous ID:7ylren4k0i

    This Doug guy is so full of shit with his comments it’s unreal.lets do the split roast Doug you fucking loser.you have stupid shit to say to alot of people’s stories

  • Reply Doug ID:1hr6f15am9d

    Welcome to the club – of wives that slut faces and will do everyone they can because they love it. My ex was one of them and got into black cocks 6-10 at a setting. She did 2 at a time so it was not that long of a wait before they got to cum in her mouth or cunt. They took her to a bar one time and she fucked/sucked over 30 guys before the night was over when they stripped her down and put her in a booth available to everyone. She did say she had one sore mouth and cunt the next day. She was a cum addict that drank every drop she could and her current husband lets all that wants to stop by and enjoy her, he eats her pussy when it gets full of cum and takes photos – every body to their own tastes – pun intended. Anyway enjoy you wife..