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Amy Tale/s – He is Good at Everything, but Straight Sex Pt. 2 (Conclusion)

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When Sean pulled out of my pussy, Ken stopped fucking Greg, and he lit into sucking Sean’s cock for leftovers.

I followed Ken to the other bedroom, and we were naked. Greg was sucking Sean, a black guy with a nice 9” to 10” long and fairly thick cock. Greg’s 9” cock was hard too. Ken asked me, how do you want it? I got in the bed on my hands and knees, I looked at Sean, and I said, will you be able to cum? Sean said, yes. I said, fuck me deep and hard, and when you cum in my pussy, go deeper and do not try and pull it out until I say so. Sean said, okay ma’am. Sean reached for a condom, and I said, no condom.

Sean was hard, he was not as thick and as long as Ethan’s 12” black snake, but when Sean went in, I felt it, and I moaned. Sean was almost like other ass fucking bisexuals, but it felt really good, and my noises were a good indication. Sean pounded the shit out of me for about 20 minutes, and he got off, and he did exactly what I wanted, and I fell flat on my stomach and enjoyed the throb of his cock deep in my pussy. Sean never really lost much erection, so I moved forward, and he pulled out.

Ken and Greg had been taking turns ass fucking each other and providing reach arounds. When Sean pulled out of my pussy, Ken stopped fucking Greg, and he lit into sucking Sean’s cock for leftovers. They laid on their sides, and Sean sucked Ken’s 8” plus above average wonder. Greg stuck his cock in my face, and I sucked and licked on it, and I licked his balls while he fingered Sean in the ass. I am not into to blowjobs, but I love sucking Greg’s cock. I looked at the door, and Clair and Trisha were watching us. Greg asked Clair, do you want some of Sean’s cock? She nodded her head, yes. Greg said, well as soon as Ken says it is ready, go to it.

Greg said, what about you Trisha, you want anything? Trisha just shook her head softly, no. I sucked Greg’s cock, and about 10 minutes passed, and Ken said, Sean is hard again. Clair rolled Sean onto his back and cowgirled his dick into her pussy and grunted and fucked. Ken got behind Clair, and poured the lube, and Ken proceeded to fuck Clair in the ass. I got up and peed and used wet wipes and returned. I pulled Trisha into the bed, and laid her beside Sean, and started kissing her, and her breasts, and down her tight body, and started playing with her clit piercing again with my tongue. Eventually I turned, and stuck my hairy pussy in Trisha’s face, and she started eating me and we were in a 69.

Greg moved over, and Sean and Clair we taking turns sucking Greg’s dick, that is, when Clair was not huffing and grunting from fucking Sean’s big black cock, and from getting fucked in the ass by Ken. Greg was mostly getting sucked by Sean, and then Trisha reached over and grabbed Greg’s dick as she ate my pussy and jacked on it. I guess Trish had watched Greg’s 9” cock until she could not take it anymore and wanted to grab it. Greg has a nice-looking cock, and you are almost compelled to want to suck it. I kept eating Trisha and playing with her clit ring, and she moved both her arms to one side of me toward Greg, and she stared sucking his cock.

Clair stopped fucking Sean; I don’t think he was going to cum. Ken stopped too, and Sean fucked Ken in the ass. Listening to guys grunt is not romantic to me, but Ken was grunting from that big black cock in his ass. They were using condoms; I did not want condoms for me. Greg asked Trisha, do you want me to fuck you? Trisha said, yes. Trisha laid on her back, and Greg stuck his 9” cock in her, and it was a tight fit. It was slow going at first, but Greg got a rhythm going in Trisha’s pussy. Greg was using a condom.

Clair moved, and me and Clair kissed and rubbed on Trisha while Greg fucked her. Trisha tried to rub both of us, or one of us, but she must not have had any cock in a long time, and she was almost like a virgin when it came to dick. I asked Greg, can you cum in her? Greg said, maybe, and he focused. Sean stopped fucking Ken’s ass, and he came over and started kissing Greg, and rubbing him, especially his ass (Sean rubbed his cock on Greg’s ass too). It did not take long after that, and Greg ejaculated in Trisha. When he did, I pushed him down on Trisha, and she wrapped her arms around him, and when she relaxed, she kissed him.

The girls were spent, but the Viagra high guys kept doing something to each other. While they kept going, me and Clair walked into the bar area for something to drink, and a snack. We were naked. Trisha went back to the other bedroom and came back out dressed, and said she was going to leave. We hugged her and kissed her, and asked, did you have fun? Trisha said, yes, I am glad I came with you, and she left. Me and Clair sat our asses on the couch. Ken and Greg came in after about 30 minutes and said, are y’all done, and we said, yes. We were tired.

Ken said, is the bed in the other room clean? I looked at Clair and we agreed it was clean, and said, yes, it’s clean. The guys had shorts on, and they were walking around and getting something to drink and someone knocked on the door. Me and Clair got up to go to the bedroom, and Ken said, don’t get up, and we sat back down totally naked. That dumbass opened the door, and in came a female maid and changed the sheets in the bedroom they were in. The maid looked around, but mainly went to the bedroom. Ken tipped her when she was done, and she left.

I said to Ken, I bet you thought that was funny? He said, yes, it was fun teasing the maid with your sexy body. Sean dressed and left. Me and Clair showered and went to bed together and fell asleep, naked. I guess the guys eventually went to sleep too somewhere else. We got up in the morning, dressed, and drove home. I will share more of my adventures with the rump rangers, if I think they are as interesting as this night.

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  • Reply Sam99

    Hey you have decent following for your stories but would like you add a page of your stories in a chronology order🙂

    • Maxdefault

      They are pretty much in a chronological order with the exception of: My Brother and His Dog/s (1st), My Brother’s Wife and His Dog/s (1.5 Years Later), Ebony Lesbian (6 Months Later), Black Cock Wrestling (2 Months Later), Poker Wife (1 Month Later). Also, I did not keep a dairy on my sex life for the past 30 years, or past 6 years when I was divorced. So, I am writing the stories from memory, and sometimes a number of them overlap, but I chose to follow one affair to a stopping point, before trying to talk about another. So, if you go to the author link under Maxdefault, and start with Amy Tale/s – High School Threesome which was my first posting, and read from oldest to newest, that is a good chronology except for the ones I mentioned above. Thanks for commenting.

    • Maxdefault

      Ps. I guess the first six are scrambled too, but that is because I was trying to begin with variety and did not try to deal with chronology.

  • Reply Pirripp

    Hey, really liking your stories, read them all in order! Very descriptive and great content! Hope you keep them coming for a long time

    • Maxdefault

      This was number 39. I am still compiling (and two upcoming ones are fictional), but I am up to 119 so far. Thank you very much for your comment and rating, but especially for reading my tales in order. I am trying to create a biography posting for my sex circle of friends so I do not have to keep describing them in my tales.

    • Pirripp

      I didn’t realise your posts were biographical. I commented one before about getting your dog’s involved again; I thought you were writing fiction! It’s even hotter thinking about this fr. Is there anything you still want to experience, or fantasize about?

    • Pirripp

      With your lust for big cocks, and going back to the dog story – have you consider horses?

    • Maxdefault

      No, my girlfriend would never allow anymore dog or animal sex acts. I know this will start to make sense when she is introduced in the next post. Like I said, this was tale number 39, but story 57, will be fictional, and it is a dog fucking story based on my experience. I could probably write a fictional story about fucking a horse, but I have no experience to base it on. I like fucking big black cock to feel a big cock cum deep in my pussy and throb, and the hands of a man on my body. I can’t say I would feel that from a horse or pony, and I do not really desire to find out. My experiences with dog fucking were born out of desperation more than desire, and I am getting more real world sex now from many lovers…keep reading and you will see!