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Amy Tale/s – BFF, BBC, and Me Pt. 1

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He would have to be totally gay to give up watching me walk around naked, and I have fucked gay men…

This story is a continuation of, Looking for a Big Black Cock, but a different series of events. I am Amy, a sandy blonde milf, with a supple white body, 34dd breasts, and a trimmed hairy pussy that I like to flash because it looks so good. I am going to start focusing on particular instances of my relationship with Ethan and now Emma, his girlfriend. Fucking both of them together really changed the dynamic of my extra marital affair with Ethan and his thick 12” black cock, 6’ 3” muscular build, and handsome appearance. It now became easy to cheat on my husband with Ethan.

Emma, a gorgeous black woman with soft skin, curvy build, 36ddd breasts with pinkish brown nipples and areola, and a clean shaved pussy that tastes, oh so good, became my new BFF. I could now go anywhere with Ethan and Emma and no one would know I was cheating on my husband. After our first threesome, which occurred on a Wednesday night, we all texted or talked on the phone a lot, but we did not have a chance to get together again in person until the next week. Ethan took the next Wednesday off from his work again, and I made arrangements to spend the night. The day arrived, and Emma got off work early, at lunch, and we met at Ethan’s apartment around 12:30 pm.

Michael, Ethan’s black roommate, was there when I arrived. You may remember that I slept with Michael once, before I started fucking Ethan. I was not impressed with Michael’s dick. Michael does not leave for work until around 1:30pm. Michael was there when Emma originally caught me at Ethan’s apartment. At that time, Emma was upset because she had found out Ethan had been cheating on her with me. Now that me and Emma were BFFs, I had found out that it was Michael who told her about me and Ethan. Michael was jealous of me and Ethan, after I slept with Michael that one time. I insulted Michael about the size of his cock in front of Ethan after I found out Ethan was really the big black cock I was looking for.

Michael left the day Emma caught me there, and all he remembers is that she was mad. Ethan told Michael that we all worked it out, but Ethan did not say anything to Michael about our threesome. Ethan, Emma, and Michael were already there when I arrived, Ethan answered the door, and they were all in the living room. I came in, set my bag on the floor, and I walked over, leaned up, and put my arms around Ethan’s neck, and I French kissed him. Michael was standing next to a counter between the living room and kitchen with a look like, what is she doing here? I let go of Ethan, turned, and said, hey Michael, and I went and sat down beside Emma who was on the couch. I was wearing another jean skirt again, sandals, and a shirt. I did not have a bra or panties on, so I flashed my hairy pussy at Michael. Ethan saw me do it, but Emma did not know.

I wanted Michael to be pissed because I was angry about him being a little snitch bitch on Ethan. He was going to find out that his little plan backfired. Emma had on a pair of shorts and a shirt, and I laid my hand inside her thigh and started rubbing (I love her skin, it is so soft), and I leaned into her and said, are you feeling good today Emma? She said, I am feeling real good. I looked back at Michael and smiled, but he could not really say anything, I mean, it’s not like he could just start asking about what was going on with all of us. It is none of his business. So he said, well, I need to get ready for work, and he went back to his room.

Ethan sat down and said, you should not tease Michael like that, if he told Emma because he was mad, what do you think he would do if he found out who your husband is? I said, that little snitch bitch better learn from this. If he tells my husband, I will just say that I was with my new friend Emma, who was with her boyfriend at his apartment, and that punk ass bitch started hitting on me and tried to touch me, and this is his way of getting back at me for spurning his advancements. I know my husband; he will believe whatever I tell him is the truth. Suddenly, it dawned on Ethan, and Emma, just how brilliant my plan was to keep my cheating under wraps. We talked a little bit, and Michael came back and said, I am heading to work, and everyone exchanged cordialities with him, and he left.

I went to kitchen and made a drink, and I came back to the counter between the rooms and sat it down. I turned and faced Ethan and Emma, and I lifted one foot and slid my sandal off slowly, and the other. I had painted my toenails with red polish, and my toes and feet were looking really sexy. I unbuttoned my jean skirt, pushed it a little, and it dropped to the floor, and I stepped out of it. My shirt bottom was waist level, so my trimmed hairy pussy was easily seen below my shirt, and my delicate white skin and sexy legs were a good compliment to the visual. I removed my shirt, and I rubbed my breasts inward against each other and my hands ran across my excited nipples, and down my stomach and sides and around behind to my ass.

I turned to the side and lifted my outer leg slightly onto my toes, and I took another drink, and sat the glass back down. I walked over to the couch, and I took Emma by the hand, and we moved to the middle of the room. She was facing Ethan, and I began rubbing my hands all over her body and walking around her. I always made sure I was looking at Ethan, and he was getting excited, and rubbing his crotch. I got down on my knees in front of Emma, and I ran my hand down the back of one calf and pushed her ankle back and up with the other hand, and I slid her sandal off, and then the other. She’s taller than me, so I stood facing her, and rubbed my breasts up against her, and got on my tiptoes and kissed her, real slow, moving my tongue into her mouth.

Emma began to rub down my naked back and ass, her touch felt so good, and I ran my hands down her back into her shorts, and I pulled them and her thong to the floor and off. I looked up at her smooth pussy and placed my hand inside her thigh, and she spread her legs apart. I stood, drawing my hand up her thigh and across her silky shaved pussy, which had opened with excitement and was wet. I pulled her shirt up and off and bra too. She was still rubbing me, as chance allowed, while I was moving around. We were totally naked, and I walked around her again rubbing her and starring at Ethan, who had already taken his clothes off and sat back down stroking his big cock, which was hard. I looked at that big piece of meat, and I wanted it in my pussy, but I pushed that thought out of my head, and went back to rubbing Emma.

I was behind Emma now, and fondling her breasts with both hands and rubbing my breasts on her back. She was excited according to her nipples. I don’t know if Ethan thought this way, but my white arms, hands, breasts, and legs rubbing on Emma’s ebony body, turned me own. I moved my right hand down her stomach and her smooth pussy, and I pushed my finger in between her pussy lips and felt heat, and wetness, and I rubbed all around. After a minute, her hips were rocking and she was caressing my sides, and panting. I moved her to the couch, and she laid down flat, and I knelt on the cushion behind her head and leaned over and kissed her, and kissed down her neck and shoulder, and grabbed her breasts and started licking. My breasts were dangling in her face, and she did the same to me. I turned and looked at Ethan, who was jacking the shit out of his cock, I could tell he wasn’t going to last.

I moved my head down Emma’s stomach to the top of her pussy kissing along the way, and she lifted and spread her legs, and I pushed my tongue into her pussy and down to the top of her ass, forcing all that juice out as I went, and I licked my tongue into my mouth, and closed, and swallowed. She tasted so good. My legs were across Emma’s face and she was rubbing my ass, so I spread them, and pulled my legs over to her sides and set my pussy in her face. I was fucking wet, and my pussy juice had already forced its way out and was running down the crease between my ass and thighs. Emma pulled me down tight, and she put her whole mouth around my pussy, and I felt her long tongue go inside me, and it felt really good.

We went to town on each other’s pussies, and we were squeezing each other’s ass. I saw Ethan get up, and when he returned, he had a towel. My mind wondered to Ethan again, and I was afraid he was going to get off. I brushed it away and went back to focusing on Emma. We were eating each other for a bit, each of us moaning and building in pleasure, then I heard Ethan grunting and knew why. I just went back to eating the shit out of Emma’s pussy, and we got each other off. I turned around and laid between Emma’s legs and we were hunching our pussies against each other and kissing.

We both turned and looked at Ethan, and I said, did that excite you. He said, yes, I got off. I said, I know, I heard you, I guess we are going to have to get you hard again. I don’t want to yada, yada this story, but I want to get to another good part. So, we all went to Ethan’s bed, and me and Emma sucked his dick together and took turns rubbing our pussies in his face while he ate us. He eventually got hard again, and we took turns letting him fuck us, while we ate each other’s pussy. I was eating on Emma, and finally Ethan got off in me, and after a week without that big cock of his, it felt good throbbing in my pussy. It was around 5 pm. We got up and me and Emma took a shower together, and while Ethan showered, we got dressed. We left and went to a restaurant and ate dinner. We walked around and got back to the apartment and sat down and had some drinks. I got a good buzz going, and we all returned to the bedroom for another session.

We fished another sex capade around 11:30pm, and I knew Michael was home, because the TV was going. We were laying in the bed, and I asked Emma if she would go with me to bathroom and to get something drink. She said okay, and we got up. I was walking to the door and looked back, and Emma was starting to put clothes on (we were still totally naked), and I said, don’t get dressed. Ethan sat up on his elbows and said, you need to stop teasing Michael. Emma looked at Ethan, and then looked back at me, and Emma said, are you wanting to walk out there naked? I said, yes, come on, it will be fun. She looked at Ethan, still clutching her clothes, and she said, should I do it? He laughed shaking his head and said, y’all do whatever you want.

I walked over to Emma, took her clothes out of her hand, and laid them down, and grabbed her hand and said, come on. Sure enough, Michael was sitting in the chair that looks down the hallway, I was in front and watching Michael watch us. We went into the bathroom and did our business. Emma was being all nervous, and wanted to just go back to the bedroom, and I said, let’s go to the kitchen, trust me, it will excite you. We came out, and we walked into the kitchen area. On my way through, I said, hey Michael, and he just nodded his head at me watching intently. I fixed a drink, and so did Emma. Now the kitchen opens into the living room with a counter separating them. The chair where Michael was sitting now had its back to us. I looked across the living room, and on the table next to the couch was my phone.

I walked through the living room to the table, and picked up my phone and turned around, I took a few steps into the middle of the room, and stopped, and I started checking my phone. I was facing Michael, and my tits and trim hairy pussy were about 5 feet away in line with his eyesight. I pretended like there was nothing more interesting than my phone. Michael said, could y’all wear some clothes when I am home? I looked up at him, and I said, I’m sorry, does this bother you? Emma was standing behind the counter with this amazed look on her face, Michael could not see her. He said, yes, it does bother me. I said, does it gross you out? He said, no it doesn’t gross me out, it is just stimulating.

I said, stimulating how, do you want me? He looked at me disappointingly and said, you know what I mean. I said to Michael, do you want to fuck me? He repeated his previous gestures, and said, it is just stimulating, okay, I am a guy, you obviously know what it means to stimulate a guy. I said, if you want, I can sit over on the couch and rub myself while you jack off. Every time I am here you never have a girlfriend over. How do you relieve yourself?

Michael started rubbing his head nervously, but the whole time, he kept staring at me. He stopped talking and Ethan had entered the room in his boxers. Michael looked over at Ethan and said, can you get her to wear something. Ethan looked at me and said, Amy, maybe you should come back to my room or get dressed. I walked over to Ethan, leaned up to his side, and rubbed my hand across his crotch, and I said, please let me walk around naked, it excites me, it excites you doesn’t it? He said, I don’t have a problem with it, but it bothers Michael. Now Emma had postured herself like she was covering up, but she was still behind Michael, in the kitchen.

I said to Michael, see Ethan said it was okay. You sure you want to pass on jacking off, if you want, maybe I can get Ethan to fuck me with his big cock while you watch. Michael got up, and he went to his room without saying anything else. I said, happy fantasies. Ethan fussed at me for teasing Michael, and said, Michael pays have the expenses here, if you keep this up, he is going to move. I sat down on the couch, and I said, relax, there is no way Michael would move. He would have to be totally gay to give up watching me walk around naked, and I have fucked gay men, and Michael was barely better than a premature ejaculator with my hot body.

Emma walked around the corner of the counter feeling a bit like a fifth wheel, and she laughed and said, Amy, you are crazy. I laughed and said, it was fun, haven’t you been having fun? Emma said, it’s certainly not boring. We went back to the bedroom after some more talk, and all three of us fell asleep. Emma had to be at work at 8am, so we got up, she showered, we all dressed, and me and Emma left. My relationship with them is still ongoing, and I have many more Amy Tale/s of various categories. There is another episode I want to share in this relationship, so check out Amy Tale/s – BFF, BBC, and Me Pt. 2. (Orgy).

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