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How my family made me a cumslut pt 7

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A horny hike with a friend, then made him into the worlds best sissy

This takes place about 6 months after, my whole family stopped being as sexual but still had an orgy about once a week, my mom now was more free time with all the money she got from suing my dad and his company, she has been vary supportive of our sexual activities

Im 12 now and going to school, its a differnt kind school where im gone mabye 2 days a week, ik its weird, i made a friend named sean, he was soooo cute i wanted him as soon as i saw him

Near my house we have some pretty big mountains but their safe for a 12 to hike, me and sean decide to have a hike to the top and have lunch, i was so happy i was finaly spending time with him,

We start the hike and casualy flirt the whole way up, i come up with a bs exuse and get him to carry me the last few hundred feet, when at the top i kiss him on the cheak and hop off

I look back and hes as red as a dogs dick a smile and wink, which just makes him more embaressed

We sit next to eachother and eat our lunch, at the top we can see out whole city, i lay my head on his shoulders which makes him hard

“Oh? Whats this?” I poke at his boner

“N- nothing!!” She scrambles to cover it up

“Its okay, i know my effect on you guys” i smile seductivly and reach for his bulge, i start to rub it

He soflty moans, which makes me wet, i lay infront of him and take off his pants, his dick was so cute too! It was small, but toned and girthy,

I plop the tip between my lips and lock eyes with him, which makes him moan louder, which makes me horny-er i take all of his 3 incher in my mouth and suck like ive never sucked before, he moans loud and cums really fast, i swallow all of it,

I push him back and slip off my panties, he stares in awe as i tease him by rubbing my pussy on his cock, i smile and drop onto his dick, he moans super loud, im scarred someome which catch us, but that just makes me wetter, i bounce up and down on his tiny dick, we both cum after mabye 2 mins of fucking, which was super fast for me, this boy was somthing else, we lay there for a minute before chatting packing up and heading down to town,

I head home where only my mom is home, shes on the couch with a 7 inch dildo in her pussy while moaning

“Hey mom!”

“Oh hey sweetie wanna help me here?” I get excided and slide my shorts off and cross our legs, we scisser for about 5 mins before we both cum

I catch my breath and tell her about sean, and how i took his virginity

“Aw sweatie thats wonderfull, you should call the boy over to celebrate” i call him over and he’s egger to come!

I lead him to my moms room where she is laying face down with her ass in the air, my mom is beautiful and has the most best ass ive ever seen,

“Hey honey, i heard about your adventure today and wondered if u wanted to celebrate?”

Hes red again, i pull down his shorts from behind and lead him forward to her ass i rub his cock agaist her pussy and they both moan, i slap him on the ass and push him into my mom, they moan and moan before he comes in her pussy

He falls on the bed tired, my mom goes to her drawer and pulls out a 3 inch dildo this is good for a first timer, my eyes light up as she spreads his cheaks

He starts to freak but she calms him

“Its ok its ok baby, ur little ass is cute so clean” she lube’s up the dildo and pushes it in slowly,
He moans and groans but i can tell he’s in love

My mom starts to fuck him with the dildo he starst moaning and cuming, he was cuming for longer then ive ever seen

“Ooh yeah, were gonna make a sissy out of you” we fuck him with 4 different dildos and split roast him with strapons

After a few hours me a sean head to my room while my mom heads to bed

Me and sean fucked like rabbits both cumming 10+ times that night, we slept together and he left in the morning

We have a sleepover about once a month now, its amazing

Hope u all liked this tale i sure did lol many more to cum, stay tunned

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