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Male to Male. Dog to Teenager

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My parents got a dog for personal reasons but he sure is one jumpy canine.

His name is Puma and is in that small to medium dog size category. And because of that he moves around like a fox, seriously it’s like if he stands in one place his paws will get tired in half a minute.

Now that you can get somewhat of a picture of him it’s time for what really matters.

This happened during the week before my first day of school. My mom wanted me to be “already prepared” for the problems and new rules I had to face, which in all honesty wasn’t a bad idea. School could have been more stressful since I just got back from living three states away with a relative and I probably wouldn’t have been typing this.

Covid-19 gave kids a more than deserved break but my parents didn’t get that. This began on Monday and they had to go to their jobs. After we waved and say goodbye I gave it a few minutes before letting Puma out of his cage. They didn’t want him out of the cage but hey he’s already potty trained so I don’t have to worry about a mess like that. But not to take and risks I played with him on the hard wood floor where we kept him in. It’s not a large but neither small room that seems to be fit for dining. So I started to play with him as usual, toss his ball against the wall, hide the squeak ball from him and watch as he stops every-time. Then when I got to belly rub him my hand thats lower on his belly touches his sheath.

May I remind I already had a fetish for dogs but I didn’t start liking dog dick when I made that last story. Penetrating bitches was all that I liked about back then. But ever since I started fingering myself and knowing more about zoophilia or beastiality I started to like getting fucked by dogs. The women seem to enjoy it on the videos.

I wanted to stroke him to see how big he was so I did. As I moved my hand closer I kept watching him which he only stared at me, and when I finally touched it he didn’t even do anything. I began stroking it and he started panting a bit faster so I continue it. To my surprise it was working, his red canine dick was coming out. Not long it was already fully erect. Though it wasn’t a decent size. I shouldn’t complain though cause if it were any bigger I sure as hell would get a new hole.

I moved away and he got up, panting heavily. Though this is expected to happen. Sure I was excited to possibly fucked for the first time but this was a dog. No matter what size you can’t stop them once they already get in the mood. I could have gotten lotion since I used that when I finger myself but I was afraid it might cause some harm to his penis. I didn’t want to feel pain but at the same time I wanted it so badly. Screw it, it’ll only hurt the first few thrusts but I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

As I tried to take off my clothes he’s already getting on me and humping me. I thought I was the desperate one. I kept pushing him off and managed to get it all off. I got on my hands and knees and presented myself to him. My heart was racing as I waited for his fast pounding. I felt him get on top of me and try putting it in. I could feel his pre-cum touch and flow down on my cheeks and taint. I was hoping more of it could at least move down my asshole to act as some sort of a lubricant but rarely any did. Then all of a sudden he found his way in.

One rough thrust and he got at least two inches in. “Ah!” I yelped out. It was more pain than loving it since I didn’t have any fucking lubricant to help him slide in better. But that pain was being overcome by pleasure, eventually there was barely any discomfort. “Mmmm oh fuck~!” I said out loud. I couldn’t keep my lips closed since moans and words kept wanting to break out. “Good doggie! Aaah~!” I felt like a major slut and honestly it felt so good to think of that. Puma wasn’t a big dog but he was amazing at thrusting, no human man could compete against this canine beast. For some reason I had my tongue out and starting panting like a dog. I knew what I was doing but didn’t care to stop and instead let my thoughts happens as my dog pounds me mercilessly. I put my head down on the floor and keep moaning out and saying words such as, “Aah~ Fuck me good, Puma! Don’t think about stopping- oh god yes~!”. I could feel my fully erect cock throbbing hard. No hands and I think I was already oozing out pre-cum at that point.

I didn’t know how long it took for him to cum because he would sometimes stop here and there but surprisingly soon after he start spurting his own cum inside me I started cumming hard as well. Thank god I choose to stay on the wood floor because the outcome would have been horrible if we moved over to the carpet. Then I suddenly remember. Dogs have knots. I didn’t even realize he put it in, I guess I got my head wrapped around the first great experience with a dog. Took only a few minutes before he could pull out, good thing I knew I had to relax when he did so it’ll be easier. It hurt but not near as him putting it in. Some of his cum got out and I was left with a small gaping hole. Imagine if I had Sammy as my first timer, may I remind you he was already a full grown german shepard. He started licking his own cock, I wanted to try to do it myself but I also didn’t feel like doing anything after what just happened. Maybe another time I will try.

I knew I could lay naked for long so I gave myself a few minutes before getting some paper towels and cleaning up the mess before putting my clothes back on.

Would I do it again? Hell to the yes!

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  • Reply AP

    If you make sure and use a water based lube then he will be fine. Also if you work him up with a handjob or sucking him he will pre-come quite sufficiently to lube any hole that you want to have him fill.

  • Reply Gabe

    Very hot made me cum!