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My lil sister

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My lil sister misty just turn 10 a week ago. She really mature for her age. You ever seen the show called “drake and josh”? She that kind of mature. She know alot more then I did at that age. Where she learned it from?? I have no freaking idea. Anyways I’m jason. Im 17. We both love with our mom. She works two jobs. So I watch misty about 90% of the time. This is where the story begins

So one day I went out to go drink at a friend’s party. It was on a Saturday night at 11 I think. I didn’t bother to tell misty because she was already a sleep. I planned to be gone 3 hours tops. Mom dont come home till 5 anyways.

When I got home misty was awake. I started to freak out a lil. I told misty I was gone for 15 mins. She then asked me then what about the other 2 and half hours ?? So I told misty the truth. Then started to beg her not to tell me mom. She said she wouldn’t. I had to ask really ?? She shock her head yes.

A week went by. Misty hasn’t told mom a thing. I started to tell misty she was the best. All she said was thanks but I want u to do something for me okay. I said ok.

She tells me take off my clothes.

“No misty”

You really don’t have a choice in the matter bro.

“Why on God green earth do you want me take off my clothes for”?

I wanna see what a real life dick look like.

“1. How you know what it look like? 2. Your my sister. 3. Your way to young”

Do it or I’m tell mom what u did last week.

“If you tell her that. Ill tell her what u said”

Who do you think she gonna believe in this situation? All I gotta do is give her some tears eyes and say you been trying to touch me for a few weeks now.

All I could do is take off my clothes and show her my penis.

Its alot bigger then most penis I seen.

” we good now?? We all done?”

I want you to become fully hard now. I really wanna see how big it is.

“Nooo. I already took of my clothes. This should be enough”

I promise this is the last thing. Then we are done.

“Fine. Ill go watch porn and show u real fast.

She grabs my arms and drops to her knees and places her mouth on my cock and starts to suck on it. Making it grow to 8 inchs. Popping out of her mouth. Wow that is big she says.

” were done right?”

Nope she says with a smile.

” im not doing this any more. It’s so wrong”

You really don’t have a choice now do u. I put a camera in the lil spot as she point to it. Now she really would see what u made me do.

Ik what u r thinking. Why didn’t u just grab the camera then ?? U will know why later. Anyways


She put it back in her mouth and start to try to take all 8 inchs

“Stop, im cum soon”

To my surprise she stops as she bends over and lays doggie style. Come fuck me big brother. I wanna see what it feels like to be fucked.

“What on earth gotten into you misty”

Don’t worry. You will know later. Now come fuck me or mom will hear and see EVERYTHING!

I get behind her as I line up my cock with her pussy lips and start to easy it in lil by lil.

Oh come on you pussy boy. I want to know what it like to be fucked. As she pushes back all the way down on my cock. Making it all go inside her at once.

FUCKKKK IT HURTS as she screams. Fine if you dont want to fuck me. Ill fuck my self with this big cock.

She pushes her back, back and forth trying to fuck me harder and faster.

Oh that feels alot better now. Doesn’t hurt as much any more. Im take this big dick until u cum in me big bro. Im fuck u any day I want too now. Your gonna be my bitch now. I love this big dick. Ohhh fuck as she moans.

I start to cum about 5 mins in. I try to hold it. Not giving in of what she wanted.

Ohhh fuck. U just cummed alot big man. You better hope I don’t get pregnant. As she finally gets on her two feet.

Wanna know what funny big boy??

“What ?”

She grabs the camera. It was only a plastic toy and if you did try to grab it. I would of hit your balls and beat u with a bat or something.

“You fucking bitch” I yell

Oh shush. Were gonna fucking again before mom come home

” fuck you! Nooo I’m not. Your a rapist, forcing me to do things I don’t wanna do. Now u got no proof. So I’m not doing shit.”

Your forgetting one thing now big boy

” what that”

My pussy is stretched out. I’m no longer a virgin. She gonna wounder who done that. She know we’re home alone all the time. So who u think she gonna think of first?? YOU! Plus when I add tears when I tell her you did it. Gonna be a very bad day for u. She will 110% believe me. sad part is, its all true. I don’t even gotta lie this time. So your gonna do what I say if you know what good for u jason. Now Let’s get u hard again hehe

2 ???

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    Part 2 yes hell yes

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    I love the twist of this! Yes more please!

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    Part 2 please u making comed

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    I am so jealous of you i would love to be slave of a girl and yes i will not say no for part2

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    Part 2