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I raped Big Sis

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Hi, it’s Maria’s brother, Thomas. Today I’ll talk about how I made my older sister my sex slave. (Story is only a fantasy)

My sister was 22 while I was 12 years old. I’ve always been the problematic kid at school especially now that my body was changing.

Even at home I would yell for no reason or do a lot of mischieves. I wouldn’t listen to our parents and when Maria would try to talk to me sometimes we were in good terms but most of the time I would call her a bitch or insult her. I’ve started to be even more into anything sexual and I would slap her ass or suddenly grab her breasts. She would just yell and blush before going in her room.

I have been masturbating a lot thinking of my sister. I saw her naked a few times when she would change in her room, her breasts were small but I didn’t care since it was the first time I had seen a real naked woman. Her ass was big and plump and her pubic was hairy. I always thought women weren’t hairy down there but I guessed I was wrong.

There was a day, she wasn’t home and I took the chance to sneak in her room and take one of her panties, a white one before thrusting my cock in it. I’ve wanted to fill her room of my sperm and now I was cumming in her panties.

Today I decided to fuck my older sister. My parents were gone for their companies events and the home was only for us until tomorrow morning.

I walked upstairs just in time to see my sis bending over to take something from the floor, just having a oversized shirt and her panties on and my feet moved on their own, I was already behind her, taking her hips and roughly grinding my hard dick against her clothed ass.

She moaned suddenly, looking back to me while I kept thrusting against her trying to get off. “What are you doing ?!”

I groaned before she pushed me away, looking shocked, now on the floor.

“It’s your fault for acting like a slut,” I retorted before taking handful of her hair, “now you better take care of the consequences.”

She struggled, “Let me go !” trying to free herself from my grip but I was stronger than her and I shoved her against my bulge.

“Suck my cock sis,” I ordered her but she refused. I pulled down my pants and boxer, slapping her face with my dick, “be a good little bitch and suck me.”

She tried to push me away and I decided to push her against the wall, she moaned in pain and I roughly shoved my cock in her mouth.

I groaned, “Fuck your mouth’s so hot,” I started fucking her mouth rapidly not letting her the chance to breath, hands gripping tightly her hair. I pulled on it and pushed her, controlling her every movements, “you like that sis ?” I looked down at her who was already crying, saliva dripping from her chin and gagging non stop.

I smirked and shoved my dick as deep as possible entering the tip in her throat and keeping her face pressed against my pubic. Her eyes rolled back, face red and I pulled out my cock looking at her coughing, trail of saliva falling on her shirt. I didn’t give her more time, throat fucking her fast and deep, enjoying the noises she was making.

I was about to climax so I forced her to take it deep, “Drink it bitch !” Before cumming inside and she was forced to swallow.

I pulled out my dick while she panted. She tried to escape but I had already locked the door. I roughly yanked on her hair and threw her on her bed, her back against the mattress. I quickly gripped her wrists and started thrusting my hips against her clothed pussy.

I smirked when I heard her moan, her body trembling, “enjoying being raped by your little bro, sis ?”

She shook her head, trying to free herself in vain, “Let me go Thomas.”

I opened her shirt and I was surprised to see she didn’t wear any bra. I smirked. “You really wanted me to fuck you.”

“No- ah !” She moaned when I pinched her nipple while biting the other one slowly.

I let go of her wrists, grinding against her pussy and playing with her nipples, twisting them and licking them. She would moan and jolt up not even fighting back.

I started touching her pussy, her panties completely soaked wet and I looked up to her, “You’re so wet, you like being used like the good little whore you are, don’t you ?”

She blushed and looked away. I torn her panties and slammed in her pussy. She screamed in pain, looking at me pounding her hole, her breasts bouncing at every thrusts.

I was a bit disappointing to find out she wasn’t a virgin, “how many guys fucked you, uh ? You’re such a slut asking for it !” I took her by her hips and increased my pace.

She moaned, “I’m not a- ah ! A slut !” She whimpered when I pinched her nipples hard.

“Don’t lie little bitch ! Who fucked you ?” I pounded deeper and touched her sweet spot which made her arch her back.

“The two kids I have been babysitting !” She moaned out, crying.

My eyes were wide open, “You like being fucked by kids ? Fucking cunt slut !”

She moaned louder, sweats covering our bodies, “No ! They forced me !”

“That’s what you deserved for acting like a bitch ! Of course you’ll get raped, it’s your fault !” I fucked her pussy faster, wet noises could be heard as my hips hit her ass repeatedly.

“Please stop !” She cried but she wasn’t fighting back looking at me abusing her.

“It’s your fault for not being cautious ! Stupid slut, don’t wear those clothes if you don’t wanna be gang banged and creampied !” I growled at her.

“You’re going to be my sex slave now, or everyone at school will know you’re just a bitch in heat !” I told her and she whimpered, nodding her head.

I suddenly flipped her, pressing her face against the mattress before plunging back my cock where it belonged. I snapped my hips faster while her cries were muffled. I yanked on her hair forcing her to arch her back.

She seemed to understand I was on the verge of cumming, quickly pleading, “Please don’t cum in me !”

I slapped her ass multiple times, “Too late I’m going to breed you ! It’s your fault for being like that !”

“No please ! Don’t make me pregnant !” She cried in pleasure. “Thomas ! Ah ! Ah !”

“Call me master for now on dumb slut !” I made sure to go as deep as possible, raping her tight pussy.

“Master !” She screamed and I climaxed, filling her pussy of my sperm, she squirted hard, her body trembling.

I slowly rode out my orgasm making sure my sperm reached her deepest parts before pulling out, she slumped on the bed almost passed out.

“Good slave.”

Now she understood where she belonged.

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