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my family

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So have you ever regret anything?? Wish you wouldn’t have done that ? Wishing you could do anything to take it back??

Well this is not one of thos time. Hear is the story of how I raped my mother and sister

I’m start this off saying I’m a very horny teenager. Im 14 years old. My mother is 38 and my younger sister is 10. I would jack off to them or any other women I found hot. I used to love reading about rape incest storys. How the brother or dad would fuck their mother and sisters, even daughters.

I decided to come up with a plan. Only thing I haven’t decided yet of who I was gonna rape first. I just flip a coin to see who it was. It was my baby sister. I smiled cuz I really care who it was.

So when I my mom went out to eat with a few friends. I had to watch my baby siter. Her name is missy. I asked missy if she know how babys are made. She shook her head yes.

How do you know missy??

I asked one or my friends older sister.

What did she say??

That it feels great but it hurts at first for girls

I’ll love to try it with you

Nooo. Your my brother

Come on. Tell you what. If you let me fuck you. Ill buy u ive cream and any thing u want.


Yes, really missy

I take her hand in my room. Your not allow to tell anyone okay


First I want you to u button my pants and pull my zipper down with my boxers

Okay brother

As she start to pull everything down. My boner pop out and hits her in the face

Its to big. Look nasty too

Idc. You agree to the deal. So your gonna take all 8 inches in you. Start to grabs her clothes and rip to them off roughly. Tears running down her facing. Saying I no longer wanna do this. Plz stop

You been teasing my long enough with your sexy ass lil body. Im fuck you until I cant fuck anymore. If u think of telling anyone. Ill kill you missy. Forcing her on all force as i rub my big dick against her pussy lips. Dont move to much or it will go in your ass lil slut

She cries even harder. Noo plzz noo. I smack her in the face and telling her shut the fuck up. Your gonna take all 8 inches im starting to push my head in. Telling her: god damn your fucking tight i love you when scream and cry.

Pushing more into. Pushing threw her Heyman and tearing it. Having no remorse for my Acton. She lays as i start to pound all 8 inchs into her. Feeling like its going into her stomach. She doesn’t even make a sound. As I keep pumping my dick into her. Calling her a dirty slut and nasty ass whore. Im fill this pussy up with my cum. Im keep pumping it into u all night.

After about 10 mins of just fucking her all different aways sometimes making her cry again. I finally realized my baby maker into her. Telling her don’t move. I wanna take a pic of this memory we made

We fucked a few morn times that night. Shoving my 8inch down her throat.

I finally let her go to sleep. My mother came home with a random guy. Prob a one night stand. After a few mins I started to hear them fuck. I got so pissy. That I woke up missy by shoving my cock into her tiny virgin ass. Telling her dont make a sound. Taking out my anger on her ass while I hear my mom getting fucked. So I fucked missy even harder.

Part 2 ???

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    Don’t you proofread anything? Spelling, and sentence completion is poor!

  • Reply kary

    did she get prego

  • Reply Vigilante

    Hope you sleep with your eyes open

  • Reply F.B.G.M.

    yes part 2. keep going its getting good

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    Add me on snap @chandlerhurt

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    Good 1

  • Reply Mitchel

    I fucked my sisters. One time and cum in marys cunt hole i

  • Reply Derkling

    Would love to read a part 2, would you be down to chat I have a few questions about how about doing this myself and maybe we could fool around a bit. My Insta is d3rkling if you want to have some fun.