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My brothers bully

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When I was 15 my younger brother had a bully. He beat the shit out of my brother more than once. He was my age so I tried talking to him. He pushed my up against the lockers, ran his fingers under my skirt and said if I interfere again, he would fuck me in my fat ass. I was chubby but certainly not fat. I was pissed and told my dad what’s been going on. My dad said we would go talk to this kids parents. We pulled up to a trailer park and they were outside him and his dad. The dad invited us in and at first the conversation was going well. Then it went south fast. My dad said something rude to the bully. His dad yelled at my dad. My dad threatened if the bully ever touched under my skirt he would kill him. The dad said what was my dad gonna do and grabbed my ass. My dad took a swing and got hit in the face with a pistol. My dad was conscious but bleeding everywhere. The bullys dad pointed the gun at us and told his son to touch me again how he did. I got tense when hey put his hand up my skirt. He told me to take my shirt off or my dad gets another beating. I was crying when I took it off. He said no wonder why his son touched me, I was hot. He asked if I wanted to suck his sons dick and I said no. He punched my dad in the face. I told him okay just don’t hit my dad anymore.

I undid the bullys pants and sucked his dick in front of everyone. His dad walked over rubbing his dick and told me to take his out too. My dad and brother watched me suck both of them back and forth. His dad sat on the couch next to them and turned me around. He pulled my underwear off and lifted my skirt. He spread my pussy open and laughed asking my dad if he knew his little girl wasn’t a virgin. It was so fucking humiliating. He said so I guess my dad wouldn’t mind if he did this. He pulled my ass down and my pussy onto his dick. He used my tits to bounce me back and forth from his son. He told me to taste my juices. I was switched and the bully was fucking me now. Soon after he said he was going to cum. His dad got up moved me so my arms were over my dad. He wanted us face to face while his son came in me. My brother didn’t know what the hell to do and was probably scared. He came inside me with his dad patting him on the back. My dad said something and got hit again. I was told to take my dads dick out.

I was mortified. My dad couldn’t do anything. The dad put his dick back in me and pushed my head down. I was all slippery from the cum and it made my pussy feel good. I hated myself for that. He yelled at me to suck and put the gun to my dads head. I had no choice. I sucked my dads dick until he was hard. He asked my dad if I sucked a good dick or not. My dad didn’t want to say the wrong thing so he said I was doing great. I was getting fucked so hard and moaned. He asked if I was gonna cum and I said no. He lifted me by the waist and fucked me harder. My feet were dangling and it made me choke on my dads dick. I was moaning uncontrollably. He asked me again and I nodded. With one hand around my waist he kept me lifted and pulled me by my hair. He told my dad to watch his little girl cum. I couldn’t help it. I had a big orgasm with my eyes closed. I couldn’t look at my dad or brother. He taunted my dad telling him he was going to get me pregnant and how I had the tightest cunt ever. He grunted and I felt him filling me up with cum. My dad looked down at me sucking and said he was so fucking sorry. I didn’t know what he meant until he put his hand on my head, threw his head back and came in my mouth while my pussy was filled. The dad thought this was the greatest thing ever. My dad finished and looked me in the eyes and I swallowed a big gulp of cum.

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    Very different but very good indeed

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    Did he get you pregnant?

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    Rape tag

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    Very different.