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raped by the scout leader

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My first camping trip with the scouts stuck sleeping in the scout leaders cabin

We arrived at camp and everyone was calling their bunk Mr being the youngest of course I was the last to get one only problem was there wasn’t anymore.
The scout leader said I could bunk in with him I reluctantly agreed and put my things in the leaders cabin. We all were doing projects for most of the day until supper we had beans and hotdogs after we cleaned up we sat around the fire and made smores..
We all got ready to shower and get ready for bed the leaders cabin had its own shower so I didn’t have to wait.. I got naked and got in soaping myself up when the shower door opened and the leader got in saying it was just to conserve water he was a tall muscular guy I couldn’t help noticing his cock was huge 9 inch and really thick I rinsed off and was trying to get out when he pushed me to my knees and forced his enormous cock into my mouth I didn’t know what to do so when he told me to use my tongue and suck it I didn’t hesitate for fear of getting hurt he kept pushing in until he was at my throat I could still see 5 inches outside of my mouth.
The next thing I knew he grabbed the back of my head and forced his cock into my throat my nose up again his pubes he started fucking my face with speed and forcing every inch inside I felthis cock swell even bigger and couldn’t breathe almost passing out as he started shooting hot liquid down my throat I thought he was peeing but he was saying that’s it drink my cum ..
I passed out and when I woke up I was naked in his bed my butt and stomach felt funny and I felt something being applied to my bunghole I winced as I felt his big finger being shoved into my ass he pushed it in and out for a few minutes when I felt another finger trying to get inside then yet another I felt my bunghole stretching around his fingers.
He abruptly pulled his fingers out and putting my legs on his shoulders I felt his big cock pushing against my hole I started pleading with him to stop but he pushed even harder putting his hand over my mouth his cock stretched my little hole and popped inside along with about 5 inches of his oversized cock I thought he had ripped me wide open he just kept pushing further then pulling back and pushing back in again it hurt like hell and tears started down my cheeks he kept pulling out and shoving back inside until he bottomed out the pushing as hard as he possibly could sometimes let loose and he embedded himself deep inside my bowels he held tight and told me I’d get used to it after a few minutes he pulled almost all the way out and slammed back into me over and over again taking long deliberated prodding strokes he kept going for over an hour and his cock swelled again tearing my hole opening and I felt it pulsing deep inside of me.. he pulled out and I thought he was going to pull my ass inside out as the big bulbous head came out with a popping sound I was sore and bleeding with thick white stuff along with a little blood running out as I went to the bathroom it felt like I had to poop but couldn’t the toilet had so much what he told me was sperm floating in the water I wiped the blood and cleaned up I went back to the room and went to sleep..
I was awakened around 5 am by his cock being shoved down my throat again he pumped another big load of sperm down my throat then he pulled off my shorts and had lubed his cock again raping my bruises and battered hole until he filled me again.. he repeated this every night and every morning sometimes during the day and more frequently at night he told me not to tell anyone and I haven’t until now ..

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      Sorry this happened to you. That’s not something you should’ve gone through as a kid. Hope you’re doing better now.

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    On another note, a girl’s car broke down someplace on this lonely country road late one nite 🤣

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