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My affair with my niece Part 2

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She had given me my first blowjob and it was my turn to return the favor

I had just received my first blowjob from my niece. It wasn’t a good one by any means seeing she was 12 and it was her first time giving one but the feeling of a warm mouth around my dick made me cum non the less. It was the best feeling I had ever felt in my 15 years of life.

Brandi has told me when she left my room that she wanted to try me licking her pussy next time and it was all I could think about now. I had snuck licks here and there on her many times before while she was sleeping but now I would get a chance to do it with permission. I was so turned on that even though I just had my dick licked and sucked, I masturbated 4 times in the hours after.

There was a knock on my bedroom door the next morning. It was my mom asking me if I was going to church with them. Mom and my older sister still went every Sunday even though they had reached a point where they didn’t really believe that nonsense anymore. We were all allowed to make our own decision on church attendance and I hadn’t gone in over 5 years.

“Are you coming with us today?” Mom asked

“Bah.” Is probably the closest thing to what I responded with in my grogginess.

“Just had to ask. When did you start sleeping naked?” Mom asked but closed the door before I could give an answer.

Like I said our family was rooted in religion but grew out of it. We were becoming a much more open family sexually. Everyone knew my sister was a bit of a slut since she had 4 kids by the time she was 23. Mom and Dad had sex frequently and Dad was the kind of guy that likes to let everyone know he got laid. Sex was a very popular topic in our house, even at the dinner table. Mom seeing me naked was probably nothing new and certainly didn’t phase her one bit. I had heard my parents fuck all the time but when Brandi showed me them the previous night I reacted much differently than I had imagined I would. I loved seeing it! I made it a new habit to sneak as many peeks at my parents and even my sister and her boyfriends have sex over the years. Watching people fuck when they don’t know you’re watching is quite the turn on!

A little while later the bedroom door opened again and closed immediately after. I awoke, still naked to Brandi crawling into bed with me. She was wearing a long sleeping shirt that went all the way to her mid thigh.

“What are you doing? Why didn’t you go to church?” I asked still a little dazed.

“I wanted to have some time alone with you so I skipped church.” She answered as she snuggled up next to me.

I put my arm around her and dozed off for a few more minutes. I woke up again to her rustling around a bit.

“Lay still.” I grumbled

She just chuckled a little and then made a little noise. I popped my head up now fully awake to see Brandi was playing with herself. Still in a little shock at what the two of us had started I asked what she was doing.

“I’m playing with myself. I do it all the time. I actually did it twice last night.” She explained

“Do you even know how to give yourself an orgasm?” I asked.

“Of course. I get really tingly down there and it’s hard to breathe and then my toes go numb for a minute.” She told me. “I have been doing this for almost a year now” she added.

I was kind of shocked. Even though I was now fantasizing about her constantly, she was still my little 12 year old niece and hearing her talk like this still put me back a bit. At the same time though I knew what regular conversation was like in our house and of course she was going to pick up on it.

“Here” she said as she grabbed my hand and placed it on her little slit.

It was soft and warm. Exactly how I imagined it was. I was surprised how much hair she had down there too. A full on bush. That turned me on further.

She kept her hand on the back of mine as I slowly started exploring her. It was the first time my hand had ever touched pussy before so I was unaware at what to touch or look for or even how to rub. I wasn’t even 100% on where the whole actually was.

“Like this!” She said as she showed me how to rub. I could feel her clit now and she was starting to make little noises that let me know I must be doing it right. I felt my hand getting wet and my first thought was similar to her thought when I came in her mouth. Did she pee on me?

“Now put your middle finger here and slid it in.” She said as she guided my finger in her.

It was so warm and tight! She gasped as my finger went inside. I couldn’t believe what was happening. Her hand was still moving my hand for me, I was just along for the ride.

“Slide you finger in and out really fast now!” She told me

She let go of my hand and I did as she asked. My finger was going in and out of her tight slit.

“Go a little deeper! Ouch! Not that deep!!” She squealed

I was getting the hang of it now and she looked to be enjoying herself. Making little moans and biting her bottom lip. She adjusted herself for a second to pull up her sleep shirt exposing her tiniest of little boobs. My finger slid out for a second and she told me to get it back in there. While my finger did it’s work she used her finger to start rubbing her clit and then her moans became a bit louder and intense. I couldn’t pass up this opportunity, I pulled my finger out of her, grabbed her free hand and placed it on my throbbing cock. I slid my finger back inside her and started kissing and licking her tiny pointy little nipples. She let out a loud yell a few seconds later, her body shook a little and then she stopped moving all together.

“That felt really good!” She said taking a deep breath. “My toes are tingling.” She added while laughing.

Her petite little body laid completely relaxed naked next to my naked body. We were both a sweaty mess already. She seemed content to lay still now but I was unbelievably worked up and I needed more! Her hand let go of my dick so I took over rubbing myself slowly. I started kissing her neck and shoulder area as I did.

“Do you want me to do what I did last night?” She asked

I didn’t answer. Instead I sat up and got between her legs. I could see her right little pussy now in full view. It was amazing! Perfect in every way! I went in for a closer look and the smell instantly reminded me of when I would sneak a lick while she slept. I stuck my tongue out and started licking. It tasted fucking awesome! Unaware of what I was doing I just decided to do and try everything and see how she reacted. I pushed my tongue as far inside her as I could. She helped a bit and her thighs squeezed my head. I pulled it out.

“Are you ok?” I asked

“Yeah it felt good. Lick this right here.” She said while pointing at her tiny clit.

I did what she asked and her body curled up and she moaned! I knew I was doing something right now, she was digging her fingernails into my shoulders and holding back screams of joy. After a just a few seconds of that she pushed my head away.

“Holy shit that felt great! My toes!” She said trying to catch her breath.

I had never heard her swear before so I knew I had accomplished something.

“Did you have an orgasm from that?” I asked

“Yeah! I’ve never had that happen so fast before. Usually it takes a few minutes with my fingers.” She explained

My dick was so unbelievably hard at this point. I needed to do something about it. I slowly crawled up her body giving her little kisses up her stomach and even her little boobs. Then I kissed her neck a few times and then our mouths met. Our tongues dancing together was supposed to be a distraction from what I was going to try next. As we were kissing I felt the tip of my dick rubbing against her wet mound. I grabbed my cock and put it in position and pushed a bit.

“No! Stop!” She said pushing me away. “ We can’t! I don’t wanna get pregnant!” She explained

“Just let me put it in a couple times. I won’t finish inside you so we can’t get pregnant.” I told her unaware of how stupid that was.

“I don’t know.. we shouldn’t. You’re my uncle.” She said. “I’ll suck it again if you want me to.” She added

“Just let me put it in once and if you don’t like it, I swear I’ll stop.” I asked again

She didn’t want me to do this but she was in an incredibly vulnerable position now with an empty house. I wasn’t going to let her go without trying it. Before she could give another response of all the reasons we shouldn’t, I just started to push against her pussy again. She started to make little whimper noises as I pushed. The tip was now inside her and she started to cry a bit.

“It hurts! Please stop!” She cried

I did as she asked. It was obvious that my cock was much to big to go inside her tiny little vagina. I got the very tip in but no progress after and with her crying and pleading me to stop, I did as she asked.

“It’s too big, and it hurts!” She cried again

“I’m sorry, I didn’t want to hurt you. I’m just so turned on from what we’ve already done. I couldn’t stop myself.” I explained to her.

“It’s ok, I’m not mad. I want to have sex with you, but right now I don’t think we can. It hurts too much.” She told me.

I was still incredibly hard and turned but it felt awkward to ask or try anything at this point. I was mad at myself and ashamed. Had she been anyone other than my niece I don’t know if I would’ve stopped.

We were still naked and she snuggled up to me once more. Our bodies still clammy from the sweat. I laid on my back and her head was resting on my chest. My brain was still running a million miles an hour but my dick was starting to soften. Then I felt her hand sliding up my leg until she had wrapped her fingers around my cock again. It took about a nanosecond for my cock to stiffen right up again.

“So you do want to have sex, just not right now?” I asked

“When I’m ready, you’ll definitely be my first!” She said “..doesn’t mean we can’t do other stuff.” She continued

Just then she got up and started licking the tip of my dick. She kissed it a few times.

“Let me know when you’re going to finish this time please.” She said as she put the tip in her mouth.

A loud groan escaped my mouth as I was finally getting some relief from the blue balls that were building up. This time she was adding tongue in her head bobs. It seemed she learned a lot in the last 12 hours. Just like the night before it took just a minute or so before I could feel myself ready to blow.

“Ok, I’m going to cum now.” I said as I tapped her shoulder

She put my dick a little further in her mouth, as far as she could I think and held it there. I then shot what little cum I had left in my balls. When it stopped, she popped her head up.

“That wasn’t as bad this time. Not much came out.” She told me

I was impressed. The night before she had gagged and spit it all out.

“The garbage can is over there. You can spit it out.” I told her.

“I just swallowed it all.” She answered

She crawled back up and cuddled against me some more. We exchanged a few kisses and then agreed we should get dressed since everyone would be home from church soon.

She put her shirt back on and went to her bedroom. No less than 10 minutes went by before my parents and sister returned from church.

Thanks for reading. If you like, I’ll write more about our relationship.

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