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Rich Husband- New Poor Wife

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I married a rich man, who thought of me, my Mother and my Sister as nothing more than his playthings.

I sat on the couch in my Mother’s sitting room , embarrassed, I looked at my feet and said softly “what’s he going to do to me when we go to bed “? She sat there at her writing desk and looked at my sister, neither of them spoke so I said to my sister Lilian ” what did your husband do to you on the night you got married. ”
She took a deep breath and said ” it will be OK I promise” . I said “OK but what will he want to do “and she said ” if you must know he will want to see you naked, he will want to touch and kiss you, and he will want to put his thing in you and you won’t like it but after a few times you will ,that’s what he will do to you” .
” LILIAN” said my Mother crossley, ” don’t speak like that, don’t upset your sister Elizabeth like that” . ” OK Mother” said Lilian” tell her what our Father did to you on the night you got married “.
Mothers face went red and she tried to chastise Lilian again,but she couldn’t find the words she needed to use, and she was saved from any further embarrassment by the knock on the door , it was my new maid coming to tell me my bath was ready, and my husband was waiting for me.
I was 20 years old the day I got married in August 1886, the War between the North and South had been over for a year, it had taken a great toll on our family, I had lost my Father , my older sister had lost her husband, her 2 year old son his Father and our family had fallen on hard times.
The day I was walking back to our village from delivering some medical herbs my Mother had concoded for her as a medicine it started to get cloudy and rain. As the rain started a coach driven by two horses pulled up alongside me, the footman jumping off the back opened the door and said jump in Miss it’s going to rain hard.
To this day I don’t know why I did, and once I was halfway in the coach I realized that there was someone inside,it turned out to be Samuel Grove the young man that owned most of the land as far as the eye could see ,and a house the size of a church on the hill. His Mother and Father had both passed in a boating accident on the river a few years before,my late Father had been involved in the search for them that fateful night.
It took less than ten minutes for us to reach our village square, the rain stopped and as I alighted thanking him for the ride, Mr.Grove asked if ” he could call on me sometime “? I was blushing so bad I could feel my face burning and ran away laughing leaving him standing by the coach calling after me,” saying I am going to,I am going to”.
Two months later a couple of days before I was married my Mother ,my Sister and myself moved into Mr.Grove house, and he moved into the local Inn ,so as he would not see his bride on our wedding day.
The wedding was marvelous most of the local villagers turned up,the weather was fantastic, and there was more food and barrels of beer than the village could eat or drink, when we returned home at 6 pm the party was in full swing and I heard it had gone on well into the night..
My Mother and sister went to their rooms, and my husband and I went for a walk arm in arm around the garden smelling the flowers and enjoying each others company.
As dusk began to fall ,my new husband turned kissed me and said ” such a busy day I think maybe it is time for us to go to our bed “. I felt the blood begin to drain from my face and I suddenly felt light headed, I knew this time would come ,but never having any man touch me I was suddenly in a panic.
” What are you going to do to me” I said in a whisper. He turned to kiss me again and said ” I am going to make a wife and a woman out of you,” and laughing he started to run towards the house, pulling me by the hand .
My private room was connected to my new husbands, he left me outside the door and said don’t be long, I will send your maid to bathe you , and before I could say I can bathe myself he had strode off along the landing towards the door to his private quarters.
I knocked on my Mother’s door, my sister opened it and I went in. My Mother said ” what’s wrong Elizabeth” ? ” I have to get ready for bed ” I said looking at the floor, and my sister laughed out loud, and Mother told her to ” be quiet “.
I sat in my bath with my new maid washing my back with a sponge,I tried to hide my breast but she kept laughing and moving my hands away so she could wash them. She said “are you scared,” and I half heartedly smiled and said ” yes”. As she dried me she said ” I don’t know ,but I hear your husband is big down there, I hope you don’t make too much noise the first time”, and she knelt in front of me ,laughing.
I said “it’s not funny ” have you ever done it ” ? ” Yes” she said “a few times with my boyfriend one of the groom’s ” I said “were you naked” and she said “of course”, I said “did it hurt “and she said “a bit ,just don’t worry you will be fine ” . I said “I have never seen a naked man,only my sisters young son when I used to mind him”, and she laughed and said” you will enjoy it” then hesitated and said ” I guess.
She helped me on with my long nightdress and I went into my bedroom. My mother and sister were both there , they were dressed ready for bed, and Mother hugged me and kissed me and told me ” she loved me “, and Lilian said laughing “good luck “as I knocked on the connecting door between my bedroom and my Husbands bedroom.
“Come” he said, I opened the door ,closed it and then looked up,the room was lit by a hundred candles and my husband stood naked at the other side of the room.
As he walked towards me I could not figure out what it was between his legs, it hung down looking like an arm it was so big. As he stood kissing me he took my hand and put it down there and said “hold it “. I love you darling” and I could feel his thing getting bigger and bigger ,I panicked ,pulled away and ran to the door, opened it and almost fell into my bedroom crying.
My mother only had the chance to say “what’s the” when she went silent ,my naked husband stood in the doorway between our rooms, and trying to make a joke he said ” I have lost my bride, has anyone seen her ?
The room was so quiet I swear I could hear my heart beating, “well” said my husband grabbing his thing and rubbing it, ” I need a wife to help me with this problem I have , and my wife seems to have disappeared,so if anyone in the room wishes to volunteer to be my wife I would appreciate it “.
My sister and my mother stood looking at each other, then my Mother slowly stepped forward, “take me to ease your problem Master Samuel “she said, ” maybe Elizabeth will see she has nothing to worry about “.
No one said anything, my husband held out his hand ,taking my Mothers hand he led her into his bedroom, and said ” Elizabeth come here”. Both me and my sister went into his bedroom, he pointed at the chaise and said ” sit and learn “, and turning back to my Mother he started unbuttoning the front of her nightdress,until her breast were bared to the world. He pulled it off her shoulders and she took the arms out of the sleeves , her nightdress dropped to the floor and my mother stood there naked with my husbands cock pointing at her belly button
Samuel put his hands on my Mother’s shoulders, she obediently sank to her knees , her hands going around his huge cock .I noticed her fingers wouldn’t touch her thumb, he was too big around and she was having trouble getting very much of it in her mouth . Lilian grabbed my hand and squeezed it hard her other hand was in her lap and I realized was trying to touch herself between her open legs.
My husband was holding the back of my Mothers head and forcing more and more of his cock into her mouth, she was making gagging noises and hitting the back of his legs,he was chocking her and all he did was laugh. Letting her head go, she pulled back gasping for air, but there seemed little sympathy for her from my husband ,he took hold of her hair and started to pull her up onto her feet, before almost marching her over to the chaise where we were sitting.
“On your hands and knees he said, my Mother did as she was told, and Samuel stood with his legs each side of my Mothers back slowly rubbing his huge cock, before he got on his knees and started moving his hips towards my Mother’s body. After five or six tries his cock hit it’s target and he pushed hard, my Mother let out a scream ,she balanced on one hand trying to push him off with the other,it did no good,he drove into her again forcing her forward so her face came to rest on my sisters knees .
Two or three more brutal thrusts and my Mother was begging him to stop before he killed her, her please fell on deaf ears. Looking at my sister my husband told her to get her night dress off and to open her legs,the next thrust sent her face into my sisters cunt and for the next ten minutes I sat there crying listening to my Mother suffering with each push of his wine bottle size cock.
Suddenly Samuel started to move much faster , Mother began to scream and beg for mercy, grabbing hold of her hair he pulled her face from between my sisters legs and drove into before screaming ” cunt,cunt,cunt,move that fucking ass” and he came in my Mother’s belly ,laying along her backs and calling her names that no one should call anyone until she slowly sank to the floor, both of them glistening’ in sweat ,they laid still for several minutes before Samuel rolled off my Mother, laid on his back, looked at my sister and said “come here ,clean me up. ”
In a split second my sister was running her tongue up and down his cock ,sucking the top and pushing his now semi soft cock into her mouth.
I sat there with tears running down my face, what had happened it was supposed to be me with my husband, but now I hated him for what he had done to my Mother, who was trying to get up on her knees, but holding her tummy like she was it was proving difficult for her to even stand.
Climbing off the floor my husband held his hand out to me, taking it he pulled me up and said I hope you were watching what’s expected of you as my wife , I didn’t say anything ,just stood there watching my poor Mama trying to get onto her feet, and my sister who was now laying on her back with her legs open touching her special place like she wanted what my Mother had just had.
I remember thinking I wonder if my husband with do that to me that night ,but I need not have worried he was too tired and slept all night, my agony didn’t start until 7.30 the next morning, when my husband ordered the maid to bring cuffs, ad chains to our bedroom, I had no idea what for..

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