Who knew what went on once you joined the Company 2

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I drove Veronica a hooker half way across Jersey , I assumed there was going to be a party, then I found out my OWN MOTHER was there.,

“Lead the way” said Johnny Mango as he pointed towards the door he had earlier come through. I headed down a flight of stairs and could hear the guys laughing and whispering behind me. I could only hear a few snippets of the conversation above the sound of their foot steps ,words like “cock sucker and 10 inches, her ass, ” none of it made any sense to me. At the bottom of the stairs there was a door, I moved to one side and Johnny Mango opened it and we went in.
It was a huge basement very dark, along the sides of the room I could see a couple of figures sitting by the walls in large armchairs and as we walked towards the bar I noticed a women kneeling on the floor in front of one of the men , her head in the man’s lap bobbing up and down.
One of the guys put his hand on the top of my head and turned it away from the girl I was watching, the guy put his head next to mine and said in a low voice” the Police Chief doesn’t like anyone watching him choke some whore, he’s a married man”, and he laughed.
“What do you want to drink” said Mango looking at me, “Coke is fine thanks “I said. He laughed, “son he said softly I think your going to need something stronger than that”, he turned to the woman working behind the bar and said “give the kid a Bacardi and Coke,” he looked at me and said” are you sure you want to stay, maybe you should just get in that car and head for home, it’s probably the right thing to do ” ? ” No thanks” I said ” I want to stay, sounds like it’s going to be fun,” and his little group started to laugh.
Mango and his four friends had disappeared, I was chatting to Terri the girl behind the bar,she was young and pretty skimpily dressed and when I finished my drink she said “Johnny said to give you another one, same again she asked”. I smiled said sure and she turned her back towards me ,bent over to get a bottle off the lowest shelf and her skirt rode up showing me she had nothing on underneath.I swear her cunt winked at me, and she took for ever to pick up the bottle.
She turned and looked, I said ” it’s a good job I am not invited here often, I would only order off the bottom shelf and then I would be an alcoholic in three nights” and she laughed.” Did you like what you saw ” she said in a sassy sort of way, “fuck yes ” I said laughing.
She put the glass in front of me and said “are you sticking around ” , ” I said I don’t know, what Mr Mango wants me to do, I bought a woman called Veronica here , but I have not seen her since we got here, and I don’t know what time she is going home, I guess I am on a need to know basis ” and I laughed but she didn’t.
” I said whats up” and she said ” you need not wait for her tonight she won’t be going home for a while her and that stupid bitch Darlene are going to be the entertainment for tonight ” I felt the drink in my stomach do a somersault and I said ” my Mother works for Johnny, and her name is Darlene,she is here somewhere “? Terri looked at me as if I had said I had the plague, “your Mother she said softly, then why are you here, go home you don’t need to be here ,go fucking home” and she walked away.
A couple of guys with a girl came to the bar and got drinks, the girl looked pretty disheveled, they left her standing by me and went over and were talking to some other guys at a table. Terri said to the girl ” are you OK honey” the girl said ” my first time with two guys.” “Fuck” said Terri looking over to where the guys stood, “who the hell gave you the fucking Nathan Brothers for your first time”. “I don’t know said the girl”, a tear ran down her cheek and Terri handed her a paper napkin.
“Whats your name hon” said Terri” as the girl took the napkin and wiped the tear from her face, “Madison “said the girl, “I have just started working for Jimmy in Edison””, he said I need to find out where the real money is so he bought me here tonight.” Before she could say anything else one of the Nathan Bros came over took her hand and led her off to where the other brother was still talking to friends.
“Poor bitch” said Terri, “those sick fuckers will kill her and dance on her grave, I have seen girls that have worked the game for 5 years need hospital treatment after spending a night with those two animals, ask your Mother what there like, they took a shinning to her big tits for a while, she used to crawl down here from upstairs some nights”.
She looked at me and said “oops guess I should not have said that should I ,but it’s true, “but before she could say anything else music started, the lights went down at one end of the basement and several spot lights lit up big red curtain which slowly opened to reveal a stage, and on the stage a huge round clock with the numbers 1 through 12 on it and a smaller wheel attached to the middle of it, , and strapped to the wheel was my own Mother, naked, her arms and legs spread out , leather wrist and ankle cuffs held her limbs in place a huge leather collar held her head up so she had to look forward a leather belt was across her waist..
I could not believe I was looking at my Mother there naked, a little triangle of hair above her pussy, her big boobs still looking fairly firm for a woman that was 35 and had had me, Terri said ” are you OK honey ” , I kind of did a false laughed and said” I guess so.”
A guy came on the stage and took hold of the wheel and started moving it up and down, then pulled it down with force and the wheel began to spin round and round with my Mother on it. While my Mother slowly spun around the guy on the stage said ” the betting table is now open ” , and a small group of men began to move towards the table.
My Mother went round and round fairly slowly about 7 times before coming to rest with her head at the 6 on the clock , her arms hands by the 5 and 7 and her feet at the 11 and 1, a pregnant woman who looked as if she was about to drop came across the stage and stood in front of my Mother, her mouth went between my Mothers open legs and she began licking her cunt, biting my Mothers cunt lips and pulling them open with her teeth, before she bit her clit making my Mother scream in pain, much to the amusement of the watching group of men .
The guy on the stage said ” Gentlemen the bet iiiiissss the number where her left foot ends” , and the pregnant woman moved back from my Mother and the guy took the wheel,and gave it two or three up and down movements, before giving it a hard spin.
The wheel spun round and round much faster than it did before,I could hear my Mother shrieking from across the room, and as the wheel began to slow down the men started cheering and calling out the numbers they had there bets on.
My Mother came to rest with her left foot facing the number 1 , a small cheer went up from a couple of men by the table, and the pregnant woman hurried across the stage to start torturing my Mothers cunt again. I didn’t mind my Mother screaming while she spun around, in fact I found that quiet funny,but listening to my Mother screaming while some pregnant bitch bit her cunt wasn’t a lot of fun.
Mom went round and round on the wheel three times, when it came to a stop with her head by the 11 the pregnant bitch started biting her tits instead of her cunt, pulling her nipples out between her teeth, Mother screamed big time and begged her to stop but she ignored her pleas and carried on biting my Mothers nipples.
” Gentlemen, Gentlemen,” called out the guy on the stage,” the final spin is next , the winner not only gets the money, but also gets Darlene and Jenny our pregnant whore for the night, so come and pick your numbers ”
Johnny Mango and his pals came over towards me ,he smiled and said “you still here”, and I said “of course” and they laughed, “he said what do you think of your Mothers performance “.” I said she didn’t seem to enjoy it “and they all started laughing, ‘one of them said if she didn’t like that then she sure as hell won’t like what comes next ‘and they all burst out laughng.

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