I saw my uncle

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I was shocked when I looked through the window

My family is on our yearly trip to that outer banks, and this year celebrating my graduation. Every one staying in our house usually heads out to the beach around 9am. My uncle usually comes out later as he is not a fan of the water. This morning was no different. I forgot to grab my sunscreen so I ran back to the house. Grabbing my sunscreen I was going to head right back to the beach but I heard something from my aunt and uncles room, I thought I heard my name in a deep moaning voice. The door was slightly open and I looked it. There was my uncle laying naked on the bed playing with himself. I was somewhat repulsed yet oddly turned on. He was saying my name but was he thinking about me? I couldn’t take my eyes off his cock. It looked like he was holding a can of Pringles. He unloaded what seemed like a dozen streams of cum on his chest. When he was done he looked at the door. I think I got away before he saw me. I think I’ll forget something tomorrow and see if I can catch him on the act again

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  • Reply Cumgulper

    Very well described.

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    Sara awesome story hit me up let collaborate
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  • Reply Sara

    Oops I forgot some water. I better go back to the house to grab some. Maybe I’ll see something again

  • Reply Rohit

    I have also watched my neighbour lady bathing naked.

  • Reply Sara

    I will!!

  • Reply Johnny

    Make sure to share if you end up getting that cock!