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A discovery about herself

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A teen girl discovers another side of herself.

Sarah Buckman lives on a small farm in a rural community in South Carolina. She is the youngest of 7 children having 4 older sisters and 2 older brothers. Most of her siblings have already moved out or gone to college. Her family’s farm is mostly a self sustaining farm selling the excess through a small farmer’s market. She helped her family by working in the store and tending to the animals. It was on a slow day on the farm and she was in one of the far fields with her German Shepherd Duke. It was a hot June day and she was heading to a small creek to cool off. Reaching the creek she strips off her clothes and hangs them on a low branch along with the towel she had brought..
She stood naked on the edge of the creek and relished a slight breeze that blew through the trees. She had recently turned 14 and was slightly tall for her age. She has long blonde hair reaching the top of her butt kept tied in a ponytail. She looked at the world through lavender colored eyes that only served to make her more attractive. She had developed early and now had an hourglass figure with well proportioned breasts and nice hips. Her skin was tan with no tan lines to be seen, and her mound was shaved clean and smooth. She dipped her toes in the water and was surprised that the water was colder than she thought.
She took a deep breath and let it out and waded into the creek to the center and dived down into the water. When she surfaced she looked around and saw duke chasing a stick that was floating down the creek. She looked down and noticed that her nipples were hard from the cold. After enjoying the cold water she got out of the water grabbed her towel and dried herself off. Laying the towel on the ground she laid on the towel and enjoyed the sun on her now chilled skin. Her mind wandered to the evening before she was helping her father and sister breed one of the female ponies that they had. She had helped before so nothing seemed different except she got aroused watching as the stallion buried his cock deep in the mare. Without realizing it she began fingering herself as she played the memory in her head. Soon she had 3 fingers buried in her soaked pussy and she brought herself to an orgasm.
As she laid there recovering from pleasuring herself, she tried to figure out why she got horny watching that. Things had changed since she had lost her virginity to one of the boys in school. She giggled to herself they weren’t even dating. They were chasing each other in one of his family’s fields, he had tackled her and was on top of her. She had felt his cock grow against her, one thing led to another and they took each others virginity. Since then they had remained friends with benefits. But why was she getting turned on watching ponies mate. Her thoughts were interrupted when she felt a tongue and cold nose go across her pussy.
This caused her to sit up surprised only to find Duke’s head between her legs and he began to lick her again. Not sure what to do and it began to feel real good, she leaned back on her hands and noticed Duke’s cock was out fully. She had seen it before but not like this. It was long, pink, and had a pointed tip. Between the tongue lashing that Duke was giving her and that she was still horny from her watching the ponies she figured what the hell. She allowed him to continue licking her and was soon in the throws of ecstasy by her dog’s long tongue which seem to probe inside of her. After a while she pushes Duke out from between her legs and told him to stay. He sat down his cock standing proud and he watched as his master got onto her hands and knees and spread her legs a bit to lower her hips. She slapped her ass “Come on Duke up.”.
He didn’t need any further coaxing he stood up and mounted the teen girl, his hips began thrusting and he found the spot quickly. He wrapped his paws around her waist as his cock plunged into her hot wet pussy burying his cock inside her before his knot even formed. It was hot and went deeper than she was ready for and her eyes widened in surprise and she moaned loudly as his long cock speared her young pussy. He fucked her with strong and quick strokes and she came a couple of times from the rough fucking she was getting. His pace slowed a little and she could feel something swelling inside of her. She knew this was his knot and it was already fully inside her.
Her arousal helped in dealing with the swelling of his knot and it didn’t hurt really more like pressure that was moving with his thrusts causing her to cum even more. Then she heard a groan from Duke as a flood of warmth filled her from the inside. She knew that he was cumming in her and it felt amazing. Duke dismounted and tried to pull away but they were stuck his knot was fully inside the teen’s tight pussy. She commanded him to stay and he obeyed but really wanted to pull away. For 10 minutes she talked to him to keep him still until they eventually separated with a rush of cum pouring out of her pussy. She sat down on the towel and Duke laid down and cleaned himself.
As she sat there she heard a female voice “Damn little sis that was hot as hell.”. Sarah tuned quickly now embarrassed recognizing her sister Trina. Her sister was tall at 5’11” tall with brown hair past her shoulders and dark green eyes. Trina had a fit physique from working on the farm with a well defined muscle tone. Trina was wearing shorts and a tank top. She was smiling not the kind of smile one would have if they suddenly had something to hold over someone else. Sarah stammered nervously “What are you doing here?” now suddenly fearful that her sister would use this against her. Trina looked at Duke and then to her sister “Do you think your the only one that Duke has had?”. She had already stripped out of her clothes and sat next to her sister and looked at her “Duke has had me too little sister.”.
To Sarah’s surprise Trina suddenly pushed her down on the towel then began to attack her sister’s cum filled pussy with her tongue enjoying the tang from Duke’s cum mixed with her sister’s own cum. She aggressively licked her sister and nibbled on her clit sending her into a series of orgasms in a row. Trina’s ass was sticking in the air as she munched her sister’s pussy. Duke watched as Trina attacked Sarah. Soon his cock was hard and ready. Without being told he ran up to Trina and mounted her. Having experienced her before he quickly found his mark and plunged his cock deep inside the older sister. She moaned into her sister’s pussy as Duke fucked her. Both sisters were moaning in ecstasy. Trina’s moans got louder as Duke’s knot began to swell inside her. It wasn’t much longer before Duke began to fill the older teen’s pussy.
When they recovered and Duke separated from Trina looked at Sarah “Soon I will introduce you to something larger. In the meantime just let Duke fuck you he is always up for it. Come on let’s get cleaned up and head back to the house before we are missed.”. The sisters took a dip in the creek to rinse off and dried off. Then got dressed and headed back to the house with Duke following. They had an intimate talk about what happened, and Trina explained about her experiences with Duke. She had been letting Duke fuck her for 3 years now but had also graduated to something bigger.

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