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Daddy’s Good Girl

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A mind control incest fantasy, where a father has had enough of his bratty, manipulative slutty daughter.

“Are you sure this is going to help me, daddy?”
I reached out a hand to cup my daughter’s cheek. She leaned into my touch, her clear blue eyes gazing directly into mine as my thumb rubbed lazy circles on her smooth skin.
Oh, where did I go wrong with raising Lexie?
She used to be such a sweet child.
She could still look sweet, vulnerable and innocent, especially when she did that lip quiver thing she was currently working towards. It was the one move daughters could pull that would K.O. any living father.
But it was all pretend with her now.
My once perfect little angel was now just trying to manipulate me into relaxing my defenses around her so she’d get her way, like she used to.
Because unlike me, she hadn’t figured out that two could play the pretend game. Pretty little thing, she still thought she had me wrapped around her finger. I couldn’t blame her. I used to be willing to do anything for her. Anything she’d ask of me, I’d do it, like any father would, for their daughter. All she had to do was pout her lips and whine a little and call me “daddy” and pouff, all my walls would come crumbling down and I’d be putty in her small hands.
But that was back then, when my daughter’s needs and wishes were as pure as her soul.
When I looked at Lexie now, I could no longer feel hopeful, happy and relieved.
For too many times I have watched her flirt with wannabe gangsta guys at the mall, some of them much too old for her. She’d let them touch her ass and call her “baby mama”, and she’d be grinning like it was some big win on her part, that she got some horny fuckers’ attention. Any walking female would’ve gotten the same from them.
The allowance I’d give her would now be used to buy herself skirts that were getting shorter and shorter and then I’d have to watch her leave my house wearing such skimpy outfits you’d think she was auditioning to become a part-time Playboy Bunny.
I was finding it hard to reconcile the past with the present.
How could I, as a father, encourage my daughter to slutty it out with guys? How could I let her attend a college so far from our home, I was sure that had been the main criteria in Lexie’s preference for it? How was I going to sleep at night, fearing that some nobody would one day fully ruin what I had spent eighteen years to create – a good girl and that I’d be too far to stop it?
“Daddy?” She repeated.
Not wanting my daughter to sense that something was amiss, I smiled at her.
“I just can’t believe you’re so grown, angel. Ouff, my sweet girl, all ready for college,” I said, pretending to be just as overcome with emotion as she was. Tit for tat, baby girl.
“I’ll always be your sweet girl, daddy, even if I’m miles away,” she said and molded herself to me, hugging me tightly. “I’m so happy you’re actually letting me do this.”
It wasn’t too late to save my daughter. I just had to have the courage to actually go through with my plan. I’d been trying to do this for days now, stopping right before the point of no return every time. But today was different. Today, I saw the hickey on her neck. It was now or never.
“I know, I am too,” I replied. “So let’s watch this thing, then, shall we?”
Lexie looked up at me. “Us?”
“Maybe your poor old dad’s in need of a pep talk too,” I chuckled.
“Oh, daddy,” she said and gave me another squeeze. “Everything’s going to be alright, you’ll see!”
“I know it will, baby. I know it will. Now grab your juice and let me figure out how to play this for us.”
I handed Lexie her “juice”, a medicated concoction I’d gotten from the same place that had sold me this hypno-DVD: an eccentric doctor’s cabinet I’d found thanks to someone else’s recommendation. Granted, I had my doubts, given that I’d read about the man on a forum for dads dealing with troublesome teen daughters, but so many swore up and down that he was legit and his methods worked, and I was so desperate, I had to give this a shot.
I told Lexie the DVD contained a TED talk about overcoming one’s fear of changes and how to make the best out of a new stage in life. In truth, it was a recording that, paired with the drink, was going to help me plant suggestions in my daughter’s mind and make her behave the way I wanted her to.
The man’s only warning was not to attempt to make her do something contrary to her own mindset. For instance, I could make her stop wanting to attend that college up north, but not tell her she didn’t actually want to go to college at all.
Despite her scandalous behavior with guys, my daughter was still a smart cookie, and I knew she genuinely wanted to study. I was fine with that, as long as that studying was to be done near me, where I could step in if someone asked her to study his dick, up close and personal.
“All ready! Now scoot,” I said and nudged Lexie to make room for me on her bed.
As she drank more of the liquid and watched the video, which was actually a series of short commands uttered in a monotone voice and repeated several times, my daughter became more and more entranced. At the end of it, she was completely still and her eyes looked vacant.
I hit “stop” on the recording and called out to her.
“Yes, daddy,” she replied.
Her calm voice, the way she instantly moved her head to look at me, expressionless, eerily motionless, making her look less like a human and more like a programmable robot, were making my already anxious heart beat that much faster.
Not for the first time, I wondered if I was doing the right thing by hypnotizing my daughter. It wasn’t too late, I hadn’t made any suggestions, I could just tell her to sleep and she’d wake up later, none the wiser, the effects of the drink long gone. But then I saw the hickey again and decided to save her from a life of misery.
“Lexie, you know that daddy loves you, right angel?”
“Yes, daddy.”
“And you know that I’d never hurt you.”
“Yes, daddy.”
“Do you trust me?”
“Yes, daddy.”
She couldn’t lie under hypnosis, according to what that man told me. To hear that I had one hundred percent of my daughter’s trust in me was a hard pill to swallow. Here I was, trying to manipulate her in a way ten times worse than her childish methods, and she trusted me completely.
I was so conflicted.
But I was doing this for her, to save her, to keep her safe, and perhaps one day she was even going to thank me. For raising her well, that was, not for mind controlling her. That, she’d never find out, I promised myself.
“Then trust me when I tell you to reconsider going to that college, Lexie. Maybe you actually want to attend something closer to home. What do you think? Wouldn’t somewhere daddy might be able to visit you to be better? Wouldn’t you like to come home for the weekends and holidays? Spend more time with your dad and mom?”
“Yes, daddy.”
“Do you mean it, angel? Will you really pick something closer to home?”
“Of course, daddy.”
I felt like I could jump up and do a victory dance. All my reservations about hypnotizing her were instantly erased. This was such a good decision.
“See? Why couldn’t you have been this accommodating until now? Why did you have to pick that place, out of everything that’s out there? You silly girl!” I said out loud, not really thinking, just happy that this was all it took and that my problems were finally all fixed.
“Because Andrew is going there and I like having sex with him, daddy, I cum harder like that than when I masturbate.”
Her answer made my heart stop beating for a second.
I stared at my daughter, incredulous, and the picture she continued to paint was that much more disturbing. She was looking at me so blankly, as if she hadn’t just told her father she was no longer a virgin, but a slutty little nymph who played with herself and had loads of sex.
“What? What do you mean… did you…”
I was at a loss for words.
My problems, it turned out, were not only not fixed at all, but had doubled in their seriousness.
“I got fucked, daddy. By Andrew. I think he’s my boyfriend now.”
My whole world came crashing down at her confession and she was sitting there, still, so calm and so relaxed, while I was shaking with barely controlled anger. Half of it was directed at myself for not having realized what had been going on between those two and half at her, for having let the first prick that wooed her get into her panties.
“What did you do, Lexie?” I wailed, hurt by her recklessness.
She thought he was her boyfriend? Did that mean they hadn’t had a serious talk before or after he dirtied my little angel? Had they at least been careful, or was she going to come home pregnant one of these days?
Instead of her putting me at ease and telling me that things weren’t as dire as my mind was making them out to be, Lexie took my question in its more literal form, and answered me.
“I let him stick his cock in my pussy, daddy,” she began. “Andrew fucks my cunt when his parents aren’t home and sometimes we do it at his job too. You know, a lil’ quickie in the restroom when he’s on break. He bends me over the toilet and tells me to be quiet, cause no one can know he’s doing that at work. It’s hard not to moan loudly, but I do my best. Oh, and I also suck his cock a lot,” she finished, as if oral sex was an afterthought.
My mouth went dry at her confession.
But what was worse than the things my daughter was sharing about her sexual activities was that I could feel my dick stirring in my pants. It was slowly coming to life, hardening, demanding attention.
But this was my daughter my body was reacting to, so I dug my fingernails into my thigh, giving blood a different spot to flow to.
“Did he force you?” I asked. “Does he make you do these things for him?”
I didn’t know why I asked her that, it wasn’t like learning that he had coerced her or was blackmailing her or something was any better than learning he had broken her hymen to begin with. The damage was already done, my daughter’s last bit of innocence was gone. She was a woman now.
“No, daddy. I just really like sex. It feels so good when his cock is in my pussy, stretching me, filling me. But…”
“But what?”
“Sucking his cock is not as much fun for me. He doesn’t make me cum after. Andrew says I have to, though, so I do it. He likes that a lot and I’m happy when he’s happy, so it’s fine, I guess.”
“You most certainly do not have to suck his cock, Lexie!” I thundered, completely pissed off.
Not only had that bastard defiled my daughter, but he had even convinced her to let him put his dirty prick in her mouth. Those rosy lips that uttered my name had been wrapped around a cock and pleasured it.
Unsummoned and unwelcomed, mental images of the act began to float in my mind – my sweet angel, on her knees, in front of a fucking nobody, bobbing her head up and down his shaft like a whore while he pressed her head against his groin, making her continue to do something she didn’t really like to.
I rose from her bed and began to pace around, the emotions bubbling inside me threatening to spill over. I wanted to kill him something fierce. But I couldn’t, because murder was still illegal.
“I won’t do it anymore, then, daddy,” she said, stopping me in my tracks.
Shit, that was it! All I had to do was to make her reject that bastard and there would be no more indecent acts between them.
“Good, don’t ever suck his cock again,” I said, relieved. Then, for good measure, added a few more recommendations. “And you know what? Don’t let him fuck you again – not in any of your holes. And actually, from now on, no guy is allowed to do any of that to you. Do you hear me?”
“Yes, daddy.”
“Good,” I huffed. “You’re daddy’s sweet, obedient, girl, right?”
“Yes, daddy.”
“Good. You just have to listen to me, baby girl, and everything is going to be alright,” I said.
“I love you, daddy.”
“I love you too, angel,” I said, and I opened my arms for my daughter to come to me.
She obeyed, quietly submissive.
“I’ll do everything you say, daddy.”
I hugged her as tight as I could without breaking her bird-like bones, ignoring the way her full, round breasts, currently pressed snuggly against my chest, were making my cock feel.
She might have become a woman, yes. And sure, the idea of a woman that was so into fucking as she said she was made my balls itch to dump a load in her cunt, but Lexie was still my daughter. So if I had any decency at all left in me, despite what I’d just done to her, this whole manipulative hypno session, I wasn’t going to let her realize that her own fucking father got turned on by her.
No, all of that was going to remain my secret – the juice, the DVD, the need to push her onto that bed and bury myself between her skinny legs and fuck her senseless, all of it.
I wasn’t going to do anything to my daughter, I repeated, when my cock twitched again, excited by the feel of her soft body against mine.
I wasn’t that depraved.
I wasn’t…


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