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Emma’s Descent part 4

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Emma’s punishment goes a step further…..

Tommy shot his load down my throat. I was expecting Paul to want his cock sucked too but he didn’t say anything. They chucked the controllers down onto the bed and told me to go put on a short summery dress, just like last time. I looked in my cupboard for one but they were all in the wash. I didn’t want the boys to get angry so I searched my room to find some sort of dress. I managed to find another one from when I was younger tucked in a storage box under my bed. It was a small, white dress that would barely cover my bottom and make my boobs look huge. I was worried that they might punish me further if i didn’t find one so I just chucked it on. It was so tight around my boobs and felt so uncomfortable.

“Come on slut time to go to the park” Paul said as he walked in my room.

“She looks like a proper little girl” Tommy laughed.

I snuck down the stairs, and snuck past my mom as she was on the phone. The boys walked behind me, giggling at my dress. I had nothing on underneath so they could probably see my bare cheeks. I continued to feel frustrated that I was made to be a slave but the feeling of excitement remained. The feeling of being punished was just out of this world, maybe I was made for this.

We got to the park, there was no sign of Mr Richmond. Until I saw a car pull up, my heart dropped. Tommy picked up a stick and whipped my bum. I let out a screech.

“Follow us” Paul said as we walked into the forest next to the park.

We walked into the forest and waited for Mr Richmond. The boys started to play on the rope swing that had been made up, laughing and joking with each other. Mr Richmond entered the forest with a beer in his hand.

“How is the little slut been boys?” He asked.

“She has been a very naughty girl” Paul replied

“I think she needs to be punished” Tommy said.

I stood there awkwardly, waiting for them to tell me what to do. Mr Richmond stumbled over to me.

“That’s a very nice dress you have on there, but I thinks it’s time you take it off” he said.

Again, without even thinking about it I just obliged and before you know it I was there completely naked. My boobs and pussy bare for everyone to see. Tommy gave Mr Richmond the stick. “I think you should punish her with this”. Mr Richmond pulled my arm and brought me over to and old bench. He bent me over his leg and whipped my bare bum with this long stick. Tommy and Paul had also found more sticks and took it in turns to spank my bum. It was so painful but I liked it. I let out a moan. Mr Richmond stopped.

“Here say, why don’t you boys go and gets some bits from the shop for yourself and I’ll wait here”

He gave the boys 20 dollars and they grabbed it and left in a hurry.

“Finally, have you to my self. Now where were we Emma” he said.

Mr Richmond chucked the stick onto the floor and ran his finger up my leg, towards my bum. He started to rub his finger around my asshole. Since I’m a virgin, I was a bit nervous. I moaned as he stuck the tip of his finger in. I could feel his cock was rock solid as I was lying on top of his crotch. He played with my hole for a good couple of minutes before taking his finger out. He sucked on his finger that he has inserted into my ass.

“Mmm, you taste so good. Why don’t you get up on to your knees”.

I followed his instruction. He unzipped his trousers and pulled out a pretty big cock. It was around 8 and a half inches long.

“Stick your tongue out” he demanded.

He shoved his cock straight down my throat and began to throat fuck me. I could taste his cock as it pounded my throat. He was moaning, as he had his cock, balls deep inside his ex pupils mouth. I took his cock and started sucking the life out of it. Mr Richmond was amazed at how good I was at it. He couldn’t take anymore and shot his load down my throat. It tasted salty similar to Mr Grimsley but in a good way.
Mr Richmond pulled out his phone and took a picture of me.

“This is just for me, don’t you worry. You are such a good little slut, don’t think I don’t remember you from school Emma. I’ve always dreamed of getting my cock sucked by a student”. He said

I felt so awkward, there was a slight bit of hope that he didn’t remember who I was. I didn’t say anything, I just bowed my head down in shame. Mr Richmond sat back down on the bench, looking exhausted. He ordered me to come and sit on the bench next to, it was pretty disgusting having my bare bottom sat on some dirty old bench. He began to run his fingers up my leg slowly towards my pussy. Then a load of laughing came from the background and entering the forest was Paul and Tommy.

“I see you’re having fun with the little slut” Tommy said.

“She’s been a bad girl, but I gave her a good punishment” Mr Richmond replied smirking as his hand was still on my leg.

“I think it’s time we get back now” Paul said. Throwing me my dress. “But you are to crawl home, like you are our little doggy”?

“Look we even managed to get you a leash” Tommy laughed.

I was horrified, what if more neighbours saw me like this? What if somehow my own mother saw me crawling around with a leash around my neck. “Please don’t make me do this master, I promise I will be a good girl”. I pleaded with them.

“You need to be punished further, here chuck or here I’ll put it on her” Mr Richmond said as he grabbed the leash and started to put the collar around my neck. I am 20 years old and I’m about to be walked home like a dog by two 13 year old boys, on my hands and knees with a leash around my neck. I have no idea why but I felt degraded and enjoyed it. I complied, I put my dress on and got on my hands and knees. You could see my bare asshole from behind as I crawled. No doubt Mr Richmond took more photos.

“Now bark like a dog” Paul demanded while constantly giggling.

“Please no” I pleaded.

Tommy whipped my ass with the stick.

“Woof woof” I barked and I don’t know why. I stuck my tongue out like a dog and panted.

“That’s a good girl” Mr Richmond said as we approached his car. “Until next time boys, be sure to invite me next time and text me over Emma’s number please”

“No problem sir, see you soon”. The boys replied.

I crawled all the way home, god knows who would of saw me. They were pulling on my neck with the leash, laughing as if I was an actual dog. I’m just glad Mr Grimsley didn’t see me. I got up onto my feet and removed the collar and leash and left it outside as I didn’t want my mom to see me like this. My knees were red completely. The boys ran straight upstairs, and I followed as my mum was passed out on the couch. I ran straight to the spare room and got changed into a T-shirt and jogging bottoms. Still with no underwear on. I walked back downstairs to get a drink, I noticed there was a package on the table with my name on it. I knew I hadn’t ordered anything so I was confused, the boys were upstairs back playing there game so I didn’t suspect it had anything to do with them.
I opened it to see a full school uniform, blouse, blazer, skirt, long white socks. It also came with matching laced underwear, it was a tiny thong and a bra.

It also came with a note which read “Dear Emma,
you are to wear this uniform and come to my house for 8pm sharp. Do not be late or there will be huge consequences.
Lots of Love
Uncle Ted”

My heart sank, what could he be up to. My pussy became soaking wet, I didn’t know what to feel at that point. This old man had me under wraps. The butterflies in my stomach grew huge. I took the package up to my room and just laid down on the bed debating everything. It was 6 hours until 8pm. I just knew that the boys were going to give me more punishments in the meantime. I drifted off, I was so tired from all of my punishments.

I woke up to Tommy and Paul standing at my door with their cocks rock hard. I looked at the time and it was 7:30. How have I slept for this long. I’m going to be late, I started to freak out in my head.

“I think it’s time we had some fun with you! Don’t you think Emma” Paul said

“Please can we do this later, I’ve got things to do” I pleaded. “Please”

“You are our little slut, now take those clothes off” Tommy demanded.

I felt hopeless. I was going to be punished either way. I took my clothes off and sat at the end of the bed.

“Now bend over like a little doggy” they ordered.

I guessed I was getting spanked again. So I buried my face in my pillow to help me suffocate the noise of the pain.

“Your mom has gone out for the evening” Paul said as he got closer and closer to me I heard him breathing very heavily.

“AHHHHHHH” I let out a huge scream. Paul had entered his cock into my pussy. What on earth is he doing. He began to fuck me but I knew there was no way he would last long as he was a virgin. He came inside of me. A tear left my eye and I didn’t think it would go this far. After Paul came inside of me, it was Tommy’s turn. He took rammed his cock inside of me, it hurt but felt so good. He fucked me hard and rough, pounding my pussy for a good 20 minutes watching my ass shake as he did so. He then also came inside of me. I felt broken and hopeless. I couldn’t move. But they ordered me to come into the bathroom. I followed them in and sat in the bath.

“Open wide now” Paul said

I followed his order and they pissed all over me and in my mouth. I swallowed it.

“Your little pussy felt so good, we are no longer virgins Paul” Tommy laughed and fist pumped Paul.

They left me in the bathroom, I just sat in the tub for a short while and then remembered Mr Grimsley. I panicked and looked at the time and it was 8:10. I showered really quickly and dried my hair and chucked on the clothes. The thong was so thin, it was buried into my cheeks. I looked like a child with this school uniform on. I quickly did my hair in a pony tail. I liked the idea of looking like a little kid and I don’t know why. I felt like I was about to be punished good by Mr Grimsley.

The time was 8:30 so I was half an hour late. I walked downstairs and left. I noticed that the collar and leash were gone from outside my house. I was confused but that was the last thing on my mind. I knocked on his door. Mr Grimsley answered, wearing a full suit he looked angry.

“Why are you late? Never mind come in” he said.

I walked in with my head down and heard chatting. I looked up to see Mr Grimsley had 2 of his friends over. It took me half a minute to realise that one of them was my old headmaster. Mr Jones. He was a very tall skinny old man, he had greasy grey hair and a moustache. I was mortified. He had obviously seen me naked from the videos. The other guy was some short fat bald guy, who I didn’t really notice. Mr Grimsley grabbed my hand and walked me over to where they were sitting.

“Now, you were late so you are going to have to be punished” he said.

I looked around to notice 3 cameras had been set up around the room. I was horrified and what was going to happen.

“You were such a good student Emma, but I always knew you were a dirty little slut” Mr Jones said. “I think you should strip for us right now”

My heart again sunk, I felt lost at what was happening. I started to take my blazer off.

“Slowly Emma” Mr Grimsley demanded

“Sorry Uncle Ted” I said.

“I think you should call me daddy” Mr Jones said.

It kind of made me feel a bit sick as this guy was my headmaster. But I did as he said.

I slowly took my blazer off, I handed it to them.
I then slowly started to take my shoes off. I bent over so they could see the bottom of my cheeks. I really wanted to tease them. I could see they were getting super horny behind me. I slowly rolled my socks down, and gave them to Mr Jones. He sniffed them and passed them around.

“You can call me master” said the short fat guy. “Now here’s for the best bits” he said eagerly.

I started to slowly unbutton my blouse, revealing my big boobs in my Lacey bra. Their jaws dropped at the size. It’s not like they hadn’t seen it before on video. I chucked my blouse over to them. I slowly started to drop my skirt, I turned around and bent over so they could see my thong wedge into my pussy lips as I bent over. I was super horny.

“look at those bruises on her ass, maybe she likes being spanked” Mr Grimsley said.

I felt nervous, I had only been spanked by 13 year old boys. I didn’t know what it would feel like to be spanked by these old men. In just my thong and bra, Mr Jones told me to come closer and bend over. They all stood up and took their suit blazers off. I could see Mr Jones licking his lips and rubbing his hands together.

“Now Emma pick a number, any number” he said.

Having no idea why he was asking me these questions i panicked. “20” i said.

“Ooh, she wants to be spanked 20 times” the short guy said.

Oh no, I thought. I mean I didn’t mind being spanked but my ass already hurts from being whipped by those sticks earlier. Even my asshole hurts from Mr Richmond’s finger.

“You are to count after ever spank” Mr Grimsley said “is that understood”

“Yes Uncle Ted”

The first strike came from Mr Grimsley, it was so powerful I could literally feel my ass cheeks shake as the hand hit me. It stung like a bitch. I let out a little screech.

“1” I let out with a moan.

Mr Jones has really big hands and his strike felt like the stick had whipped me again.

“2” I screeched again.

The short fat guy who I still didn’t know, his strike wasn’t as hard thankfully but because of the pain I felt from the previous ones it hurt just as much.

“3” ouch.

And so on they went until they hit 20. After 20 my ass must of been as red as a tomato. I still stood there bent over, my legs were shaking like jelly. Three old men sat behind me watching as they punished me.

“I think it’s about time you finish off that show” Mr Jones said.

Mr Grimsley didn’t hesitate and ripped my thong off of my body, revealing my tight pink asshole and my pink pussy. I felt exposed and belittled, I felt embarrassed but excited at the same time. I was so wet and the thought of being a slave to these older men. I stood back up and slowly took my bra off, revealing my boobs. The jaws dropped. As they ass stood up, they slowly unzipped their trousers and pulled out their cocks. I was shocked at the size of Mr Jones’s cock, it must of been about 12 inches and it was thick. He was a monster. After him towering over me at my childhood, I was frightened. I’d only ever been with boys who were barely 7 inches, like Tommy’s cock. I’d never sucked a bigger cock. So I knew what they wanted.

“Get on your knees and crawl to us” The Master said (I may as well call him as I don’t know his name)

I crawled over to them. Mr Grimsley made me start sucking his cock first. I had his cock in my mouth and my two hands were occupied by Mr Jones’s cock and the masters cock. Mr Grimsley grabbed onto my hair as I sucked his cock. It was such a hot situation. I was being used like the little slut that I am.

I then got switched to the masters cock which was around the same sized as Mr Grimsley. He did the same thing as he grabbed onto my hair, his cock tasted like sweat. It wasn’t very nice but I didn’t let that put me off as I sucked his cock. Then finally, it was Mr Jones’s turn. I was a bit scared I can’t lie.

“I don’t know if I can take this daddy” I said with fright.

He didn’t care he forced my mouth open with his cock and I sucked on it. I was surprised at how much I could take. I was gagging and he rammed his cock down my throat. He face fucked me as a ton of saliva left my mouth dripping all down my body. I was wanking off both of the other two at the same time still.

“God you are good at this aren’t you” Mr Jones said as Mr Grimsley and the Master agreed.

After a short while he stopped. The master lifted me up onto the sofa into doggy position and positioned himself in the same position. Mr Jones grabbed my head and forced my mouth into the masters asshole. I was eat his asshole. It was disgusting. It tasted funny and made me gag but I did so anyway. The next thing I know, I could feel my asshole getting the eat out treatment. My body couldn’t take it i had to stop as it felt so good. As the tongue swirled around the rim of my ass, I felt like I was in heaven. My mind was out of this world.

“She tastes so good, you guys have to try this” I heard Mr Grimsley say.

They all stopped what they were doing and took their turns eating my asshole. My pussy and ass were dripping with my cum. I felt paralysed as I got my ass eaten out by the old men. How weird that I was now the slave my neighbour, my old headmaster and this random guy. After they took their turns, a cock got buried inside of me. I screamed so loud as I didn’t expect it. I must of screamed so loud that the boys next door could hear me. Mr Jones came round the front of me and shoved his cock in my mouth. I heard Mr Grimsley groaning as he was fucking my pussy. I my hand was wrapped around the masters cock. I was getting spit roasted roughly.

“look at that ass shake” he said as he grabbed the camera fucking me from behind filming it.

There was then a switch. I got picked up by Mr Jones and he started to kiss me. I could taste the old coffee teacher smell on his breath. We made out pretty intensely. Tongues and everything. He sat back down on the sofa and I was to sit on his huge cock. I was pretty terrified. I slowly made my way down, I felt so tight around his cock. It really broke me. It took around 5 minutes before he was the full way in me and I was screaming and moaning. It felt so good. He then started to rough fuck me, pounding my little pussy. As the other two just sat and masturbated as they watched me get fucked. Both filming it with their cameras.

“DP time I think, what do you think Mr Grimsley?” The master said.

Now I had no idea what that meant, I was confused when I heard it but my mind wasn’t it the right state as I was getting ploughed by 12 inches of rock solid old teacher cock. He started to slow down and stopped as his cock was buried in me. The next thing I know I could feel someone coming behind me. Mr Jones started to spread my cheeks and pulled me right down close to him.

“AHHHHHHHHHH” I let out the loudest scream. As I felt a cock getting pushed into my asshole. It was all lubed up. I was getting double penetrated, I was a virgin in anal but no longer. He managed to push his cock the whole way in. He let out a loud groan as he started to fuck my tight asshole. Mr Jones had my right boob in his mouth as they both fucked the soul out of me I couldn’t breathe.

They continued to fuck me as I saw Mr Grimsley come round the front and shove his cock down my throat. I had now been taken in all of my holes. All of my holes were getting fucked roughly. All of this on film.

“Such a good little slut” and “so tight and so good” they were all saying. I could only just make out. They began switching me around as they took all my holes. Fucking me so good. It felt unbelievable.

They all were ready to cum, so they made me sit down as they gathered their cocks around me. They shot their load all over my face and body. I was completely drenched in cum. To show what a little slut I am, I wiped my finger over the cum and sucked it all up. I was sat their drenched as they had their video cameras in my face.

“I can’t wait to show my friends this” Mr Jones said.

That made me panic slightly as most of his friends must of been my old school teachers. All seeing me get used. Mr Grimsley picked me up and dragged me outside. He turned on the hose and washed me off again, I could barely stand. Mr Grimsley was filming it as my nipples were completely hard from how cold it was. I came back in a dried myself off with a small hand towel as they all watched me.

“I’m going to need to get back now before my mum gets home, where are my clothes?” I asked while scattering around the room searching for them.

“They belong to me, so you’ll have to go home as you are” Mr Grimsley said as the other two laughed.

My jaw dropped, I thought that I only live next door but what if my mum came home while I was leaving. How awkward would that be. I slowly walked over to the door trying to cover myself with the hand towel. “The master” walker over to me and snatched the towel from me. He opened the door and said
“We will see you for your next punishment, bye for now Emma”

I was outside on my street butt naked. I rushed back to my door. My tits were bouncing everywhere and I opened the door to see Tommy and Paul standing there staring at me in disappointment. I held my head down in shame.

Part 5 coming soon.

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