When I was 16

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I met a 12 yo when i was 17, she loves cock, cum even more..

I was at my dads friend house planning a fishing trip,,after about an hour this girl walks in..nice body..omg black hair,,and pretty blue eyes,as i sat talking and planning the trip she was talking to his wife,,i found out later her cousin..the girl ask his wife my name..and she apoke up and said..sarah this is,,,, and his dads dannys friend..and ,,,this is sarah..so after about 2 hrs i had to head out ,,i was outside vetting in my van,,and sarah comes out..hey,,,,can you give me a ride across twn..sure im going that way..we jump in and start rolling about a mile into it she said..hey..can we cruse around awhile..i said sure where you wana go..ahhh…how about the country its nice out there..i said ok,,so i go out of town as we get on a few gravel roads she said ..hey..hope im not being forward but.. you have a girl..naahh im single..she smiles and says that cool,,would you like to fuck me,,?? Im like fuck yes..so we pull off the road back behind some trees..and go in the back..we start kissing and getting hot..she pushes me back..unzippes my jeans and hauls out my still cock..now i have fucked before but its always been me ontop..she take my cock down her throat bobbing her head at a nice speed while taking her shorts and pantys off..then she comes up smiles and straddles me..now..my mind just got blown,,this girl goes up on her feet..lines my cock up to her hole rolles her eyes and sinks down ,,slowly taking my 8 inch by 3 cock into her slowly,,when she bottomes out she whispers..yea..ahh..then puts her hands on my stomach..bite her lower lip..then starts up and down ..half cock she close..ughhh she comes then kick in..i mean cums i look down my cock is coated white..thick sweet pussy juice,she moans ahhh yea then goes to 3/4 of my cock then jumps her speed up..im loseing it ..watching this hot hot pink pussy eat my cock .she screams out..ohhh my fucking god its great ..im cumming..then again my cock is coated white inside a super tight pussy..im beating the wall..i lose it ..grab her ass..and bury my cock up into her and power wash her tight insides she yelling noooo not yet..fuck me..fuck me..she keeos speed fucking my cock..boom..in 30 seconds i blow load 2 into her..omg..we both collapse..after about 15 mins of her sucking my cock clean..we dress and head towards town..as were driving i say..so how old are you..she looks at me..squenchs her eyes and said..12..i fuckin flipped..im 17..been fuck alot..i just had the best fuck ever..ever from a12 yr old..omg..we continued fucking for 3-4 months and..i dont know what happened..we just drifted apart..but..to this day ..im 50 now..ive never had a ladie stay on her feet and fuck me ..not like that..i still see that little 12 yo pussy eating my cock..and boom..im rock hard ….

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  • Reply Young one ID:fzq8eq20d

    I was 6 and mom just taught me about the birds and the bees. I was at my friends house and his younger sister kept following us around. He ended up going upstairs from the basement to do some thing. She kept asking me to kiss her. Remember this is six and five year old so it’s very innocent. I then asked if she wanted to, do what you do to my babies . She said yes. Pants came down, I standing, I stuck it in. No moving around. Just innocent young experience. I remember how smooth her ass felt as each of us were grabbing the others butt. After a few more kisses, I said we should stop before her brother came back down. Mom and Dad divorced shortly after, and we moved away.

  • Reply James ID:30581dj7zj

    I dont feel bad I got off on a 12 yr old, I wish I could in RL without going to jail

    • Anonymous ID:3zxi8ueak0c

      I did and now am with a 15 year old

  • Reply 🤮🤮 ID:2atvsnos8m

    I hate that I got off to this just to be told THAT THE LITTLE GIRL WAS 12 I FEEL SO FUCKING DISGUSTING 🤮🤮🤮 YOU SICK PERV

    • Young one ID:fzq8eq20d

      Things have changed. My daughters old neighbor friend reconnected with her . When she walked full makeup in with her half shirt, short shorts and huge tits.
      Of course I noticed, but when she said she was still 13 !!! Never would have guessed. Even my wife said she looked 17-19

  • Reply alex ID:4kecg9ihk

    kik scunnid

  • Reply Swags. ID:15ey28gh20c

    You’re a sick fuck.

  • Reply Dan ID:19ufcx7dk0b

    Please go to school and learn English

  • Reply Nikola ID:82e7lwo58l

    Im 17 and horny all the time hmu
    [email protected]

  • Reply Bad ID:1i2l1j55zrb

    Bad grammar. Couldn’t even read.