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Mums friends son

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It all started one day when my mum took me round to her friends house as she and her mate had to go to work so i was left with the son he babysat one of my best friend a couple of times i was left with him till my nan got home i sat on a chair and he ask me if i wanted a drink i said ok i drank it and then je ask me what I want to do i said i dont no he said do you want to go to my bedroom and i did i sat on the bed and he rubbed my back and then my lower back he stand up and took of his jumper he was overweight he hold me to take my coat off and to laydown on the floor where he started to tip water over my body it was cold water went evey where after 5 glasses of water he told me to do the same to him i did not want to but he started to get mad so i did 10 glasses he had a bulge in his pants and he told me to ignore it we got dry and he dropped me off at my nans it was a week also later when my nan dropped me at the house again i walk in he had made dinner i sat and eat it he made me a drink but spilt it in my lap so it looked loke i had wet myself i was so embarrassed i went to the bathroom to dry off with no luck he told me to take my trousers and boxers off i said no he told me they needed washing he got me some clothes what i refused to wear girls pantie and a tight leggings i ask where he had them from he said spare that he had picked up from babysitting over the years i just did not no what to say i was scared i put them on and i had a little boner what he laughed at and then he took me up stairs where i put more water on him and he had erecton that he could not hide he ask me was i thought i had never seen a mans cock he made me touch it.

to be continued

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    I will finish later

  • Reply Dan ID:19ufcx7dk0b

    Why can’t you write it all in one

  • Reply No name ID:np2f15cqri

    Yeah i agree

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    That’s just weird