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Daddy took me camping

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I love my daddy, especially since we went camping and had proper father and daughter bonding…and sex time together. Best birthday ever.

The week of my twelfth birthday, daddy took me camping because I had been nagging him to go on a camping trip for months and it was my birthday present.

We were camping on this little field near some cliffs, out by the sea, not too close to the edge though, the weather was really nice and we cooking lunch on our little stove when all of a sudden, within seconds, the sun vanished, the sky went dark, and it started to rain fast and heavy.

As we raced towards the tent a gust of wind blew it over so daddy grabbed me and we ran to the car as fast as we could, when we got in the car we were both soaking wet and the rain and wind outside was really bad, it was like a hurricane or something.

Daddy got some spare towels from the boot and we dried ourselves off, I took most of my clothes off because I was drenched head to toe, daddy took off his jeans, and I just wrapped myself up in a blanket, daddy put the heating and radio on, we waited for it to stop raining but after an hour it didn’t look like it was going stop so I put my head down and laid across the back seat with my head on daddy’s lap and I fell asleep.

I jumped awake up to the loud bang of thunder, daddy stroked my hair to calm me down so I rested my head on his lap again, then I felt him strangely rubbing my butt and my head was resting on something really hard.

“Daddy, what’s that?” I asked, prodding at the front of his jeans at the hard object.

“That’s my penis.” He replied.

“Really?, why is it hard, daddy?” I asked.

“It wants to be rubbed. Rub it for me, darling.” He replied, pulling it out from his shorts.

It was really long and slightly bent like banana, I just grabbed and rubbed like he asked and he pushed the blanket off of me then pushed my panties down and he rubbed his palm along the curve of my butt and then touched my pussy, it was odd having him touch me down there but it also felt pretty nice and I lifted my leg up to give him room to reach my pussy better.

He lifted me up, pulled my panties off my legs and straddled me across his lap facing him, he big cock pushed between my legs and as I put my arms over his shoulders and held on to the top of the seat behind him, he gently held my hips and pulled me downwards, his cock popped in to my hole as he lowered me down and entered me deeply.

With a sound of the howling wind outside and the heavy rain hitting the windows and tapping on the car roof, we fucked right there on the backseat of the car, I liked it and took over, daddy put his hands on my tiny boobs and I bounced myself up and down on his cock, it felt so good inside of me.

“Oh, daddy – ungh – I love you, daddy.” I said, I really did.

“I love you too, darling. Oh – Oh – fuck!” He replied, moaning loudly.

I don’t know why daddy decided to fuck me all of a sudden but I was so happy the he was, my very first cock with the one man I love most in the whole wide world, what girl wouldn’t love to fuck their daddy.

He held me tightly and turned to the side before laying me down across the seats with him on top of me, I had one leg hanging off the seats and daddy lifted my other leg vertically up the back of the seats and then he fucked me really hard, his massive cock punished my tiny hole and it felt so fucking good.

“Fuck me daddy. Fuck me hard.” I screamed.

I remember the car was rocking side to side, I could hear the suspension creaking, I had my hands above my head pressed against the door, stopping me head from being banged violently against it.

“Oh – Fuck – please don’t tell your mom – holy shit – oh baby girl.” He groaned.

“I won’t – daddy – ungh.” I groaned back.

“I’m coming – daddy’s coming, baby!” he shouted.

I didn’t know what that meant but he sounded excited about and I was loving his cock too much to care, we groaned with sex together for a few seconds more, then daddy groaned very loud indeed, “Oooooh!”, something warmed my insided all of a sudden, it was an odd yet pleasurable feeling, “Ooooh! – Oooh!” he groaned again and again.

Daddy’s cock made an air-popping sound when he pulled it out of me, then loads of white liquid came out of me and my hole was wide open, I could almost see right up my pussy, daddy kissed me as my hole slowly closed itself back up.

I wiped the white stuff off my pussy with a towel, then the rain and wind stopped and the sun came back out, we got dressed and went back outside.

Daddy lifted me up and carried me on his arm, “You okay, baby?” he asked.

“Yes, daddy.” I replied, smiling at him because I felt so satisfied, I love daddy and I now love his big cock.

We didn’t get much sightseeing done that weekend, we spent most of it fucking in the tent.

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