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Blackmailing an Office Girl Into Submission – 2

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Forcing the office girl after catching her in mens bathroom at night

This is in continuation of the first part of Blackmailing an Office Girl Into Submission

Shreya was standing on the bathroom door with tears in her eyes begging me not to report the incident. Looking at her puppy eyes gave me a boost to my confidence and my dick was throbbing while thinking of all the things I could do to her.

I was wondering whether I should go gentle or rough. Fuck it, rough it is.

I went near her, she was looking at me. I suddenly pulled her hairs from behind her with my right hand. She was shocked. She tried to grab my hand to free her hairs but I slapped her across her face with my left. Tears started rolling down her face and now she was crying and asking me what I was doing.

Me- Shut the fuck up bitch. This is what you wanted and this is what you’ll get.

“Sir, please let me go, please.”

“I told you to shut up. If you don’t want this video to go into the hands of the management, you’ll do what I tell you.” and I slapped her again.

Before she could understand anything, I forcibly bent her down, pushed her head towards the wall and held head by putting my knee on her neck against the wall. She was whimpering. Her black mascara running down the corner of her eyes.

Meanwhile, I unzipped my pants, took out my hard dick and asked her to suck.

“Are you fucking out of your mind? I am not going to suck you, you filthy security….”

Before she could even finish the sentence, I landed a kick in her abdomen and held her throat in my hands.

“This is going to happen, one way or the other. Do you understand?”

She was holding her abdomen with both her hands and crying. I pulled her hair and lifted her face to look at me and repeated myself, “Do you understand?” and further pulled her hairs.

There was a very weak nod.

I held her hairs and guided her face to my dick which was already oozing precum. She didn’t open her lips and so I rubbed my dick on her face. The precum from my dick was now sticking on her face. I pressed her cheeks to open her mouth and soon as there was an opening, I stuck my dick in.

“If you bit my dick, I am gonna kill you right now and blame you for stealing corporate secrets”, I told her. Meanwhile, I also took my phone out and started recording.

She started sucking slowly. But from the back of her head, I forced her to go deep. She gagged but I didn’t care. I was on cloud nine deep throating her. After about 5 minutes of fucking her in her mouth, I took my dick out and looked at her face. She was crying and her make-up was all on her face. When she saw the camera, she pleaded to switch off the recording.

“Bitches don’t have choices, Miss Shreya. I will do what I want.”

I suddenly realized it’s been almost 25 minutes she has been away from her desk and people might come in to look for her. So, I decided to finish off early and let her go before anyone suspects anything. I stood her up and told her that I would let her go in a 5 minutes but before that I need to fuck her.

She started pleading again to not fuck her but I was in no mood to listen. I bent her on the basin and started unbuttoning her jeans. I could see her bent down and me behind her in the mirror. I pulled down her jeans and panty in one go and held her hands on her back.

My dick was already out and without waiting I slid it in her pussy. She gasped and let out a cry. The feeling was amazing. It looked like she had accepted her fate and given up. I started pumping her pussy while looking myself in the mirror. She was crying and moaning and that further pumped me up.

I rammed her pussy for few minutes while occasionally sliding my finger in her asshole. When I was about to cum, I took my dick out held her by hairs and forced her face towards my dick. She knew she had to start sucking again and this time opened her lips without any invitation. After 6-7 strokes in her mouth, I released my cum in her mouth and forced her to drink until the last drop.

I looked at the watch and it was 11:35pm.

Me – Clean yourself and go to your desk. Remember I will be watching you.

She didn’t say anything. She got up and started tidying her clothes.

Me – Don’t try to be over smart or I will send all these videos to the management and your family and friends.

“Ok, sir.” That was the first time she said anything after getting her pussy rammed.

I zipped up my pants and left the room saying, “See you soon”.

I went to my control room and saw her getting out of the bathroom 5 minutes later. She had tidied herself up and was going at her desk.

The whole night I watched her at her desk. I wasn’t going to let off that beauty out of my hands so soon. I made up my mind to get her again.

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