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Blackmailing an Office Girl Into Submission- 1

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This story is while I was working as a security officer in an IT Firm in Bangalore. The top six floors in a twenty storey building were rented out by our company. I worked on the top floor and had a big office with around 20 screens which displayed multiple CCTV images from all the six floors. I generally worked at Night coz you hardly have any trouble during the nights.

The 19th floor was occupied by the developers who I feel have the easiest life. They come around 9 am and leave by 6 pm. So generally there is no one on that floor at night. However, one night I saw an activity on my screen from 19th floor. I saw someone standing across the hallway of the 19th floor at around 11:00 pm. I was intrigued and zoomed in to see a girl moving very slowly in the hallway looking left and right.

I also saw an ID card around her neck and realized she was an employee of the firm who works on 16th floor as a call centre employee. I started to watch her closely to find out what she was doing. I thought she might be going towards the ladies washroom probably coz the one on her floor might not have been working. But instead, I saw her get into the left door which was the male washroom and that’s when my live feed was cut off.

Suddenly I had an idea. Since I was lonely and horny, I decided to try my luck. I reached the 16th floor and started the recording on my phone and entered the male washroom. And what I saw just blew my mind away. That girl had her jeans and underwear down,and she was trying to position herself on one of the male urinals by resting her hands on the wall and peeing. That sure was an amazing sight for the eyes.

I could see her perfectly shaved pussy dripping her pee into the urinal. Her boobs were pressed against the wall the urinal was attached to. She was a fair girl with open hairs that reached just below her shoulders. She was in a pink sleeveless kurti and blue jeans that were on the ground. She couldn’t have been more than 23 years old and judging by her figure, her assets looked like 34-26-34. I had an instant hard-on and decided to fuck here that very night.

As soon as she saw me, she was shocked and since I caught her while she was peeing, she didn’t know how to stop and hide. She instead shouted at me, “What the fuck are you doing here?”and ran inside a toilet cubicle and closed the door. I stayed quiet with the camera in my hand recording her in a perfect position.

Inside the cubicle, I could hear the sound of her peeing inside the toilet and then the flush confirmed that. She must haven been embarrassed to the core sitting inside thinking what to say. Meanwhile, I hadn’t said a word and had the perfect plan ready in my head. I just had to play carefully. The conversations that followed were-

Me- Do you mind coming out of the cubicle or do you plan to sit there forever?

She slowly came out and I could see that she had adjusted her clothes. She couldn’t look me in the eye but tried to be confident in her tone.

She- Who are you and what are you doing here?

Me- I am sorry but I really appreciate your audacity to question me after what I caught you doing. Anyways, I am the head of security and this floor is off-limits after 8o’ clock. So, you tell me what the fuck you are doing in this floor in a male washroom.

She was shocked to hear and I could see that she was about to cry. She saw the camera in my hand

She- Could you please stop the recording?

Me- No, I cant. Who are you?

She didn’t utter a word. So, I took the liberty of seeing ID card which was still hanging through her neck and reaching just below her breasts. I held the card in my left hand and while doing so brushed her breasts deliberately. She didn’t expect that and tried to step back. Since her ID card was still tied around her neck, she couldn’t move back as much as she wanted to. The name on her ID card read Shreya. I dropped her ID card which fell on her breasts.

Me- So, Miss Shreya, care to explain what you are doing here?

Shreya- I am sorry sir, I just wanted to pee.

Me- You wanted to pee on this floor and in a men’s washroom?

Shreya- I am sorry sir. I won’t do this again.

Me- you won’t pee again?

Shreya was a bit embarrassed by my comment and said – Sir, I didn’t know this area was off-limits. Please let me go, I won’t come here again after hours and will definitely not go in a men’s washroom.

Me- I am sure you won’t. And yes, you can go.

Shreya- Thank you air, thank you so much.

I could see she was a bit relieved and took a sigh of relief and as she past by me to go through the door, I dropped another bomb.

Me- Miss Shreya, before you go, I need to tell you that I will have to make a formal report of this incident and report it to your manager, the HR Manager and the disciplinary committee and will have to submit the CCTV recording and this phone’s recording to them ( I was still recording). And I am not sure who else will see this recording.

Shreya was shocked to hear that and I could see that she was in tears. She looked at me and could just utter, “Sir please!”

Me- I am sorry Miss Shreya, but I have to report this incident.

And with that I stopped the recording and kept the phone in my pocket. In was time, for phase 2.

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