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Don’t knock it till you try it

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In which a lesbians brother rapes her and she gets hooked

Jasmine was a nice looking girl she had nice b cup boobs perky and she had a juicy curly body nice ass, to bad she hid under boy clothes and only girls got to see.

Her brothers Jordan was confused he knew she’d never tried dick so why just chose pussy over it.

Jordan was 5’2 muscular and had tanned skin like Jasmine while Jasmine’s hair was black and straight his was floppy on all sides and curly.

They both had greens eyes and defined faces ya know sharp jawlines and stuff

On night there mom and dad were on a vacation 3 weeks off and Jordan was destined to fuck her.

He started with teasing her being 5’3 she couldn’t reach the bowls, he pushed his morning wood into her only to be elbowed and called a pervert but he kept on for 2 days and she didn’t do anything and when he pulled her on his lap while watching a movie she moaned under her breath.

He knew he was getting closer they lived in a secluded wooded closed off town so incest and other weird shit was know and nobody cared about it the mayor fucks his daughter and flirts with his nieces all the time so it was cool.

She was being a good little slut and she didn’t even know it

Jordan sat on the couch watching some cartoon before Jasmine came in in panties and a crop top and straddled his lap laying her head on his shoulder.

Shes getting used to sitting in his lap and like the usual he adjusted her to Everytime he move her oussy would rub against his hard 10 inch cock

Before it finally happened.

It was raining and she asked to sleep with his and he spooned her.

Jasmine but her lip she could feel his hard cock on her ass it felt good but she only liked pussy or so she thought.

Her brother was sexy and shed always like sitting in his lap and feeling he tease her with his pervert antics what if she just tried it.

She bit her lip pulling if her panties hearing Jordan say what are you doing she asks if they could spoon naked like a couple.

He nodded they did before he got on top of her kissing her she kissed back moaning.

They dry jumped before he slipped in whispering sweet nothings in her ear she cried out in pain she as now a women.

She moaned felling his pound into her it felt right to have a man working himself in between her.

Her mother always told her that she would have to grow out of the lesbian phase and get a man to breed her and provide for her.

This was the man her brother.

They were soon cumming but it didn’t stop till sunrise they fucked all week even with there parents there Jasmine winded up pregnant

Don’t knock it till you try it

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