Mom and son caught part 3, they don’t know!

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Hope you enjoyed my first two stories.with this virus I’m enjoying and catching up on all kinds of lusty,dirty sex recordings of my wife Kathy and son matt.they would fuck five days a week after I left for work,weekends would be a break for the both of them since I was home for the weekends.i just wish I knew who came on to who,was it my wife Kathy,my son,was it both of them.you would never know they were having lusty,raunchy,dirty sex together.they act just like a normal mom and son around me,our friends and family,it’s so fucking unreal if you ask me.no hints of them fucking around what so ever.my wife Kathy acts just like a normal mom would act.her shape and figure is out of this world,she was going to the tanning booth every day,her toes and nails are perfectly manicured,she keeps them a fire red or light pink.she has beautiful wavy brown hair that goes to about her shoulder blades.shes on the treadmill or stair master everyday for about half an hour.great legs and ass.i could write in a shit load of their sex acts together.here is one I’ll share with you readers,this was a Monday morning.i woke up with morning wood,horny as fuck from watching my wife and son fuck the nite prior,I ask my wife for sex that morning before I had to go in,Kathy said yes,I waited to see if she was going to put on any heels or stockings like she does for our son,our you going to fuck me bill she said,I got on top of her slid my cock in my wife and started fucking her,you could tell she was getting fucked by our son,I kept my mouth shut.oh bill fuck me honey,she said,we have to do this more often,oh bill fuck me.kathy rolled her eyes when she said this,I saw her face expressions on the smoke alarm camera.fake ass bitch.oh yes bill,she was smiling up like she was enjoying the fuck.i came pretty fast thinking about my son fucking her all the time.i rolled onto my back to rest a couple minutes.kathy said to me I needed that bill,I was thinking to myself,you lying ass whore,how can you play this so good.i got up and jumped in the shower.watching the cameras,Matt came into our bedroom smiling at his mom,he just fucked me Matt for like 5 minutes,I took a half day off from work today,your father does not know,I’m going to shower after he leaves for fucking work and your really going to show me a good fuck right here on his bed like we do every morning after his ass hits the door.its all I thought about mom all weekend long let me tell you,while most people enjoy the weekends being home and off of work,I can’t wait until Monday morning to get at your cunt again Matt said to kathy.these two act like it’s such a normal thing for them to be doing what they are doing I swear.well don’t worry Matt we are going to keep your dad’s bed occupied for hours this morning she said smiling.matt took off as soon as he heard the shower stop running.i watched Kathy get into the shower after I left for work,I watched her do her hair so perfectly in the bedroom mirror,I watched my wife doing her eye liner and make up down to the perfect little detail.she chose purple eye liner this morning.she was doing all this to fuck our son,she went to her drawer and picked out a purple pair of fish net stockings with floral design on them,they were hot as fuck when she put them on her legs,going to her closet as usual she grabbed her purple high heels,she took out a purple bow and put it in her hair,all I could say was fucking wow.with porno it’s fake,you have 3 to 4 camera men in the same room,the director,all kinds of people.im watching my wife and son go all out on each other with real feelings,real fucking.nothing but real lusty sex action for each other.matt entered my bedroom half hard,he has that kind of cock that just looks bigger than his body for some reason,he’s 5/11 175 pounds,but his dick is like 8 1/2 long and thick.i just watched dad pull out of the driveway mom,Matt said as he draped her floral stocking legs back and started licking up and down his mom’s entire cunt crack,you think you can go past five minutes today Matt Kathy said with a big ass smirk,Matt looked into Kathy’s eyes with blazed lusty eyes,he was on something,you like feeling my tongue on your cunt mom he said staring into her eyes,you like my tongue all over your twat after dad leaves for work,tell me mom he said,I love it Matt Kathy said,fucking love you eating my cunt behind your father’s back,slurping away Matt was on his mom’s cunt,up and down and all around his mouth and tongue went on her cunt.now Matt’s cock was up fully erect,huge and stiff as hell,pointing up to the ceiling,still licking and sucking away at Kathy’s twat,with stoned lust filled eyes,Matt said to Kathy,I fucking love this mom,I feel no guilt about this at all,I love us fucking mom behind dad’s back,I have no fucking guilt or remorse mom about stuffing my cock way up your cunt every morning when dad leaves,just hearing Matt tell his mom this shit had my cock so fucking hard,like I said I’m still in total shock to witness this going on,most dad’s would have blown it and gotten mad or said something,not me,this turns me on like you would not believe.i love our nasty secret Matt Kathy said as she flipped around on her stomach,with Matt still standing on the outside of the bed,Kathy looked so dam hot with her legs spread the way they were in those purple floral stockings and purple heels dangling off the side of the bed,now licking and sucking Matt’s cock,that’s it mom suck it Matt said,suck it mom come on,just watching my wife go up and down slowly on her son’s cock,her tongue went up his whole thick long shaft,Kathy looked right into Matt’s eyes,I can’t wait for you to fucking stuff it,you want to bury it deep Matt she said,we have like four hours right here on your dad’s bed,oh mom I’m ready,oh God mom.matt layed 3 condoms on the night stand and opened one,Kathy rolled the whole thing down the whole long shaft of his cock down to his balls.draping her purple floral stocking legs back Matt went in balls deep and started pumping at a steady pace,having a great camera view,Matt was going in with long deep strokes up into the depths of his mom’s cunt,watching Matt’s face with the alarm clock camera,his eyes were so blazed,what was he on,that’s it Matt,stuff it baby,oh yeah Matt,fill your mom’s twat up,as Matt kept pumping his full length up deep,he was running his tongue on the outside of his mouth listening to his mom’s dirty talk,those legs just humped away,Kathy’s heels were now resting on Matt’s ass cheeks as he continued in and out with such long deep strokes over and over repeatedly into the depths of Kathy’s cunt,as my bed was creaking and creaking non stop and Matt’s cock was hitting so deep and stretching Kathy’s cunt non stop,oh mom I love it,oh mom I fucking love it,all that cock was just stuffing Kathy’s cunt Matt’s legs just pumped away let me tell you,nice and so dam deep he went,oh mother yes,oh mother yes Matt would say,,oh yeah Matt Kathy said,fuck my cunt Matt,fuck it Matt,come on,right here on your father’s bed,oh mom I so love it as he just went way up her twat,all length of Matt’s cock just stuffed and stuffed and went so up into Kathy’s shaven twat hole,I wish I could feel his lust for his mom,how his body felt,what was he on that made him fuck his mom for so long,entering her cunt repeatedly over and over on my bed like it was never ever going to stop,your father is at work and your fucking your very own mom on his bed Matt,is this awesome or what Kathy said,my kind of mother is all he said,my kind of mom,here I’m married to this women and I’m watching my very own son fuck her like a male porn stud,ravaging,tearing up her cunt and loving it feeling no guilt,no shame for their huge sin.not just once,they fuck like this 5 days in a row over and over.the way that they do it it’s like it was meant to be,like his cock was meant for her pussy,who knows.or maybe it’s just pure lust,evil lust between a mother and son,all he cares about is just fucking and fucking his mother’s twat,and she just wants Matt’s nice cock.they started their fuck session at 7:00 am and stayed on my bed until 11:00 am.he went through all them condoms also.i am so glad Matt fucked up and left that wrapper under the bed the way he did.i am busting the greatest of nuts watching these two go at it,and I love it.this is just awesome and amazing at the same time,just the anticipation of it all,what outfit will Kathy wear on their next fuck session,what will they say.they like fucking behind my back of course,major turn on for them of course,my wife is hot also,Matt is lucky to be fucking her,she has a young buck with stamina and a big cock.both parties win I guess.this one is for you Jacqueline 15 my best fan.

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  • Reply Cappy ID:2vqw8f7lt0a

    Maybe you need a weekend hobby to give them longer times to be together. Something that they can count on you to be gone a specific length of time each weekend. Like golf or car clubs.

  • Reply Cappy ID:2vqw8f7lt0a

    Very hot story. Love it!!! You say that they act completely normal around you with no hint that they are having a sexual relationship. That is very hard to do, perhaps impossible, unless their affair has been going on a long time. Also, her buying sexy clothing, makeup, working out a lot to keep in shape, are often clues a wife is having an affair. Her and your son so quickly and eagerly having sex as soon as you are out the door shows that they are long term lovers. I suspect that they probably have been lovers since he was young, maybe very young. This happens a lot. You have a good family. I hope all three of you enjoy this for many many years to come.

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    I was waiting for Matt to put his cock in her ass.

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    If you get your mom pregnant is the kid your brother or sister or aunt and uncle.

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    Great Series. Made me horny as hell.

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    Great series.