Mom and son caught, but do they know it

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This happened back in early feb.i was looking for a site to post my story and came across sex stories 69.i am a married man,age 52,my wife Kathy is 42,she has brown wavy hair,about 5/5 125 pounds,very hot.we both have professional jobs during the day,my job starts two hours before hers,we have a 19 year old son that just graduated out of high school months ago.one afternoon getting home from work,I get home before my wife does,I saw a wrapper about a foot underneath our bed,I bent down and picked it up,it was a condom wrapper,what the fuck I was thinking,it’s not mine I don’t use rubbers on my wife when we do fuck which is not that often I admit.it can’t be our son Matt’s rubber,he would fuck a girl on his own bed,my wife is fucking someone else or did and on our bed.i stayed calm and thought this out for a few days.my son works different shifts at a sporting goods store,mostly afternoons with a few day shifts only.i have alot of power at my company,I took a day off that my son and wife would be working during the day and went to this place called the spy shop bright and early.the guy was showing me all kinds of cool shit,a alarm clock that had a camera and listening device in it,a DVD player that started recording the minute a movement happened,a smoke detector that had a camera and listening device in it.since I had my own private office with a computer in their at the house,I could record our bedroom and watch and listen on my computer in my office.i bought 3 things and hurried home to get it all set up before my wife Kathy and son got home.i hooked up the alarm clock and replaced the other one,it was facing the entire bed,it even had the numbers on it,it was awesome.i put the smoke alarm right over the bed on the ceiling,the other one was more in the corner.then here was the DVD player that was aligned with the whole bed perfectly.it was all set up to record and go to my computer.the only thing that would get noticed if it did would be the smoke alarm,but you could not tell unless you tore it apart.i was all excited and would come home go in my office and check it everyday.i came home on Monday went in my office and started watching,it showed me getting my clothes to take a shower,after leaving our bedroom to take a shower my wife Kathy gets up and opens her drawer and pulls out a pair of red fish net stockings,she put them on sitting on the bed pulling them up her lovely legs,she goes to her closet and picks out a pair of her 5 inch black shiny heels,she put them under her side of the bed.she didn’t put on no undergarment. I noticed her pussy was clean shaven.she got back under the covers and pretended to be sleeping,I got you now you cheating slut I said watching,who is the culprit I thought,it showed me return from my shower putting on my dress shoes,put on my watch andkissed my wife saying goodbye,she is playing the acting role have a good day honey.about five minutes after I leave it shows my wife Kathy get out of bed and put on her black heels,she yells out Matt,I’m ready,Matt is our son’s name.what the fuck is this I thought.our son entered our bedroom completely naked with a big ass hard on,what a cock he had,that must have been 8 to 8 1/2 long.pointing up to the ceiling.did you make sure he was gone Matt my wife Kathy ask our son,yes mom he’s gone.sure enough Matt had a condom wrapper in his hands,he tore it open and rolled it down his long thick shaft,I know we had two days off mom,but I could not wait until today rolled around,I had a perfect camera view with the DVD camera,Matt draped his mom’s fish net stocking legs back,I cold see the bottom of my wife’s heels pointing to the ceiling with the smoke alarm camera,I watched Matt go balls deep in his mom’s cunt,long deep strokes he went,I was watching my own sons ass cheeks going up and down fucking his very own mom,my wife.i should have been mad as hell,instead I was so turned on,full of lust,just watching Matt go deep up into Kathy’s cunt over and over he pumped that massive cock way up into Kathy,he had his mouth to the side of her ear,I switched the camera to the alarm clock,it got Matt’s face pretty good,as Matt was pumping his mom,he was saying in her ear,you like my cock mom,you like feeling my cock up your cunt every morning when dad leaves for work,you could hear our bed creaking and creaking as Matt drove it up her twat so deep,my own heart was pounding just watching them fuck,I loved it.this was great.so hard to believe though,I would have never imagined Kathy would do this to me,and with our own son.i bet alot of mother’s are fucking their sons behind their husbands back.i had the biggest hard on,stroking my own cock watching my own son fucking his mom on our bed,Kathy’s legs went wide and Matt fucked that cunt so deep,just watching that boy fuck,I wondered how Matt felt to feel Kathy’s cunt on his cock,the lust and feeling he felt to be driving it deep into his own mother’s pussy,he just stayed pumping my God,he must of loved it,feeling his own mom’s juicy cunt as he buried it to the hilt on every stroke,I finally came a load that I have never came that much or that hard in a long time,not even when I fuck Kathy have I came that much.my God watching them fuck was better than any porn I have watched.matt finally nutted in that condom,I got to get ready for work Matt his mom said,theirs something different mom about your room,I can’t pin point it though Matt said,as far as what honey she said,I don’t know mom.i bet it’s the smoke alarm he’s thinking off .I would love to watch my son in person fuck his mom,I could get Kathy to agree to it I’m sure,that would be easy,I could threaten with a divorce,tell our family,I don’t know how Matt would take it though,I don’t want to fuck this up.they fuck every morning after I leave for work,I’m enjoying this everyday when I get home,watching my wife wear sexy shit fucking our son ,I don’t want to join in,I don’t want a threesome,but I want to walk around the bed watching my son and wife fuck each other’s brains out.i want to be their watching behind his ass cheeks looking at his massive cock going in and out of his mom’s cunt instead of just on the computer.what do you readers think.

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  • Reply Popparocker ID:1dj322sacca0

    Sometimes it just happens

  • Reply Cappy ID:2vqw8f7lt0a

    Very hot story. I have several friends that put many tiny cameras around the house to secretly watch their hot wives fuck. A couple of the wives fuck their sons. Which I thought was really hot. This shit happens.

  • Reply Willy T. ID:1dfbllvj6pfs

    Great story until it turned into a cuck tale.

    • Cappy ID:2vqw8f7lt0a

      Nothing wrong with cuck relationships. And this one isn’t one, yet.

  • Reply Pervo ID:1ds84aqs27n4

    I think you should tell them and have them fuck in front of you. It’s fairly obvious from your story that you want to wank off watching while you suck your sons big fat wet cock! I say do it! 😋

    • Cappy ID:2vqw8f7lt0a

      Sure, let them discover you watching them someday, with you sporting a big smile and a hardon. Then just say, that was nice and smile then walk out of the room to give them time together to get used to the idea that you now know. NEVER admit to watching them on camera, she will be embarrassed and feel betrayed. After that they probably will feel comfortable fucking while you are home, then one day you can watch anytime you want.

  • Reply Adeola ID:1ah770lfzra

    That was so good of her husband i think he also like it

  • Reply Gwendoline ID:1bqrrywn20k

    My husband actually did catch me fucking my son. He came home early from work while we were fucking on the sofa. My son was fifteen at the time. My husband was very angry. These days I’m much more careful, and I never fuck my son in the house.

    • Cappy ID:2vqw8f7lt0a

      Too bad your husband reacted badly. It always is a shock walking in on your wife like that, no matter who it is. But talk to him. He might have been fantasizing about it since then, and now would be open to letting you and your son enjoy each other. He may even want to watch now. Remember, many husbands secret fantasy is watching his wife sexually enjoy herself with another man, even their own sons.

    • Geoff ID:4bn00en3fia

      I wish you were my mother, I think I might have to relieve my hard cock as I imagine one of my female family members being my cum slut and enjoying herself so much.
      As a young child, my older sister use to have sex with my cousin and myself. I wish she still would, bad though

  • Reply John James sherrier ID:vzge8vm1

    Yes make them do it make son fuch her from behind why she sucks your dick cum in her mouth.

  • Reply BIG D ID:7ylren88rd

    Hide in the closet and watch them fuck.
    Fuck rubberless, impregnate mom’s hot pussy

    • Cappy ID:2vqw8f7lt0a

      Hiding in the closet is extremely risky unless she knows that you will be there and it turns her on knowing you are watching. Many couples do this with the wife’s lovers in bed with her. If mom is young and wants another child, it can feel extremely exciting for mom, dad and son to know that son is now going to make mom pregnant.

  • Reply BIG D ID:7ylren88rd

    Hide in the closet and watch them fuck

  • Reply Sean ID:2c3wbu0b0c

    I wanna fuck my mom

    • Cappy ID:2vqw8f7lt0a

      There is absolutely no better feeling in your lifetime than when you first slide your hard penis into your own moms hot wet vagina. A totally unforgettable experience. Too many guys think they would need to force or rape mom to do this. Not true. Many loving moms would eagerly make love to their sons,,, if they thought that they could get away with it. You want to fuck your mom? Slowly start telling her how hot she looks, how attractive she is to the guys you know, and that you agree with them. Finally start flirting with her, make her want you and let her come to realize that you truly desire her. Then just let it happen. Most of the time, but not always, this works. It does take time though. So be patient.

  • Reply Roy ID:7zv2zow49i

    I fuck my own 74 year old mother Anna L in Mt Vernon Indiana and have for many years. I’m watching her suck my dick now and I been in mom’s pussy fucking andy dick smells like mom’s old horny pussy. She has big saggy titties a fat belly and hairy hairy pussy. A tiny saggy wrinkled bottom and bird legs. She stays horny and always has and walk around in just a short t shirt and when my mom beds over everyone sees my mom’s hairy pussy. I want 15 to 30 men to gangbang my mom. And I want someone to record us having incest. Then show my brother’s wife and give her a copy.

    • A Molin ID:153k1t9tm9d

      Awesome Roy

  • Reply David kenya ID:mzgdgcd0

    Sweet story

  • Reply TedRimmelJr ID:153kc7w3v9j

    Oh wow is this story ever hot! And even hotter is the fact it is describing true events. I love it! This story also got me thinking something I never even considered: I could at this moment easily be in a similar situation as your son. I am older than your son, but have been involved in a romantic/sexual affair with my mother for awhile now. I always thought getting caught would eventually happen, but that it would be obvious to me that we had been caught. I never gave a thought to a possibility of a “secret caught” type situation to happen.
    I am of two thought lines on that. One is Yikes, and a very MAJOR UHOH that would make me very scared and very very nervous. The second is I also get very aroused at and excited about the thought of being caught. Not only being caught, but also at the prospect of having news of it start spreading through town once it happens. Very excited over/aroused by the idea of my hometown (or whole US or entire world) knowing I am regularly fucking my mother. Knowing I am in love with my mother; she is the only woman I could ever get aroused for! Truthfully I am leaning way more to the second line of thought!

  • Reply bobbyv ID:372elhfii

    I definitely love your stories i keep coming back for the next part

  • Reply Bill h. ID:7ylren4m9c

    Dear readers,you got jealous ass holes as usual on here because they could not get lucky enough to fuck their moms.this is the real bill h.all three stories are true.some ass hole below said!…sorry bud it’s made up!..then he put my name.hes a scum bag piece of shit that could not fuck his mom,but only dream.

    • Jacqueline15 ID:2dzszozb0j

      Even if its fake you manage to turn me on baby

  • Reply Incestlvr ID:43xw3bpzl

    This is like one of my fantasies. Love how you all are so into it, lusting watching your son and his mom go at it so hard, how much she wants him, and seeing her pounded out like that by her son…oh its like the hottest thing that could ever!

    Thank you so much Bill for uploading, really wish i could watch, incest vids with as much passion as this drive me crazy.

    Please please please keep on updating, and let us know if you manage to get involved.
    Im thinking if you could unveil that you know, but in a really sexy way that would turn on both your wife and son to keep going. Like, talk to them both, but casually, mmm…just had an idea, of stroking your cock with the door opened a crack while they are going at it, but…i could see that going one of two ways, and i do not want the fun to stop so…

    Really want to generate ideas on how to get you where you want to be. This is so hot!! For now, loving this, keep a good thing going, and find ways to keep it going i recommend

    • Bill h. ID:3zaq1e2zhr9

      Sorry bud it’s made up

  • Reply Bill h. ID:7ylren4k0b

    Thank you so much Jacqueline for your comments,I just told it how I really witnessed it on camera.i would like to know what turned you on about it.was it my wife doing my son behind my back,her clothes,what was the turn on for you if you don’t mind me asking.im glad you returned,I did not think you would read part two.you vanished for awhile.please let me know what was hot about it.

    • Jacqueline15 ID:5u0y1no6zk

      I was turned on by whole thing especially the narration made it better. It so hot that your son and wife fuck like this behind your back. IDK what is it about that but it turns me on. I also like the fact that you go behind their back and watch makes it feel like all three are winning

    • Jacqueline15 ID:8bvxsdkbzk

      All of it

    • Cappy ID:2vqw8f7lt0a

      Jacqueline15, I agree with you. It is so hot both knowing how hot mom and son are for each other, AND it is so hot seeing how hot dad/husband gets knowing about their affair and him secretly watching it happen. A very very hot experience all around. I love it.

  • Reply JacqueIine15 ID:xbjr39qj

    Please do a part 3 these stories make so wet also hard to breathe because I’m so turned on

    • J. ID:bo2qep2qi

      Wanna chat some. Looks like we both into same things. Hmu. [email protected]

    • A Molin ID:153k1t9tm9d

      Hi Jacqueline. That was my moms name. Email me. [email protected]

  • Reply Sean t. ID:fx7ita944

    This story was just so dirty and totally kick ass to read.i got a good nut from it.only 5 comments about it.the true great stories only get a few reviews.the made up crap gets like 50.thats how stupid people are anymore.jacqueline15 you are so right,this was dam hot if I say so.

  • Reply Bill h. ID:7ylren4m99

    Their is more jacqueline15,theirs a part 2 out.have not heard your comments about it yet.havent you read or saw the title yet.

    • Jacqueline15 ID:fx832h20i

      Mmm yes please upload another story

    • Jacqueline15 ID:fx832h20i

      I loved your second I would love to hear a 3rd. both made me super wet

  • Reply NETO ID:bo201mkih


  • Reply Jacqueline15 ID:r7d2rm9j

    Damn that was hot is there more?

    • J. ID:bo2qep2qi

      Hey jacaui. So u like it too 🙂

  • Reply Dan ID:uktvmdzl

    Mmmm sounds so hot should video it ?

  • Reply Bi horny stud ID:145e852um9b