Dirt roads

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This happened years ago ;
Before internet and stuff like that , I was 17 years old , about 5 ft and 115 lbs . I liked to ride bikes on my country roads . On this one particular day , a old dirty truck passed by me really slow and turned off a driveway to an old barn , I didn’t think much of it and continued riding on up the road . Just past the barn a dirty guy jumps out in front of me , knocking me down . He grabs me and pulls me into the ditch . He asks if I’m a virgin . , I’m crying and said yes . He stands over top of me and tells me to take off my clothes. I stared at him crying and said No . He then takes his belt off grabs my shoulder , rolls me on my side and whips my butt with the belt several times . Then walks/ pulls me into the barn . There he tells me to remove my clothes again , crying I did this time . He stair at me with an evil eye . Then tells me to turn around and bend over and grab my feet . I did what he said . He walks over to a cabinet and want behind me with a little white tub and rubs something cold on my butt then around my butt hole . I was terrified not knowing what he was doing . I wanted to move but he held me there . Then I saw his pants drop to his feet and felt his penis touch my butt hole . There was lots of pressure the the most pain I have ever felt and I fell to me down . On my hands and knees , knowing know he rapes me anally . God was that bad . When he was done , he runs off . I was crying and limped home , mom called cops , taken to hospital . Cops later found that guy and locked him up .

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  • Reply Sam ID:vzgdqvzl

    I would of tried to knock you up.

  • Reply Carl ID:6629enov99

    He should have raped your pussy, giving you something more to worry about.

    • DJ ID:30rzgukk0c

      This was my true story, I was a vary sheltered shy young lady even though I was 17. why he didn’t want my virgin vagina ? I don’t know.

  • Reply Anonymous ID:vuf0i2hj

    Another stupid lying bullshit story added to this sight.im so sick of the lying stories.thats why I stick to mom and son sex only,that is all that turns me on.

    • Carl ID:6629enov99

      So Anonymous, just fuck off and stick to what you like let the rest of us pervs enjoy what we want..