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Raped by my uncle

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I am sexually abused by my uncle while my parents are on vacation. He gives me a beer enama and fucks me constantly.

It all started when I was thirteen. I was at my uncle’s house for the week because my parents were on vacation. Everything was great at first, I got to stay up late and watch movies and eat junk food. His wife had died a couple of years earlier and his only son was at College.
Then one night when I was almost asleep, I heard the door to my bedroom open and him come in quietly. I didn’t know what to do, so I pretended I was sleeping.
He came over to my bed and watched me for a bit, then pulled the blanket off of me. I wanted to curl up and hide because I only had on a tank top and panties. But I couldn’t let him know I was awake so I laid still on my back.
He ran his hands over my body and groped my C boobs. I peeked out from under my eyelids and could see him fisting his veined cock. He then slid his hand between my legs and rubbed my pussy lips over my panties for a bit. When he was tired of that, he laid beside me on the huge bed and put his whole hand in my panties. He spread my legs and rubbed my pussy while stroking his cock. Soon he dipped one finger into my now wet hole and stroked it gently. He also used his thumb to lightly strum my clit. By the time he put a second finger in me, my hips were involuntarily thrusting up to meet his hand and get more friction.
When he thought I was wet enough, he removed his hand, sat up and moved to a kneeling position in between my legs. He pulled my panties to the side groaned when he saw how my pussy was leaking.
He put the tip of his cock in me and laid down over me. As he laid down, more and more of his cock stretched my pussy and tore my hymen. It hurt so bad, but he was too preoccupied to notice my grunts of pain.
As soon as he was all the way in, his animal side took over and he started thrusting in me like his depended on it. I was crying, but he didn’t even notice. I felt so small and helpless as I laid there, completely covered by his body and moving with every thrust. After about 20 minutes, I couldn’t really tell, he sat on his knees and grabbed my hips. Then he thrusted in as hard as he could and came in my virgin pussy. I was scared because I wasn’t on birth control, but tried to think of something else. He pulled out and covered my abused pussy with my panties, then left and closed the door behind him.
The next day he came up behind me while I was making eggs for breakfast and groped my ass. He massaged it and leaned in against me, I could feel his boner poking into my ass. He told me what a good fuck I was and slipped his hand down the loose shorts I had on. He fingered my pussy again and rubbed my clit. Then he turned off the burner, bent me over the counter, pulled my shorts and panties aside, and forced his cock in me. He did not last long this time and soon came in me again. After putting my clothes back in place, he asked me to get a beer for him. To shocked to say no, I got him a beer and finished frying the eggs.
That afternoon, he told me to take off my shorts and panties and kneel over his lap after bringing him his favorite beer in a glass bottle. Knowing I couldn’t say no, I did as he said and waited. He rubbed my pussy until I got wet, then used that as lube for my ass. He held my ass cheeks open and stuck his finger in my tight butt hole. I tried to get away, but he held me down. After adding another finger and stretching it, he stopped and opened his beer. Then he put the beer down to my ass and put it in my butt hole. The beer flowed into my ass while he pushed it in deeper. He told me to put my knees up so it could go farther. At this angle my ass opened up more and he was able to get almost the whole bottle in. When he was satisfied, he told me to go to the bathroom and poop.
When I returned, he told me to get him another beer and kneel beside him on the floor. Once again, knowing how powerless I was, I followed his orders. When I came back and got into the position, he stuck his fingers in me pussy and lubed up my ass again. The He put the beer, base first, into my ass. It was still stretched so it went in pretty easy. He told me I was his beer holder now, and if I moved, he would spank me till the cows came home. I had to clench my asshole the whole time so it didn’t slip in farther.
He would take it out, drink some, then put it back in.
When it was empty, he left it out and told me to sit on his lap while he watched tv. He put his penis into my ass and just watched tv while I laid my head on his shoulder. Every once in a while, he would thrust up and drive it in deeper and cum. He never got soft, and by the time he was done, my ass was full of cum.
He continued sexually assaulting me the entire week, trying out new ways to torture me. By the time my parents came to pick me up, I was so used to it, I didn’t even blink when he would randomly stick his cock in my ass or pussy.

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