Careful what you wish for

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My husband was turned on by idea of interracial sex

My ex husband and I had been married for 6 years and he has always wanted to do a swap with a interracial couple I always said no. Anyway at my work we have a black delivered guy and he flirts with all the girls there. My husband noticed him flirting with me and ask me about him. I just told him he is like that with everyone. My husband ask me to go out with him and he was persistent about it. So one day I came home and told my husband I had had sex with him point blank to see his reaction. At first he was shocked and then the questions started what did you do how did you do it did you use a condom. A hundred questions anyway I had sex with him 3 times each time my husband wanted every detail. Did I suck him did I swallow he wanted me not to use a condom and take a creampie just time it so I wouldn’t get pregnant. I did it my husband had sex with me afterwards the thing my husband didn’t take into account is once you stop using a condom and you let a man cum inside you he doesn’t stop. It took maybe 4 months before I was pregnant and not sure who the father was. When the baby was born we found out it was not my husband’s it was a beautiful little mixed boy. My husband couldn’t take the embarrassment of his family seeing our baby which was obviously not his. And he left me the father of my child is still with his wife. I have two children one from my husband and one from him. So to you guy who have a fantasy of your wife having sex with another man think about it.

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  • Reply [email protected] Australia ID:1cn60hrk7z4d

    You have to expect this if you’re having sex with anyone they can fall pregnant. If you were my wife I would be happy. I would eat to come from your pussy.

  • Reply Carol ID:5m8fvdv1

    My husband set something up with one of his workers. I was sucking hubby’s cock and I felt a cock enter me. It was his black worker and boy did I enjoy it.

    • [email protected] Australia ID:1cn60hrk7z4d

      As long as you had fun, that’s all that matters

  • Reply Greta ID:101bew2yd9k

    Don’t blame your husband. You had every opportunity to not get fucked by that black cock. Then you continued to get fucked by it because YOU liked it. And you even had opportunities afterwards to handle it. Did you? No. This is on you, not him.

    • [email protected] Australia ID:1cn60hrk7z4d

      This is not on her. This is on her husband. He wanted her to fuck him. Whatever happens out of it is his own problem. If you can’t accept it his wife could’ve fallen pregnant with a condom on or off that he problem.

  • Reply Big 0 ID:7ylvmikv9b

    If you kept doing it you wanted it. I’m a big black man you want some of my dick.i promise you won’t regret it