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Wow mum

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I was an average teenage boy, dad had left mum so she brought me up.

It was a Saturday night I was 13 years old; mum had gone out and I was being babysat for by a female neighbour. Several times I had got glimpses of her white knickers but nothing over special. At about 11.30 mum staggered in and the babysitter went; she often got drunk on Saturdays but this one she was much worse than normal. She slumped onto the sofa and put her legs up, she asked me to make her a black coffee which I did. I passed it to her and told her not to spill it, to cut a long story short she spilled some of it on her dress and cursed. I was slightly shocked when she said ” unzip me love please ” so I undid the zip and she just took it off and slumped back onto the sofa. I had seen her in undies before but never when she was drunk and so unworried about me seeing I can still see her now white cotton bra with lace at the top of the cups and dark blue knickers; I could even see pubic hairs poking out the sides of her knicker legs. I remember staring at her crotch and for the first time ever getting horny seeing her like that.( thinking back that is not exactly true on several occasions I had used her knickers for wanking purposes they were cotton so always felt soft on my young cock ). I didn’t think much when she said ” you might as well get ready for bed love I’ll finish my coffee and then go to bed myself ” I went and got ready and was just going to get into bed when mum called ” Love come give me a hand to get up ” I walk into the living room in just my night t-shirt and walk over to mum, I help her up and she said ” bathroom first love I need a pee ” I shuffle her towards the bathroom and am really shocked when she starts pushing her knickers down on the way; they slide down her legs and she steps out of them. Being beside her I cannot see a lot until we get to the bathroom that is, I move her to the toilet and help her sit; I go to walk out and she says ” you better wait until I have done and then help me to the bedroom ” My mouth drops open when I see her legs apart and starting to pee, my cock hardened almost instantly, luckily my t-shirt is long enough to cover it, she finishes peeing and wipes as she does she apologises for ” showing her bits off ” . I said I didn’t mind that it was only because she was drunk and she didn’t do it normally. I helped her up from the toilet and into her bedroom as I went to put her on the bed she slid off the side of the bed onto the floor, until she commented I did not realise from there she would see up under my t-shirt ” oh my John you have a hard on, my my did seeing my bits do that ? ” I sort of mumbled not exactly admitting it. I was gobsmacked when she said ” get me up from here and I just might get you up, I need a cock in me the last one was months ago; and you spoilt that” I did not understand until later when she told me. Anyway that is another story. I struggled to get her up from the floor but got her on the bed eventually, she pulled me on top of her and stuck her hand down to my cock and pulled it up to her fanny. All she said was ” push ” I did and my cock slid into her easily. I laid still for a second or two until she said ” don’t lie there fuck me ” I started to move and of course within thirty seconds was shooting my cum into her. She kept me going and by the time I came again she came too, I can still feel her fanny clamping and releasing my cock. That was the start of my teen sex experiences.

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  • Reply Cappy ID:2pdvucf0v1

    Moms lust after sons. Sons lust after moms.
    This happens a lot over the years.
    All it takes is the right opportunity time and place, and sex does happen.
    Much more than people admit to happening.

  • Reply J D ID:61c509ljfic

    Some boys are lucky how long did you fuck your mum for in years term

  • Reply Varun ID:tnxtrl41

    Really crazy …. wanna have fun girls snap me : varun4yu

    • Tommy ID:h80pqdud1

      Sounds like a fake story that

  • Reply Cumgulper ID:8k4dcerm9a

    Nice story. There is nothing better than a hairy pussy especially when sucking off cum droplets.

  • Reply Timothy copenhaver ID:2c3iwvkm9c

    What a great story would love to of heard more detail though sounds like your mom is a hot little slut especially with her hairy fucking pussy that is amazing nobody ever talks about their mothers or anybody else having hairy pussies