Mom and sons lustful moments

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Now that I got what I wanted with my mom,I’m going to share with you mom and son fans some lusty moments between mom and i.first of all alot of moms and sons are fucking behind closed doors,people just never expect it going on,that is what’s awesome about it.its so easy to hide from people as long as your careful and you and your mom are on the same page.never ever tell anybody,none of your friends,knowbody.if you want your mom,work at it,take it slow and be testy,see how she responds or reacts.a mother will give in to her son.i got my mom by working at it.i love fucking my mom for hours when my dad is at work,you heard that right,hours,not five minutes like my dad does when he does fuck my mom,normally my dad leaves for work before mom gets home,mom had a hair appointment and got out early,as my dad was in the shower getting ready to go to work,I had my mom’s pantyhose legs spread wide,high heels pointing to the ceiling right their on my dad’s bed,licking her pussy right through the crotch of her black sheer pantyhose,as dad was 15 feet away in the shower,it was great.im going to be fucking you right here on this bed I said to mom in about 20 minutes.as dad was sitting in his Mercedes in the driveway getting ready to leave,mom was peeking out of the corner of the blinds watching him,I had her skirt up,with my face buried in her pantyhose clad ass,licking her cunt with dad in the drive still.mom and I was on my father’s bed that evening fucking away for two hours already,my cock stretching my mother’s hole over and over again as my dad’s bed creaked non stop,when he called my mom at lunch,I with Drew all 8 inches of cock meat so she could talk to my dad,smiling up at mom when she told my dad I was in my room and she was watching wheel of Fortune,my mom is so fucking hot,she told me a guy at her office offered her $2000 dollars for an hour of sex.she doesn’t need money,my dad and her salary is alot.one day my sister Kathy was in the shower getting ready to go out with friends,I was bouncing mom on my dick in the kitchen,I was holding her up my two hands gripping her ass cheeks,her legs were extended in the air,she had on black fish nets,my cock was way up her cunt,I knew you couldn’t wait mom I said as I went deep up her twat.when Kathy did leave I fucked mom on Kathy’s bed for hours,Kathy’s bed was a creaky fucker and I loved it,fucking the shit out of moms twat on my sisters bed,we didn’t care,her bed my dad’s bed,we fucked for hours on someone’s bed every night but sat.and sun.those days dad was home,and we would get a break for a couple days.i actually would like the nights mom and I would start on my bed just a half hour after dad left,fuck on mine,then fuck on my sister Kathy’s,then finish on my father’s bed with me fucking my mom for a very extended time,going so deep up her cunt over and over repeatedly on my own father’s bed,the springs getting their work out,no guilt or shame from mom nor I ,I fuck mom like this every day,my dad’s wife.when I’m hearing my dad’s bed creak,and I’m looking up at their wedding picture smiling,I’m trying to get my dick to come out of moms throat on every down thrust,even though I’m only getting it half way up her stomach.i fucked mom so much already I could fill up two milk jugs full of cum already,that’s how much cum I’ve dumped in her pussy.we were at a family get together and I heard her younger sister say to the eldest one,do you think she’s at work,look at her legs and pussy area,her face is glowing,somebody is taking care of that sis,it’s not Ken neither you can count on that.ken is my dad,I told Mom what her sisters said when we were alone,we both laughed.i fucked mom in every room in the house,kitchen,shower,living room,dining room,all bedrooms,on top of the dryer,the washer,we even fucked in her car in the garage,that one was fun.i tore her pussy up in that car,I was actually standing outside feet on the concrete and was plowing mom’s hole with her in the front seat.like I already mentioned,we love it,we enjoy it,were not messed up from it,it was not forced on any body,we can hide it from family and friends,we know how to play the game as I call it.two smart people that have a great thing going.

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