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The curse

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My name is Sarah, I’m 5’3, reasonable B cup breasts and other than that quite a nice slim body with long blonde hair, my glasses sometimes make me look a bit nerdish but I like the look, it fits in with my interests. I live with my father and 2 brothers, mum died around 10 or so years ago when I was 6 and my brothers were 10 and 12. I go to school where I’m reasonably good but I’m one of the only girls in the year, despite that I’ve not had many boy’s express interest in me. On weekends I work in the local café, serving coffee, washing dishes and helping the manager with paperwork. Today’s Sunday and the manager Tony had to leave early so I was closing and finishing some paper work he asked me to do, as I was walking home it had started to get dark and I turned down a dark alley which would cut 5 minutes off my journey, as I did a large man in a cloak appeared in front of me blocking the path. I started to leave but I felt frozen in place.
“Hello young one” snarled the figure in a voice which made me feel sick, “I have a deal for you”.
“I just want to get home” I replied trying to get past but still not being able to move.
“Be mine, come with me and be my slave”
“What?” I laughed, “You can’t be serious”
“Be mine, or everyone will look at you the way I do, be mine, or be everyone’s” the figure stood to one side and I felt my movement come back to me, with one of his hands he reached out to me as if offering a hand shake but I ran past just trying to get home, as I passed him I heard a sigh, “You’ve made your choice, we could have been … sooooo… orgasmic” on the last word it turned to call him a pervert but he was gone.
I arrived home and the house was silent, I assume dad, Charlie and Sam had all gone to bed, I was upset about what had just occurred but figured it was just someone trying to attract little girls into following him home, I’ll just call the police tomorrow. I went to my bedroom and got into bed, I slept in a baggy night shirt that ended just above my knees, as my eyes started to close the stranger’s words lingered in my mind. I had never as much as kissed a boy before and he was asking me to be his slave so we could be orgasmic? I’ve never had an orgasm so when he said that what we could have been it felt strange to hear. Soon enough I had faded into sleep.

Waking up the next morning I felt different, standing up and looking in my mirror I saw the change, my previously B cup breasts were now at least D’s and so perky my night shirt barley covered my bottom which had also double in size and was ludicrously plump. My face had changed slightly too, my lips a little pumper and it looked like I had a little bit of makeup on, just eyeliner and some mascara but still all spots or freckles I had before were gone. I was in such shock I didn’t realise the time; I was going to be late for school if I didn’t hurry up, I quickly got dressed and looked in the mirror again, my shirt showed my waist, no bra I had fit me any more so my nipples were poking through, the skirt fit but was so short if I was to the bend over a little bit my bottom would be showing and if I bet back to try and cover it or pulled it down the front of my panties would show, the only ones I had clean were plain white ones which with this new rear became thong like. I’d always liked how I looked but I had never looked like such a slut before. Is this what the man meant least night.
“Sarah” I heard my dad’s voice from downstairs, “your food is getting cold”
“Coming” I yelled quickly putting my socks on. How could I explain this to them?
As I reached the bottom of the stairs, I turned to see the three of them having breakfast dad turned to me a smiled, “There’s sleeping beauty” and places a plate of scrambled eggs on toast on the table in between my brothers. Charlie and Sam turned to see me a smiled, Charlie had his mouthful but winked at me, strange I don’t remember him doing that before, Sam took a sip from his tea and patted the seat next to him. All this made me feel uneasy, they were acting strange and hadn’t mentioned my change in appearance. As I sat down I quickly took at bite of the food, whilst I was chewing I felt a hand on my leg, a bit too close to the bottom of my skirt, it was Sam who had turned to look at me.
“Looking good today” he grinned as his hand moved under my skirt.
I jumped to my feet and almost spat out my food, “What are you doing” I uttered shocked at his actions.
“Sit down, Sarah” Dad said rather sternly, “He was only trying to be nice”
I looked at him stunned, “Dad he was touching me”
“You’re a big girl, should be used to boys touching you, why not us” he grinned looking at his two sons and then back to me, “families need to love one another” and he started to walk around the breakfast table closer to me. I was stunned, none of them had ever tried anything like this before and now this, I looked at Charlie hoping he would help but his eyes were pointed at my legs. I then felt my dads hand grab my right breast. “Your tits are amazing” he smirked as he pinned me against the wall, I opened my mouth to protest but his mouth quickly covered mine and I felt his tongue inside my mouth, my daddy took my first kiss. I looked to my brothers, tears in my eyes, hoping they would help, but Sam was filming the interaction between dad and I and it was clean Charlie was touching himself through his trousers. Is this what the man meant yesterday, if this is how her family treats her how will the rest of the world. I left something hard fleshy and big poke me in my stomach. He pulls his mouth away from mine, “Get ready baby” he grins as the throws me to the floor, I fall on to all fours and feel his hands pull down my panties.
“Dad,” Sam yelled still recording, “she’s got school”
Dad looked up at the clock and frowned, “I’ll drive her, or maybe she can just miss a day, its time for some family bonding,” I felt his large throbbing dick rub against my pussy, I start to crawl away but he grabs me by the waist and drags me towards him again and then slaps me hard on the arse, I let out a small whimper of pain, “You’re pussy is so cute,” he grinned as he slid a finger in “could do with a save though”. With his other hand he started undoing the buttons on my shirt and quickly my large tits popped out of my shirt. Two fingers slid into me now as he pinched a nipple and I let out a small sigh of pleasure, “you having a good time sweetie” he purred in my ear.
“P-please” I stuttered out of breath, “stop”. He then picked me up by the legs and positioned me above his penis, he turned so I could see myself in the mirror, I looked quickly at my tits bouncing outside my shirt, my pussy dripping wet with a small tuff of blonde hair atop it, and my panties around my left ankle. But quickly my attention is driven to my father’s penis, 12 inches and as thick as a coke can rubbing against my pussy. “Daddy, that’s not going to fit, its going to kill me!”
“No” smiled my dad as he slowly kissed my neck, “it’s going to make you a woman” and he pulls me onto his penis. The pain was intense as he ripped through my hymen and I let out a scream as tears streamed down my face. “Ahhh, that’s good” he yelled in my ear as he thrust the hole 12 inches into me. My first time was with my daddy, I felt him lift me up a bit higher and start pumping, in and out, in and out. I looked through my tears into the mirror and saw blood pouring down his dick. I felt like I was getting split in half, he pushed me forwards and I had to catch myself on the mirror with my hands either side of it, my feet barley managing to keep me standing, he leaned forward and bit into my shoulder as he picked up speed, I saw in the mirror my tits swinging in time with his thrusts, “That’s it baby girl” he whispered in my ear “take daddies cock”. He then leaned back and grabbed my long blond hair and forced me to look at his reflection in the mirror as he slammed into me, he started to go even faster then his free hand came down with a large smack on my arse as I felt something warm inside. Wait, something was warm inside me. Did he cum inside? I heard him sigh as he pulled out of me and I collapsed in a heap on the floor. “Good job baby, I’m going to get cleaned up then take you to school” he picks up my panties and wipes the blood and cum off his soft dick, “boy’s she’s still a little sore so don’t fuck her but I’m sure she’ll be willing to help you out anyway she can” he winked at me as he left. I looked down at my pussy, untouched and pure 5 minutes ago, it was red and still hurt, I saw cum and blood pouring out of it. Was I pregnant now?
I felt someone grab my hair and I turned to see another large erect penis in my face, I looked up and saw Charlie looking down at me, as I opened my mouth to protest he pushed it in, it wasn’t a long as daddies but felt just a thick if not thicker, it was hard to fit in but he made it, he grabbed both sides of my head and proceeded to force my head up and down on his dick. “Oooh that’s good sis, I think we’re going to start getting on better now”. I looked around trying to see Sam, he was still on his chair with his phone out filming his sister getting raped. I felt Charlie in my throat and as I started to gag, he picked up speed. If his dick wasn’t in my mouth I’d probably have thrown up by now, this wasn’t too bad though, the only thing that hurt about this was him pulling my hair, the main pain I was still focused on was my pussy, red and sore, I could feel the fluids coming out of me. While I was distracted thinking about my pain, he slammed his full length into me and came in my mouth. When he let go of my head I started coughing up some of his cum but he grabbed my hair again and slapped me, “na na, I gave you a present, its rude not to drink it”, he looked at me till is swallowed, he then pointed at the floor where I had coughed some up, “don’t want to waste any do we” and he let go of my hair. I didn’t want to do it but didn’t know what he would do to me if I didn’t do as he asked, I moved my head to the floor still to weak to move properly and lapped it up, I hated how I tasted. When I was done I looked up at Charlie and he smiled, “Good little slut, can’t wait to see you after school, I’m going to fuck you in way’s you never imagined”, he threw a thumbs up at Sam and walked out the room.
I closed my eyes hoping Sam wouldn’t do anything, but then I heard him get closer to me and flip me onto my back. I opened my eyes to see him kneeling over my chest. His dick was out and in between my tits. It was bigger and longer than daddies, if he put that thing in me it would probably reach up to my chest. He started rubbing my tits against his dick, pinching the nipples gently every now and then. “I always loved your tits” he said looking me in the eye, “I’m going to tit fuck you, if you could take it in your mouth when I do it would probably speed things up a bit, if it takes too long then I might ignore dad and start fucking you, might even try your arse” laughed as he started moving his dick. I was terrified of that thing going in me, I quickly tried to fit the head in my mouth but I was far too big, so is tried to lick the tip every time he thrust it near me, I tried to think of ways to make him cum faster and remembered one of my classmates talking about how when a girl fondled his balls it made him cum faster, with one hand I went to slowly take his balls in my hand, they felt like tennis balls they were so big. He started going faster, then when I had just licked the tip he came, a bit shot into my mouth, but the majority made it to my face, when he got up, he wiped himself clean on my tits. He then grabbed my nipples, one in each hand, and used them to pull me to me feet, as I stood up crying in pain I stumbled, still struggling to find feeling in my legs. He started buttoning up my shirt then turned me to face the mirror, I had cum dripping from my face, stained on my shirt and slowly falling down my left leg, I had a large red mark on my face from were Charlie had hit me, my shirt was basically see through with my hard nipples poking through. “God you’re a slut” he laughed as he spanked my arse and I let out a small yelp.
I stood there looking at my self in the mirror, when I woke up this morning, I was a virgin, now both my brothers had called me a slut and my father may have gotten me pregnant. I saw Sam standing behind me reaching round and massaging my breasts, I felt his dick getting hard again pressed against my arse. He grabbed me by the hand and took me to the living room, he grabbed a towel and mopped off most of his cum on my face, I just went with it. He laid me down on the sofa and started to kiss me, one had slid under my shirt, the other started to rub my pussy, though it was still sore it started to feel good, I started to like my brother touching me like this, it still felt wrong but I was enjoying it. Soon I realised I was involuntarily kissing him back. My pussy started getting wetter, I started feeling warm inside, it felt good, but I didn’t like it feeling this way. His thumb moved to the top of my pussy and started to rub my erect clitoris; I moved my mouth away from his to let out a moan of pleasure. After a few minutes his hand pulled away and I felt something bigger rubbing against my now very wet pussy.
“That’s enough,” I heard my fathers voice and Sam got off me, I opened my eyes and saw Sam getting dressed, I felt a relieved but there was a part of me that wanted him to finish, my pussy was throbbing with a mixture of pain and pleasure. I was limp on the sofa as I felt my father pick me up and carry me to the car, he placed me in the passenger seat and a realised something. I was very horny. I had only felt this way once last year when we had some builders make a shed in the garden and they worked shirtless. Daddy got into the driver’s seat and turned to me, he reached over and grabbed my head and pulled me into a deep kiss, I felt his tongue in my mouth and soon I was kissing him back. After a few minutes of this he pulled away and started to drive away, I spent the start of the journey looking out of the window until I felt my fathers’ hand between my legs. One finger was pushed into and one was rubbing my clit, I turned to look at him, but his eyes were focused on the road. Another finger entered me and I started feeling warm, I noticed how wet my pussy was getting and I involuntarily let out a soft moan of pleasure.
I saw daddy grin as he picked up speed and soon, I realised a jet of my cup onto the dash board as a yelled “Daddy!!!”. I fell back and started panting getting my breath back. As I did I looked in the wingmirror and saw my face was still covered in cum, I looked down and noticed my legs had red and white liquids on them. “Daddy I cant go the school like this”
He opened the glove box in front of me to reveal some wet wipes, “These’ll have to do, tomorrow we’ll make sure you can get a shower before heading to school”.
Tomorrow. I don’t know why but hearing that word made things feel real to me, daddy fucked me today and he’ll fuck me tomorrow, and probably the day after that. I wiped off the cum on my face and legs and threw the used wipes into the back of the car which was when I realised, we had pulled into an alley way and daddy was unzipping his trousers. His large erect penis erupted out of his zipper. “Before you go I want to cum again, I want you to suck my cock. Its something your going to be doing a lot”, he winked and laughed as he lent back waiting for me to move. I looked at the penis that took my virginity, the penis that brought me into this world, I looked at it and my mouth began to drool. I leant over and took it into my mouth, it was a struggle to get in without someone forcing me onto it but I managed to fit the head in, I stared bobbing up and down licking the tip, I felt daddies hand on my tits, “I love these udders of yours”. I picked up speed wanting to get this over with, as I did I started to enjoy it. Soon his hand went to my head and he started forcing me deeper and faster, he then pulled me all the way down and I felt a warmth in my mouth. “That’s it baby, ooh your mouths amazing”. He let go and I got up, I could taste the cum in my mouth, I swallowed not wanting to make more of a mess. “Have a good day at school, be home by 5. I’ve got plans”. I left the car my mind racing, what were these plans.

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    I like your story, you sound very interesting. I would get naked, strip you down to your panties and rub my penis on your leg. You can text me at (470)424-4036 if you have another story.

  • Reply Anonymous ID:bpcjnotv3

    I know how fast girls can grow I see my little sister naked form the age of 4 years old to 10 years old I seen her boob’s at 12 years old she did not like to ware a bra .
    Her bra size was a lovely 34c and they got bigger .

  • Reply Ron ID:14s628gz209

    Great story, I think all daddy’s should train their daughter’s

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    Super hot fucking story. I want more

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    This was so freaking hot,got me solid

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    Love it, Please write a chapter 2