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Pocket Pool

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It all started when Lucian broke his arm.

Honestly, so much happened so quickly that it’s hard to keep track of what happened first. Okay, before that Julie came over to my house, to show off her new bras. A bunch of times, because she got a lot of them, but she was the first to graduate from training bras, to A-cups.

Not sure who left the door open, I guess we both forgot to close it, but this one time she took her whole dress off, and turned around, this way and that to show me from all sides. Then, my brother Ed stopped in the hall, and I pointed. “Julie!”

She slammed the door, but it was already too late. He ran off to his room. “Probably to play pocket pool,” she joked, putting her dress back on, and leaving, but it didn’t end there. I guess he told his friends, because then boys started coming by after school, hoping to get a peek at the fashion show.

We lived on the end of the street, so we could go around to the front door, all the way around to the side yard, or Lucien was the one to take the shortcut. He climbed over,, and then some of the other boys started doing it too, but I’m pretty sure he thought of it first.

I made sure to close the blinds, and the door, before she took off her bra, and let me try it on. With socks rolled up to stuff in the cups, but that left her topless, until I gave it back, for her to put it on. There wasn’t anything sexual about it for us, it was just fashion really, but I grew up, before I grew out. Not just in the bust, but also the hips, so I didn’t have a waist, and I had to belt my pants up high, and tight, just to make it look like I had some shape.

I barely had enough behind to hold them up without a belt, while Julie, she din’t get an inch taller, she just filled out with womanly curves starting in 4th grade. Also, I didn’t know anything about puberty or sex, because I hadn’t had the period talk with mom yet, so it was mostly just a sneak preview of what my body was going to do, when I started puberty.

She didn’t have pubes, I don’t think. I mean, she kept her undies on, and even her pants, shorts, or skirts when she took off her top, but of course, sometimes it was a dress. I didn’t even know that she was supposed to be hairy down there, but whenever she started shaving her legs, she didn’t stop there. She got everything, like some of the younger looking girls in porno. Another thing I was blissfully unaware of, until I was about 12.

Sometime in 7th grade, though. Lucian changed his name to “Sean,” instead of “Luke,” for some reason. I remember that, somebody yelled “Luke!’ when he fell off the fence, and we ran out to see what all the commotion was. In the back yard, some other boys were trying to climb over, but Sean rolled around, with one hand between his legs, and said “Ow, my balls!”

Which is funny, because he almost snapped his collarbone in half, when he landed on his shoulders, but the way he crushed his nuts together with the top of the boards somehow hurt worse. Finally, the other boys hopped down, and tried to help him up. So, he said “I think I broke my arm,” and I ran in to get mom. I told her that, “Sean broke his arm climbing over the fence,” and she grabbed an apron from the kitchen to tie it up.

I didn’t know what he ment by his balls, though. That kinda puzzled me, but sometimes Ed and I washed our clothes together, so we had enough for a full load, and I thought that he’d stuck some in his pocket. That didn’t remind me of the Pocket Pool comment right away, but Julie left with all the other boys chasing her, except my brother who rode with us to the hospital.

A long story short, Sean got this new belt, with a strap to hold his arm up at the waist, and he had to keep it there for weeks. Almost a month, to keep the weight off his shoulder, until the bone healed, but as luck would have it, he was left handed. Also, while we’re waiting at the hospital, then had toys set up in the waiting room. A corner of it had a little wall around it, with children’s books, and stuff, but I stole a little ball, and smuggled it out in my underwear.

I felt pretty naughty for stealing, and Ed whispered to Sean, quietly enough that I could hear them behind me, but mom couldn’t. (We had a Minivan, with 3 rows of seats, they got in the back.)

‘Looks like lefty Lucy is out of commission,” he said.

Then, Sean said, “I already learned how to do most stuff with my right, it’s just writing that sucks.” Out loud, but I was already playing with my ball, in the seat.

Look ma, no hands? I was scared that she’d look back, and see me with my hand between my legs, playing with my ball, then find out that I stole it from the hospital. So, I just squeezed it between my legs, to push it down. Then let it roll back up, on the spring in the car seat, but I slowly started getting this feeling, that I never had before.

I’d never stolen anything either, but the shame, and guilt, along with the thrill of getting away with it soon gave way to warmth, and then heat in my crotch. It didn’t go all the way down, to my crease, but it did smush it, so I could feel it split a little bit, when I squeezed my legs together, and the ball rolled down close, but not far enough to touch my clit.

I didn’t even know I had a clitoris, because that whole part of my body was for peeing. I’d wipe it, flush, and wash my hands, then forget about it until the next time I had to pee. I felt something though. It wasn’t pee demanding to be let out of my bladder, but it was close, and then we got to Lucien’s house to drop him off.

I thought about him, and having a pocket for his balls, to play pocket pool, but I’d whacked myself between the legs before. Once, I borrowed my brother’s bike, and slipped off the seat, because my legs had gotten too long to ride my bike without knocking my knees on the handlebars. I have no idea why boys’ bikes have the top tube so high, that they whack their balls, but it hurt when I did it too. I cried, and walked the bike the rest of the way to some friend’s house, or another.

I figured he had 2 balls in there, since he had a roomier pair, and a pocket for them. Also, he said “Ow my ballS,” so they must have pinched him, or something. I didn’t know what flies were for, or that they had penises they could flop out to pee standing up. I figured that was to pull their pants off, and on, then never wondered how they stayed up without belts, or suspenders.

Then, skip ahead a couplefew days, when Julie stopped by again, and I was wearing a dress. So, I took it off, and while I was there in my undies, I got the ball out, and tucked it in to warm it up.

“What’s that for?” She asked.

“To warm it up, and can you keep a secret?” She leaned over, nodding, and unbuttoning her top, to take it off. I didn’t even pay attention to her bra, because I had a ball to roll around in my panties, but I whispered. ‘i stole it.’

So, then I told her about the hospital, and the ride home. The comment about “Lefty Lucy,” being out of commission, and she didn’t get it, for once. “Because he’s left handed?” I tried to explain, “And he broke his left arm?”

“Oh,” she nodded, and then my brother knocked on the door to say “My mom’s coming home soon, so you better hurry it up.”

I said, “i don’t really care about your bras anymore, anyhow.” So, she asked to go use the bathroom, and left. I pulled my dress back on, and forgot all about the ball, sticking out the front. Somehow, it’s funny how one minute you’re so sensitive, that your whole body is overwhelmed by what you feel in your sex, and then then next, you forget all about the hard plastic ball, pulling the seat of your underwear tight, but when I came out.

Julie was down the hall, past the bathroom completely, and she hadn’t buttoned up her top. At all, so Ed hand his hands in there, and she had to get up on tippie toes, while he bent over, and kissed her. “Oh.” All a sudden, it dawned on me, that she came over to my house, to show off her bra, to get my brother’s attention, and for the first time I was a little jealous. Not because she got my brother to kiss her, and feel her up in the hall, but because it was so easy for her.

To get a boy, but that made me think about Lucian, and how he wasn’t coming over any more. He couldn’t climb over the fence, but also when I went to play with my ball again. I thought about him, the most. I missed him, and I guess I thought that feeling was love. Growing to love him, even though he did something so stupid as to break his arm, climbing over the fence, in a hurry to look at Julie, instead of me.

He never came over, to climb in our back yard to see me. He really didn’t hang out with my brother either, so that got my jealousy going too. Just because she started puberty early, or at least showing it, even through her clothes. Yeah, she said that I could be a model when I grow up, because I already look like a model, I’m pretty enough, and I’m already almost tall enough.

Well, 5’6″. When you had to be at least 5’9″ so I was 3 inches short, but that still made me tall for a 7th grader, even taller than most of the boys, and the tallest girl in our middle school, but I was also clumsy, especially in the knees, and elbows, because i wasn’t used to my arms, and legs being that long. I hated being so skinny, and I tried eating to put on weight, but my metabolism was so high, I just burned up the calories, and the rest went into my bones to make them even longer.

So, long story short, I went to see him at home, and like a dufus I took a can of soup. Chicken noodle, condensed soup, so you had to mix it with 2 cans of water to reheat it, when he wasn’t sick. He had a broken arm. His mom let me in, and asked him if he wanted the soup. He just said, “Yeah, okay,” and she went to heat it up in a saucepan.

I didn’t do it to get rid of her, leave me alone in her son’s room, with his arm up across his lap, and his wrist pale from the strap. I noticed that right away, his arms tanned, but not around his left wrist, which was wider than any watch band, but I didn’t know enough to think about Bondage yet.

“Huh, how you feeling?” I felt his shoulder, his good one, and the bone through his shirt.

“Better,” he smiled, “Much better with you here. You look, nice?”

I didn’t even bring the ball, in my purse. I wasn’t even thinking about that, but when he smiled, and told me how nice I looked. I started getting that feeling right away.

“You too.” I felt down his sleeve, and squeezed his bicep. “You been working out?”

“No, I just have to do everything with my right arm now. Why?” I looked over at his other arm, but it looked just the same as always. Except the pale ring around his wrist, from having it strapped up to the belt when he wasn’t sitting down.

“Even, pocket pool?” I guess that, all along, what I really wanted to do was play PP with him. For him, since lefty Lucy was out of commission, and all of a sudden, I got it. At least a week late, because he was Sean now, but you know, Lucy? Like Lucian, I shook my head. “Lefty Lucian.” I stuck my thumb in his pocket. “Too bad, so sad.” I pretended to pout, but then I felt the corner of his pocket. A little lint, and some lose strings in there, but I figured I could wiggle it in the pocket in his underwear.

“Huh?” That certainly wasn’t a ball! “Wh, what’s this?” I even managed to pinch it, but it twitched, and swelled up.

‘huh, my penis.’

I shook my head, and felt it up, and down, then I just gave up all pretense of pocket pool, when I decided to pull my hand out, and undo the button. Unzip his fly, and hold out the front of his briefs to look inside. “Huh!”

“You never seen a penis hard before?”

“I never even heard of one. A penis?”

“Wha, ha?” He didn’t believe me. “How can you have a 14 year old brother, and never even hear about a penis? Didn’t Julie.” He stopped, and looked up, guilty. “Sorry, you don’t want me to talk about, her?”

“Oh, no. I just.” Let go of his waistband, and looked away. Biting my lip, and nodding, I took a deep breath. “Huh, no. That’s a lie. I guess I’m a little jealous that she gets all the attention, especially with all the boys in the neighborhood coming over to see her, instead of me.”

“I don’t know why, you’re certainly the prettiest girl on the whole street. Both streets, if you think about it. You know, living on the corner, and all.”

Sweet talker. Okay, maybe it was a pretty awkward compliment, but what the hell? It was what i wanted to hear.

“Uh, I can’t beat off like this, so you mind giving me a hand?” He pulled his underpants down, and juggled his balls out with his fingers, and then my jaw dropped.

“Huh!” I shook my head.

“Oh, okay.” He pulled them back up, but I grabbed his hand, and moved it.

“What are these?’ I felt down to his warm crotch, and then the dawn broke. “Your balls?”

“Yeah, my testicles.” He shook his head, “Your mom, and dad, not even your brother, or any of your friends told you about any of this?”

Then, there was a quiet knock. On the door. “Jasmine?” She asked, quietly. “I’m going to open the door, and come in.” I looked over, but Lucian pulled his shirt out, and the covers up over his lap.

I just hung my head, my face burning up in shame, caught red handed before I ever even got a chance to touch them. Any of them bare handed, but I did get to see them. Everything, bat, and balls. I got to feel them rolling around in his warm underwear, but then she came in, and set a soup mug down on the dresser.

She didn’t say anything else, she just warned us that she was going to open the door, so he had a chance to cover himself, then she dropped off the soup, and left.

“Uh,” he shook his head. Then, he laughed, and winced.

“It still hurts to laugh?”

“Huh, yeah. My ribs, sometimes my bruised ribs hurt even worse then my clavicle.” It turns out that he bruised his ribs, landing on his arm, too.

“What’s that?”

“My collarbone?”

“Oh, you still hungry?”

“Yeah, I can feed myself, but. if you want to, blow on it for me?”

“Whhhhh.” I held it up, and he held his mouth open. Licked his lips, and chewed, smiling, while I scooped out another spoonful of soup.

“So, does that mean, she doesn’t mind me being in here? My mom would have a fit if she caught me with a boy in my room. His pants open, and talking about his privates.”

He swallowed, “I don’t know, but I’ll ask her later. Pretty sure she heard me tell you about my testicles.”

“Your balls? What are they for?”

“Well, they make sperm, to get you pregnant. Not you, but. Well, I don’t know. Are you old enough to get pregnant?”

I shook my head, then I stopped, and thought. “I’m older than Julie.” Almost a whole year older.

“I know, but she’s way overgrown for an eleven year old, in 6th grade.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“So, what’s with you two?”

“We’re best friends?”

“Is that it?”

“Well, yeah.”

“So, you’re not lesbians then.”

“I don’t know, what does that mean?”

“You know?’ I shook my head. “2 girls, that have sex. With each other?”

“No, I don’t have sex with anyone.” I basically played with the hot soup in my lap. Stirring it around, to cool it off?

“Well, maybe you’re still too young, have you had your period yet?”

“What’s that?”

He laughed, and then opened his mouth. So, I got some more chicken, and a dumpling, without any veggies in it, to put in his mouth. He smiled, licking the creamy white broth off his lips, and swallowed. “I better tell you after I eat.”


“It’s pretty gross.”



Julie (Gg Talk)

Finally, she got home, and Eddie ran off, to take off her training bra. “Where you been?” She hit me, “Ow, what was that for?”

“Why didn’t you tell me any of that stuff about penises, and puberty?”

“I thought you already knew!”

“Well, you could’ve at least told me you’re a lesbian, and we’re having sex all this time.”

“Oh, ho. No, is that what you thought, we’re doing?”

She shook her head. “Well, if you didn’t come over here to show me your breasts.”

“I came to show you my bras, because your mom, and dad only buy you such boring underwear. What I get for taking pity on you.”

“Don’t pity me, I’m not pitiful!”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that.”

“Well, then if you didn’t come over to have sex with me, that means you only pretended to be my friend to get with my brother.”

“No, I didn’t. That just happened, but if this is how ungrateful you’re going to be, I’m not sure I want to be your friend any more.”

“Oh, no. Don’t say that, I am grateful, I’m just frustrated, and confused. I’m sorry.”

“Well, it’s not your fault, I guess. Weren’t you paying attention at all, in health class?”

She shook her head, “Mom, and dad wouldn’t sign for it, so I took gym again, instead.”

“Huh, there’s your problem. If anyone’s to blame for your ignorance, it’s their fault for sheltering you so much.”

“Oh, I guess you’re right. So, you gave Ed one of your old training bras?”

“Well, don’t get mad, but. No, I didn’t save any of my old training bras, since I don’t have a little sister, I threw them out, years ago.”

“Then you put him in one of mine?”

“No, he got one out of the dryer, I guess I should have tried to stop him, but he looked so cute in it.”

“Really?” She shook her head. “Now I’m really confused.”

“You and me both, but we’re not really. Boyfriend, and girlfriend yet. I told him to wait at least until he starts growing hair on his balls, but you know. It’s kinda cute, and I’m flattered.”

“Because of his big crush on you, and your big full bras.”

“Huh!” I just swallowed it, and nodded. So she giggled, “Well, you know who does have a little hair, on his balls is Lucian.”

“Oh my god. He told you?”

“Even better he showed me!”

“So, that’s where you were!”

“Uh huh! I stopped by after school, and remember how I told you about how he’s left handed, and he broke his left arm. Well, his shoulder, but that still took his whole arm out of action for a few weeks.”

“So, he can’t.” I went to make the sign, but then I switched hands.

She giggled, nodding. “But I can!”

“Oh my god. You jerked him off!”

“Yeah, he shot sperms, and everything!”

“Oh, I can’t believe you got to give a handjob before me, but I’m so proud of you, and how was it?”

“I don’t know, kinda fun, I guess. He made these funny faces, and you won’t believe how cool his mom is about the whole thing.”


“Yeah, she heard him telling me about his balls, and. Oh yeah.” She went over to her desk, and got a ball out of the pencil drawer.

“You really had no idea, about sex. Whatsoever, even when you’re doing that?”

“What?” She just tucked it in, and patted it. Then, she sat down, with her knees together. “Huh, well.” She smiled, and took a deep breath, through her nose. “Snh, yeah.” She shook her head. “I should have known that, it wasn’t love I was feeling, when I did this.”

“What exactly do you do with it, in there anyway?”

“Well, I just squeeze it down, so it rolls back up, but.” She scooted out on the chair. “Sometimes, I also do this.” She looked up. “Uh! Eddie. If you’re just going to stand out there, you better come in, and shut the door. So, Julie was telling me you don’t have hair on your balls yet?”

“Well?” He looked nervous, so I moved over to the bed. The end of the bed, so there was room for him to sit down next to me. “She’s way ahead of the rest of us, you know that!”

“Well,” I patted the cover. “I think I have a little catching up to do, so why don’t you come over here, and kiss me?”

If she’s going to sneak out, to give Lucian hand jobs, so what if Eddy doesn’t have hair on his balls? I don’t care any more, i just love to feel his hands on my body, and his stiff boner in his crotch.

“Huh!” I forgot all about Jasmine, sitting there, and watching us. “You two look so cute together.”

“Huh, we better go back to your room.” I got up, but took his hand with me. Looking back, “You didn’t put it in your mouth?”

“His penis?” She smiled, and her eyes wouldn’t stay open. But she shook her head, and started rubbing the ball up, and down again.

“Good. Come on, Eddy!”

He just grinned, and ran down the hall ahead of me. “Does this mean you want to suck my dick?”

“Not if you’re going to say it like that! Huh, I should wash your mouth out first.”

“Why, so I can wipe you with my tongue?”

“Huh!” I hadn’t thought about that, but fair’s fair. “We’ll see.” If he wants to, I’ll certainly let him!

“Guys.” Jasmine came out, and hung a training bra from her hand. “Don’t forget this.”

“Oh, I don’t need that.” Ed shook his head.

“Well, what were you wearing it for?”

“i don’t know, just to see what it felt like? I don’t like it though, it’s too tight, and I could barely breathe.”

“Well, if you’re going to put my brother’s penis in your mouth, you better let me watch.”

“Huh! Okay, come on then.”

“We better go in mom, and dad’s room,” Eddy opened the door on the end. “They have much more room on their bed.”

It wasn’t until later that I even thought about how fast everything was happening all at once, but I guess I just got swept up in the moment.

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